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Суб 09 Фев 2013 09:26:28
Ask an American anything.

Просите, и американская ничего

Суб 09 Фев 2013 09:33:45
Сегодня что, самый толстый день календаря?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 09:35:07
Да нет

Суб 09 Фев 2013 09:38:55
Куда свинную скумбрия подарочный?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 09:39:32
Хуи сосёшь?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 09:45:48
What American people think about politic in Russia?
Have we heard about Magnitsky law and our goverment's law that restrict our parentless children from be adopted Americans(and actually we haven't parents for them, they will stay in orphanage because it)?
Do you like Putin? Do you think, Russian like Putin, or not?
What do you think about Pussy Riot?

Is really you life is good in America? What problems you have there?
Why Americans wonder about videorealated? You police really much tighter, than us police?
(Yes, yes, sorry for my Engrish, that was all i can).

Суб 09 Фев 2013 10:21:58

Thank you for replying!

I apologize for my bad Russian. I do not speak Russian, so I use Google Translate.

We have not been paying much attention to Russian politics lately. We are having trouble with out own. Very many of us do not like our president, and we fear that he is becoming a dictator. These things occupy our media and we don't hear much about Russia.

Я прошу прощения за мой плохой русский язык. Я не говорю на русском, поэтому я использую Google Translate.

Мы не обращая внимания на Россия политике в последнее время. Мы возникли проблемы с нашими собственными. Очень многие из нас не нравится наш президент, и мы опасаемся, что он становится диктатором. Эти вещи занимают наши СМИ, и мы не слышим о России.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 10:28:00
Мать продашь или в жопу дашь?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 10:28:43
bump for u mate.
Don't have any questions now.
But i will monitoring this thread.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 10:32:51
Есть два стула: на одном пики точены, на другом хуи дрочены. На какой сам сядешь, на какой мать посадишь?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 10:33:36
There are two chairs: one chiseled peaks, and the second dicks masturbate. Where will you sit down on what the mother plant?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 10:33:44
What do you think about muslims mate? As you know in EU and Russia it's a real problem.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 10:35:18
I like to suck arab dicks, so muslims are not a problem.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 10:39:53
Этот американец сломался, подавайте следующего.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 10:55:52
They aren't really much of a problem here. Blacks in America are like the Muslims in Europe. We also have Natives who cause trouble in some parts of the country.

We are all very tired of the war in the Middle East though. It has no support left among the people, only the government keeps it going.

Can you understand my translations?

Они не очень большая проблема здесь. Негры в Америке, как мусульмане в Европе. У нас также есть коренные жители, которые вызывают проблемы в некоторых частях страны.

Мы все очень устали от войны на Ближнем Востоке, хотя. Он не имеет поддержки оставила в народе, только правительство держит ее в ход.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 10:57:30
>Can you understand my translations?
Yep. Really good.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:00:23

This is duty of white, be tolerante, and take care of all kind scum.


Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:00:25
Can u give some proofs for us?
sorry for my BED english, lolka

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:01:06
Блядь, какого хуя вы ведетесь? Псевдоамериканец сам в сво›м английском ошибается.
Особенно раздражают школьники, не знающие этого божественного языка, но пытающиеся на нем что-то написать.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:02:48
Чем тебе школьники мешают, илитка? Или ты у нас сам за пять минут выучил английский в совершенстве и без практики?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:03:21

shut you month up, bitch

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:04:56
go on dick

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:05:21
No its not. They take and take, and never give back. That is why Americans are so opposed to socialism and communism. Too many niggers who abuse the system.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:07:28
What you say if i say that my name izzz boxxxy

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:09:15
Okay, letz trall on englich langvidj x-DDD ebin!

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:10:41
What kind? Hmmm, let me think. Maybe a photo of your anus with a flag in it, lolka? :D

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:11:24

I say proof or you lie.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:12:08
Photo of passport, drive license or view from windows with "sup 2ch.hk".

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:12:22
Look, you know, whatever, do you have, you konw, regular sex, if you know what i`m about, with my mom

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:14:17

It's night time here, and no way I'm putting any kind of ID on the internet.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:14:28
Write moar commas, you, faggot!

