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Суб 09 Фев 2013 22:09:48
Антуан, how to improve my english skills? I have rich vocabulary, but my english still so poor. I mean I have problems in grammatic and have no idea how to solve this problem. Discuss, how are you improve your english?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 22:17:32
>Discuss, how are you improve your english?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 22:23:21
Try to READ. Seriously. READ-READ-READ. Films in english. Games in english.

That's it.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 22:51:13
It's a fucking pain in the ass to learn any language unless you actually USE it. The way I learned English was... Well... I pretty much played videogames that forced me to use the language. Also I used to watch Cartoon Network being a kid.
So, basically, try to use English as much as possible. Forget all the theory bullshit. The easiest way is to simply let English become a part of your life.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 22:54:30
Moskaw is the capitel of Great Russia. We kill you beaches.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 22:55:02
I heard that the best way to learn English is speaking. Where the hell can I find Native speaker in Russia? Maybe there is another way to solve problem of poor speaking skills?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 23:01:54
You don't need an actual person to speak to. You got the internet. Subscribe to channels that you like that will have you listen to the language daily. Subscribe to people that you are willing to listen to. Trust me. It's a great way to improve you language proficiency. Unlike books and teachers.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 23:13:46
This guy is definitely right. I could also recommend watching movies or tv-shows in english. If you will be having troubles understanding stuff- watch that shit with english subtitles, that way you will improve both your grammar and speaking.
Watching some youtube letsplayers also helps a lot since the language they use is so simple and it is fun to watch people dick around in video-games. Or maybe that's just me.

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