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Суб 26 Янв 2013 10:47:48
Вчерашний >>42289906

Суб 26 Янв 2013 10:48:47
On the 11th of November, 2007, in Madrid, Josu™ Estebanez, who was then aged 24, stabbed and killed 16 year old Carlos Palomino in the subway. He was sentenced to 26 years in prison. All TV channels and all newspapers talked about how he coldly murdered Carlos because of his ideology, and showed cut versions of the security footage of that day.
What actually happened, and it can be seen by looking at the whole footage (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMk9...has_verified=1) instead of the videos shown on TV, is this:
On that day, there was an antifascist protest march against a demonstration against illegal immigrants which had been organised that same day. Therefore, there were huge groups of antifascist pigs on the streets.
In Legazpi, a district in Madrid which is full of RASH and BAF idiots, a group of almost 50 antifascists entered the subway.
In the train was 24 year old Josue, a spanish soldier and a national socialist. When he saw through the window the people who were about to enter, he pulled a knife out for protection.
A big part of those antifas went into the same wagon Josue was in, and some, seeing the knife, went into the next one. Once they saw his Three-Stroke sweater, everything started. An antifascist girl looked at him and after saying to her friends "mira, un cerdo" ("look, a pig"), spits on him. Another guy prepared brass knuckles. Then, Carlos comes in, and, feeling safe surrounded by at least 20 buddies, tries to grab Josue, who stabs him in the chest.
Everyone leaves the train, leaving Josue alone in the wagon, defending himself from all those antifascists, who demonstrated what a bunch of cowards they are.
Then, someone threw tear gas into the trai, so Josue ran out and tried to escape those bastards. What the footage does not show is that they eventually caught up with him and gave him a severe beating and was almost stabbed.
What's worse is not only the fact that it was an unfair trial after which he was sentenced to death, it's the following:

Суб 26 Янв 2013 10:50:11
* Carlos' mother used her son's death for personal gain (she was given a lot of money, and you vandalizing the commermorative plaque he has in Legazpi can lead to having to pay her some more)
* Josue got 26 years for killing someone in self defense, and meanwhile, the government sets terrorists from ETA free constantly. So in this country, you get more years of prison for defending yourself than for killing hundreds of innocent people.

Суб 26 Янв 2013 10:50:40
In fact, a couple of days ago, some national sindicalist comrades did a great job in vandalising that plaque and hung up a flag of Spain next to it (antifascists hate that flag) with "Josue Libertad" on it.
Now they are angry, because cleaning it up is not going to be easy, as in the surrounding areas they have painted some national sindicalist symbols (yoke and arrows), as well as national socialist (swastikas and celtic crosses), along with phrases like "heroes do not walk around in packs". And they will not be able to clean it up completely before tomorrow, which is when they will have the memorial they have for Carlos every year...
In Spain, being nationalist and defending your life is a crime.

Суб 26 Янв 2013 10:58:07
Смотрите что нашел, пагни.
Охуенно же! Пни красного в\по!

Суб 26 Янв 2013 11:02:06
Доставьте песни из этого видео пагни. Понравились.

Суб 26 Янв 2013 11:05:32

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