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:15:16
Do you have FB page?
I recommend you sing up in vk . com , because there is free cp porn in it, and thousound of millons free music. And our admin there too. It`s russian pirate bay, and cancaer bay.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:16:14
>I'm puttin
And i'm Medvedev, very funny, faggot.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:17:09
Just take photo of passport cover and post it on this thread. Or u ZELENYI DOHYA?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:19:16

I don't have one. I have never left the US.

Why do you care so much anyway? Is it really that hard to believe that an American would post here?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:19:40

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:20:31
>And electric socket with sup and date.
Try this. Or u don't have any CAMERA in ur house? PIZDI BOLSHE, LALKA.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:20:53
Понятно. В следующий раз подготовься, хуйло.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:21:08
Do you lake potato?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:21:25
Actually yes. There is a lot fo people who would do it. How can we know that you aren't one of them?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:24:09

Did you have threads, with typical phrases which give an butthert, like
or it`s just 2ch culture

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:26:48
Hui sosesh? Da voobshe, idi-ka nahui, mudilo tolstoe, amerikanec on, blyat'. Sasai, lolka.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:27:05
I LOIS Spudro-spadre! Go on, anon, post moar funny SHMESHNYAVOCHEK -DDDD EbIn))

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:27:52
REPLY ME DON't ignore me. Op, do you lake potatoes?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:27:52
>What kind of proof?

US passport\id card with "sup /b/ 09\02\2013".
And your drive licence too.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:29:14
Скорее всего, это настоящий американец, так как сегодня я видел тред на форчане, где рулетка предлага сходить на зарубежные борды.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:30:53
Yes. That's where I got the idea.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:31:19

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:31:21
Very good. Can u tell me about attitude to the russians in some states? From state/city u are?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:32:47
Is it true, that California is a heaven to the homeless? Cartman said.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:33:56

So, where you from dude?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:33:58
>From what state/city u are?
Also, what can u tell me about Detroit? half-abandoned city with a lot of niggers around?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:35:41

California. I'm from Fresno, which is more like Texas than California. Now I live in a small town on the coast, south of San Francisco. There are a lot of hippies here. It's a very stereotypical California surfer town.

We used to hate you when you had missiles pointed at us. Now we like you much better.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:38:35
Why did u hang saddam?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:38:49

Yes. It used to be a nice place, most of our automotive industry was there. American labor is too expensive now so most of our vehicles are built in Mexico and Canada. My truck was built in Canada.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:38:52
I'm laughing like a CHUMACHECHI of this pictures. What's wrong with me, anon? Am i nuts?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:39:30
We still have missiles pointed at you, you know? It's unlikly they will launch them, though.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:39:58
>We used to hate you when you had missiles pointed at us.
It was really necessary for in those time's. So, u can google "Operation Dropshot" and see it for yourself. Whats about Detroit?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:41:20
>Am i nuts?
No, u are a POTATO.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:42:57
Its okay, I understand. I forgive you.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:45:00

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:45:06
>Very many of us do not like our president, and we fear that he is becoming a dictator.
>we fear that he is becoming a dictator.
Leld hard. You best be trollin, son. Who the fuck actually thinks that?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:45:13
Hey gaiz i lived in mexico three weeks mexicans thought dat i'm from russian mafia.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:45:14
How u can assess the level of english for me? I am read only 4chan for 4 mounts. Is it really bad?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:46:21

I'm too poor. Our economy is bad.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:46:22
op what you think about russian emigrates? I want to move in the USA

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:47:25
>what you think about russian emigrates

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:47:33
>assess the level of english for me

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:48:01
Сам обосрался, пока набирал.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:48:16
>I'm too poor. Our economy is bad.

Livin in cali. Poor.
Dont lie to me!

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:50:11
Many of us. He has passed laws that allow him to detain citizens for no reason and without trial. He is using drones to track and kill our own citizens. He is trying to make us all dependent on the government with his welfare programs. Last year they tried to censor the internet. Now he is trying to disarm us, a little bit at a time.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:51:16
> Very many
Спалился, петух зелёный.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:51:27

I was born here. We moved to the nicer town back when the economy was better.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:52:23
>He is using drones to track and kill our own citizens
Do you even America, bro? Tell me exactly how he's using these drones to kill American citizens.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:52:39
Hey, OP, listen to me!
How about of recording your voice on a mic and uploading this sound-file to https://rghost.ru ?
Your pronunciation could be the best proof of your being of american.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:53:18
This guy is not me.

