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Срд 19 Дек 2012 10:24:50
Hey /b/ I'm a guy from north america who wants to learn Russian

Could you tell me if it's a good idea or not?

Do you like the Russian language?

And I'm curious what you think of English, did you find it hard to learn?

Срд 19 Дек 2012 10:29:05
>Do you like the Russian language?
It's a bit strange question 'cause we bound to speak this language, from our birth. It's not a question of liking.
>And I'm curious what you think of English, did you find it hard to learn?
For me, it's not that difficult, and personally I like English, but some people think that learning English is as hard as a flaming fuck.

Срд 19 Дек 2012 10:34:20
Гугл не выдаёт сайтов для освоение русского языка?

Срд 19 Дек 2012 10:35:52

>Гугл не выдаёт сайтов для освоение русского языка?
С уроков раньше отпустили?

Срд 19 Дек 2012 10:36:53
Нет, ошибся.

Срд 19 Дек 2012 10:40:35
Go fuck yoursef you stupid yankees! Lenin, vodka, Mother Russia!

Срд 19 Дек 2012 10:40:51
The dude who answered you first said the right thing - I don't feel anything about my native language. I speak it fluently and whatever.
Regarding your second question - I truly believe that everyone is capable of learning english, but our schools cannot offer us proper foreign language education and they don't even care of making the lessons interesting at all.
I used to drink booze on the schoolyard instead of being present on English lessons.

Срд 19 Дек 2012 10:42:50
Пшол нах!

Срд 19 Дек 2012 10:43:22
1. Yes.
2. Yes.
3. No.

Срд 19 Дек 2012 10:44:19
было вчера на форчане
>Эй / B / я парень из Северной Америки, который хочет >изучать русский язык

>Не могли бы вы сказать мне, если это хорошая идея или нет?

>Нравится ли вам русский язык?

>И мне интересно, что вы думаете по-английски, ты трудно учиться?

Срд 19 Дек 2012 10:45:03
Жопец неграмотного советчика вылетел на орбитку. НАЙС.

Срд 19 Дек 2012 10:45:32
Oh, u.

Срд 19 Дек 2012 10:47:59
/b/ is a really bad place to ask anything if you're a foreigner since this board was completely taken over by stupid 9th graders. Especially in the morning or daytime. You better come back here when it gonna be the night in Russia, there definetely will be more credible people to talk to.

Срд 19 Дек 2012 10:55:25
Есть два стула, один Точеный пики и другие петухи дрочится

Срд 19 Дек 2012 10:56:39
Два дабла подряд, все на два стула!

Срд 19 Дек 2012 10:57:59
>Петухи дрочится

Срд 19 Дек 2012 11:05:37
Hey, bro! To proceed with our advices first you have to pass though a standard newcomer procedure. Answer the following question:
There are two chairs, one with sharpened razors on its seat and the other one with erected dicks. What will you do? On which one will you make to seat your mother and on which one will you sit down yourself?

This is a very serious question, our further attitude to you depends on your answer.

Срд 19 Дек 2012 11:49:52
Give us your "SUP" with date. Или ты русский тролль.

Срд 19 Дек 2012 11:55:26
Translate in google-translate this words "зеленая зелень зеленит зеленую зелень"

Срд 19 Дек 2012 12:02:56
Фейк же, нету такого выражения "Russian language", пиндосу в голову не придёт настолько безграмотная конструкция.

Срд 19 Дек 2012 12:05:27
Write "sup hikkach 19/12/12" on paper and get photo with american socket.

Срд 19 Дек 2012 12:08:25
>зеленая зелень зеленит зеленую зелень

Срд 19 Дек 2012 12:12:14
Вообще-то есть и часто используется. "Русский" и "русский язык".

Срд 19 Дек 2012 12:12:28
>3. No.
I've pissed on a liberal scum.

Срд 19 Дек 2012 12:18:39
Вообще ОП не слишком грамотен и тред, скорее всего, создал просто из-за охуевания от факта, что первый раз попал на Харкач.

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