We like all immigrants, except for Mexicans.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:55:16
Вокару же есть, кретин ёбанный.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:55:56
You had missles pointed at us standing in Turkey. Also I'm not living in Russia but in Germany.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:56:13
Do u know some bad words in russian language? Do u need some word for teh lulz now?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:56:34
лолка, ты ни разу в /int краута не был?
там полнулевой в этом говне

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:56:55
OP, check this post. Record your voice and upload file to any hosting you wish.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:57:37
Right now they are using drones to hunt Chris Dorner. They just killed a 16 year old kid, because his dad joined Al-Qaeda

Суб 09 Фев 2013 11:58:27
And say some words like a syka, hyi, nigerast if u want.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:00:41
Dude take a photo of view outside the window with "sup 2ch.hk".

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:00:48

No, the only words I know in Russian are "да" "нет" and "бар"

I would love if you could teach me some swear words. So I can yell them at Mexicans when I'm driving.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:01:23
Well shit, I haven't heard anything about them using drones to hunt Dorner. Also, where did they kill this 16 year old kid? I highly doubt he was an American citizen, as i'm fairly certain no drone has ever fired a shot on American soil.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:02:35
>>43147917 request or i'll sage your thread down, lalka.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:05:20
Успокойся уже, лалка. Тебе припекло.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:05:47

It was not on American soil but he was a citizen. It is only a matter of time until they do it on our soil though. All in the "war on terror".

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:06:18
Почему так мало вопросов про рашку-парашку. Требую вопросов про рашку парашку.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:06:47
I second this, I think that they can hunt down poeple which pose some danger to the US while still having an American citizenship, so yes, technically they are Americans, but if they want to bomb you, do you still want to protect them?

Also, for what real and reasonable reason do Americans need so many weapons? There is no real issue to have militia, the army is strong.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:07:08
Он уже написал, что им похуй на рашку. Своих проблем хватает.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:08:24

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:08:36
It means: record your voice and post this file for listening or GTFO ameriCUM sCUM!

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:09:39
Drones have been used in Bush era, too, so it's not an Obama thing.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:09:57
Lalka - лалка - kind of underage faggot.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:10:08
Гладко стелишь, фраерок. Пили штат, пароли, явки.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:10:22
Like "lol" and "faggot" in one word.
just kidding

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:10:53
Man over whom people laugh. ('lal' is bad vertion of 'lol')

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:11:27
Lalka is paraphrasation of lolka, which means lol-guy, funny guy (without gender meaning). Often used to title newfags.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:12:19

The militia is to allow us to fight back against the government and police if they ever abuse their power. Also, there is a lot of crime in America, it takes the police on average 20 minutes to get anywhere, so we need to be able to protect out homes by ourselves.

If you think I'm being crazy about the militia, you guys should look back at your own history, to the Katyn Massacre. People still would have died, but not without a fight.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:12:27

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:12:49
Мой штат не штат, а бундесланд, Северный-Рейн-Вестфалия.


Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:14:12
Сорта пидорасов. Ему сойдет, для начала.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:14:34
Иди на бундесхуй, бундестолстяк.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:16:58
Why do you come here when you didn't understand Cyrillic? Just for lulz or you are planning to learn russian?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:17:29
Чому он зеленый? Было фото розетки с сапом. Всё как у людей.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:17:35
But the problem is also, that the criminals can get some weapons easilly. Instead of getting all the guns from the country you have an ill logic in my opinion, evwerybody can have a gun, criminals have guns, so I have to have a gun, to protect me from criminals.

Also Katyn was during the WWII, where people of Polish army were executed by people of Russian army special forces. It doesn't have to do anything with militia or normal citizens.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:18:28
Давай я сфоткую свой толчок и представлюсь китайцем.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:18:46
А голос не хочет записывать.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:19:30
Если у тебя толчок жапан стайл - я тебе поверю.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:19:33
Диванон, все дела. Я на форчане тоже свой голос не оставлял. Я нигде его не оставлял. Я ебанный параноик.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:19:37
Тебе что, пруфы нужны- Нахуй, этот тред не мой и в принципе похуй, где я живу, просто я английский знаю уровнем выше Косого. девушка - чувиха

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:20:35
Я бы тоже не стал. Пришел дружить на борду, а тебя лалкой обзывают и вайпами грозят :(

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:20:53

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:20:57
Criminals get guns cheaply on the street, they don't go down to the store and buy them. Most illegal guns come from Mexico, so it doesn't matter what's actually allowed here. If the criminals are going to have it, you might as well let the good people have it too, so they can fight back.

Sorry, I was wrong about Katyn. I must have been thinking of something else.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:24:41

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:27:17
6 ебаных страниц. Ты над ним специально издеваешься?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:27:34

So why smuggle weapons, if you can easily get them in the US, because they are available everywhere and straw men are also everywhere?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:28:10
Да там немного вопросов

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:33:29

Nice score. Here is mine, although I don't think it's that accurate. I'm in the right quadrant, but should be lower and more towards the center. Some of the questions it asks are obviously slanted. I have done this many times, they made us do it in high school.

You're American as well, aren't you?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:34:57
I'm Russian as hell

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:35:49
What do you think of Kosovo?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:35:55
Kosovo Je Serbia!

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:37:40

Because it's cheaper and you can get better guns. How do you think they get full auto weapons? It takes months of paper work and about $10,000 (301725 rubles) to get automatics legally. Even then, they are often banned on the state level, like here in California.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:39:50

Your English is very good. Have you ever lived in an English speaking country?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:40:52
Да это же АРКАН! Узнал чисто по тигру.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:41:25

It was funny the first time, now it's annoying as fuck. Kids shout "GANGNAM STYLE" all the time and it's annoying.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:42:43
No, but I'm going to leave this shithole in a few years 15yo now

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:43:33
Start hearing the badger song from weeble's stuff. You'll soon forget about Gangnam Style...

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:43:38
Did CTRL+F on "proof". No proof. I'll dump some nice Russian music then. Fuck you.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:43:59

Where are you planning on going?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:44:16
But dey all waz gilled. Ebin:D

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:45:03
I'm not sure, bit I'd like Finland or like that

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:46:04
Narwhals much better.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:46:33

What's good about Finland? lel I might need to leave the US someday.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:47:04
Он самый. Мне сегодня в /b/реде форчановском сербский националист привет передавал, лол. Лампово пообщались с ним. Начнется новая война - пойду добровольцем.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:47:21

You mean this?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:47:44
I'd liek to get higher education there and stay to live in Europe afterwards

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:49:13
Indeed I'm the other anon, the one Russian who lives in Germany. And I haven't been in English-speaking countries for longer than one week. I just read in English, watch series and films in English. And of course other stuff - I like to watch The Daily Show on a regular basis.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:49:14
Nothing special, but it's just a good way to leave Russia

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:52:29

Beware of those guys. I don't know what politics are like in Russia, but those talk shows are nothing but propaganda. Some more than others, but they all have some sort of bias.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:52:46
Oh, alright then. Still, fuck you. I hope US will go through civil war or something, you faggots did way to much shit, time to pay your debts, in blood.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:53:07
Right, is there anyone still following this thread?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:53:40

What other shows or books do you like? Anything that's popular here? How did you learn English?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:54:07
Me, for example.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:55:33
Same here, but nobody cares about TV. Maybe some people that are called 'pidorashkas'.
Pidor means faggot and rashka is a rough name of Russia

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:55:48
Думаю пойти посрать.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:56:30
How about this, OP? Love/hate/don't fucking care?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:57:57
Да скинь ты пак уже, сука пидор пожалуйста

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:58:26

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:58:30
Не забудь смыть американскую воду в сделанный американцами унитаз, чтобы смыть говно, которое оборазовалось в результате употребления американских продуктов.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:59:23
Don't listen this stupid saloed. He was a crazy hohol.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 12:59:26

I am indifferent. I watched about 5 episodes and just wasn't interested.

Do you guys like American music? What kinds?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:00:13
In fact, language-teaching in Russia is bullshit and you have to learn it yourself. I got some level due to reading 4chan, joindota.com and watching DOTA2 streams

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:00:17
Ты, уже совсем поехал? Даун отбитый.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:01:25
Right, if our self-proclaimed US citizen is still following this thread, I'd like to hear his thoughts on gun control, and how peculiar it is, that there is not a single week recently without CNN or Faux News reporting on a new gun-psycho killing spree, constantly questioning the Congress motives for not adopting a strict gun control right away.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:02:22
I learned it in German school. I'm in Germany since I'm 10, so it's about 20 years living here. Afterwards I was just active in English internet, before Dvach, I've been on 4chan for some time. As for books, I like Steven King very much, Grisham has a good writing style, his books are interesting and easy to comprehend. I've read some classics like Oscar Wilde, more modern like Asimov, Bradbury, Orwell, Huxley...

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:03:18
Иди сри, и главное - ни о чем не думай.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:03:21

That's pretty impressive. I learned some Spanish watching movies in Spanish and from the kids at work. I have decent grammar but a very limited vocabulary.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:04:31
As for shows - Homeland, The Mentalist, Sopranos, Nurse Jackie, Boardwalk Empire, House M.D., Stargate, Star Trek, Dexter...

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:04:46
Попей риталина. Может голова в норму придет.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:06:13
>language-teaching in Russia is bullshit
Ходил в 90-х в обычную среднюю школу, к 9-му классу без проблем читал на английском. Что я делаю не так? Сдается мне что ты просто хуй

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:06:18
>Do you guys like American music? What kinds?
Yes, of course. For example:
Hanzel und Gretyl.
Lights Out Asia.
Rob Zombie.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:07:32
Так ты на нем писать попробуй. Читать это малафья.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:07:46
Блять когда эти шлюху целовали няшных ментовок я весь экран замалафил.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:07:50

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:07:59
Я так-то в лингве учусь 9 класс и у меня 10 часов английского в неделю, в следующем году больше. Но в других школах хуйня какая-то, по крайней мере в моем мухосранске

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:08:18
inb4: shiteater

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:08:42
Советский стиль обучению языков - понимать, но не говорить. Можешь перевести мануалы на русский, но не можешь уехать из СССР и говорить свободно.

Just as planned by Stalin

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:08:54
Deutschland, lolka.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:08:59
There are two chairs in front of you. One covered with sharpened spides and another one with hard cocks. Wich one would you sit on and wich would you put your mother on?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:09:50
Когда в школе пиздили такое слушал.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:09:56

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:10:36

I think American gun control is stupid. Not that gun control itself is bad, but the laws here are made by people who know nothing about guns.

I am a lifelong hunter and fisherman and I got my first gun at 8. I am very familiar with guns, very knowledgeable and responsible. Unfortunately we have idiots here who misuse them and ruin it for everyone else.

Our media is trying to push an anti-gun agenda. Everybody knows that most media outlets have a liberal bias. They are over-exaggerating things. We are actually at a very low point in crime, the lowest it's been in about 20 years. They just started to make a big deal after the Sandy Hook thing.

Guns are just tools. It's not about what guns you have, it's about who has them.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:10:44
Писал хуево, но простые мысли письменно передать мог вполне. Для непрофильной рядовой школы отличный результат, я скажу. Дальше я за пару лет использования интернета научился хорошо писать по-английски, а потом как начал играть в онлайне с голосовым чатом, стал понимать речь и приемлимо говорить.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:11:00
Ok, the German guy leaves this thread to have some breakfast.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:14:01
Ну хуй знает. Я все правила знаю и другую важную малафью. Сам в обычной школе учился. Говорю норм, а как писать так пиздец. Аж читать потом стыдно. Такие дела.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:15:43
Tell us about some shit they taught you about Stalin, i love to read nonsense about Stalin on the Internet.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:16:32
А я у мамы сорт оф soviet. Могу в чтение, но не могу в разговор и письмо.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:16:52
OP, answer this!

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:17:13

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:17:23

All they tell us is that he was "evil communist dictator". They don't teach a lot of world history here, unless you study it in college.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:20:58
OP, you have to answer this.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:22:59
Well, that was expected. It makes as much sense as saying that "George Washington is evil capitalist dictator" or something.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:24:01
Do you drink alcohol? Heard that it is very cheap and broadly available there.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:26:42

Yeah our history education sucks. They have pretty much given up on everything except math and English. What was Stalin like from a Russian perspective?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:32:06

Some. A 30 rack of beer is about $20, which is about 600 rubles. You can get a 40oz for about $3 (90 rubles). Olde English and Coors are my favorites beers. I don't drink much liquor, and when I do I steal it because it's expensive.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:32:23
FASTQUESTION: Who won World War II?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:33:03

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:33:21
Best leader of Russian and other Soviet people of 20th century, at least. Stalin is greatly respected here, all propaganda shitstorm that was upon us in second half of 80s and 90s just made it more clear that west doesn't want us to know the truth about Stalin. I feel that all these attempts backfired and people here started to learn about Stalin and they eventually find the truth, thanks to all propaganda against him.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:36:35
Hey, hey, american guy. Do all americans think that russians live like this?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:36:43

America came away with the least amount of damage. Russia did the most work. Depends on what you mean by "win".

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:38:13

No. We just play too much STALKER and joke about it. It's like if Russians thought every American was a cowboy.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:39:27
What do you think of Best Korea?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:40:16
Интересно, суп был?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:40:51
Да, с розеткой

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:42:39
I had played bf3, and speaking with some american guy, and he was surprised when I said that i'm russian. He thought russians haven't pc and consoles. Very sad.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:42:52
Butthurt over Afghanistan of course. Can't want to see how long pro-US government will hold without US in it. Lets see if it will beat USSR record of 3 years (while still being under foreign western pressure)
Obviously not OP

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:43:19
I like it

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:45:08

Good choice. I love the 90's west coast rap.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:45:50
You mean rap**e** music?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:46:52

In America they make it sound like you guys are all dirt poor and disappear in the middle of the night "because communists"

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:46:54
Макака сломала форматирование вакабы?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:47:28
But why USA helped Mujahideens and fought against USSR, and now USA and GB fight against Mujahedeens?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:49:25
Without sup you simple cock.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:50:33
был суп, лалка

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:51:36

Because our government makes stupid decisions and won't stop messing with other countries.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:51:52
Holy fuck, its awesome

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:52:09
>because communists
No, we is not

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:52:56

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:53:04
>we are not

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:54:42
How do you guys live without kefir and buckwheat porridge? I can't live without this shit, I would eat it every day (and its cheap too)

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:55:07
Only Golden Age of rap music

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:55:11

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:55:56

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:57:41
How do you know about 2ch? I still think you are a Russian immingrant trying to lie to us

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:57:47

That looks pretty good. What does it taste like?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:59:19

I saw a thread on 4chan that had a list of other chans from other countries.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 13:59:27
Like God

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:02:08
very sour

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:02:42
I am Pidorashka. How to syebat from Rashka? I want to live in the country of opportunities.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:03:45
Learn the language first

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:05:13
Yep. Come to California. They are nice to immigrants here. Everything else is fucked though. Too many laws, high taxes, everything is expensive.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:05:57
Not sure if I can express it with words. Kefir is something between Yogurt and Milk, not sweet but little bit sour. Very healthy too. Sometimes I don't eat anything but Kefir for days, just 1 liter of Kefir each day and i'm fine. Liter costs about 30 roubles here (~$1). I wonder if Kefir can be bought anywhere in US, would recommend you to give it a try.

As for buckwheat I don't know, its just really good and as far as I known barely known in US. Kefir and buckwheat porridge go together extremely well both mixed and separated.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:06:21
But in USA i will have much monesy as soon I leave the plane! All russian migrants told me so!

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:07:13
OP, you're still here? How much salary u got? (in month)

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:08:57

In Soviet Russia...

Really though, that reminds me of Yakov Smirnoff. What do you Russians think of him?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:09:58
Who is it?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:10:26

$400. I'm 19 and I work part time. I'm going to school, studying civil engineering.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:10:29
Barely known, if known at all. I found out about him years after discovered "In Soviet Russia" being used on the internet.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:15:33
It would be nice to talk to real american but i really dont know what to ask.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:16:21
Depends on age. There are many Americans remember the cold war and still think of you as "evil red communists". There are kids who play too many video games and think you guys all walk around with gas masks and AKs. Those are the two main things people think about you guys.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:17:24
Any Russian video games you know of? inb4 tetris

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:17:34

Depends who you ask. Half the country loves him, half the country hates him. Personally, I don't like him.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:18:19
это к опу вопрос, я РУЗСКЕ.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:18:58
>gas masks
I have one LOL. What would you want to know about us? Yep, i like atention

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:19:09

I really like the STALKER series and Metro 2033. I know that they are Ukrainian but they are Russian language so close enough.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:19:57
Да у нас в рашке блдьше игр и не было, лол

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:21:19
толстить в /b/ это все равно что ссать в океан мочи

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:21:38

Do you have as many sub cultures as we do? Every region, every kind of music, every race of people has its own culture here.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:22:46
Ukraine is almost Russia anyway. I mean some of thep really hate russians, but i really dont see differences.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:23:33
Every Ukrainian knows Russian and speaks it mostly

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:24:53
YOU don't like, why?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:24:58
Ever wondered how it feels when EVERYONE had relatives that fought Great Patriotic war? If you are interested in WW2 topic might recommend you to read some of memoirs collected from Soviet veterans nowdays and in recent decades and translated into English: https://english.iremember.ru/

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:26:06
The same here but things are really concentrate in Moscow. And government doesnt seam to care about other regions. Have you heared about the new law that is ment to protect people from homosexuals (it says CHILDREN but it is kind of illegal to say that you are gay on TV or so)?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:26:43
There is not so much ethnics in russia, but of course they have some special kinds of music and clothes anyway.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:27:18
Ukraine is Russia and vise versa. The only thing that speaks Ukrainian in Ukraine is the TV. Same with Belarus.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:27:30

He is too close to a dictator. I believe in small government. He raises taxes, wastes money, gives the police too much power, and has broken every promise he made when he got elected.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:29:20

Do the different regions have different cultures? As different as they are here? Is the food noticeably different when you travel?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:30:41
Do you really dislike english people? And is it trus that you shouldnt call french frice french?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:30:41
Btw nowadays Belarus language exists only in villages. They all speak Russian too

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:31:19
Everything is same shit

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:32:00
The bad worlds is:
няша - whore
кавай - dick
каваиться - to fuck

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:32:54

We call them "French Fries" because of the way the potatoes are cut, not because we think they are from France.

We make fun of English people a lot, but we do not really hate them or anything.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:33:06
dont listen to him

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:35:10
Not all regions have differnet culture, but some of them have their own language, food, clothes (in XIX century). Now there is no difference. Picture - some ethnic food from the one of region of russia (Tatarstan).

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:35:14
Well... cultures are different but young people usually dont care about cultures. Food is different but not too much. Food is notacably better outside of Moscow region. Usually when i but products in the store i read the lable to not buy something produced anywhere near to moscow.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:35:15

Спросите Американский ничего.
Ask, and the U.S. did

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:36:02
Russia is hell, in most areas.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:37:29
>mostly in XIX century


Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:38:27
>implying dictators are always bad
From my point of view Obama is no different from Bush or anybody else, he is just public man who doesn't really decide anything.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:38:52
>not buy something produced anywhere near to moscow

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:39:01
Yeah, we suck.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:39:05
Greetings. On this image, you can see a medieval guy.
Would you suck his dick?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:39:55
Cause it is usually not good.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:40:01
Do you guys get a lot of American things in Russia? Like cars, clothes, beer, stuff like that?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:43:01


Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:43:02
Disregard that, I suck cocks.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:44:10
>Do you really dislike english people?
No. Never. Even in soviet russia. Really.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:45:13
Some cars,but american cars are not as popular as german cars. We also whatch a lot of US TV shows. Actually all the culture comes here from America. But we domt have so many food or drinks from US. It is far you know.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:46:10

This guy is not real op. Tu chingada.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:46:33
Lucky! My ex studyies in san. Diego.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:46:56
Pretty much everything that comes from China to you comes to us as well. No American cars here. We have US brands here like Budweiser but its probably made somewhere here and different thing.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:47:12
Yes. Here is a lot of things from other countries. More than russian things.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:48:18
Will you be my boyfriend? Just kidding. Yep, im gay

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:48:41
This guy is not real op. I'm a real op and I suck cocks.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:49:41
> Yep, im gay smelly faggot

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:50:23
Half white and half Mexican, though I look white, only speak a little bit of Spanish and pretty much live like a white person.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:52:12

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:54:02
Do you use recreational weed?
What's it like to be high on concetrate and wax?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:56:09
German guy is back in the thread. OP, have you ever been outside of the US?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:56:41
Do you mean bath salts?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:56:49
I don't but my brother and all my friends do. Concentrate and wax? We grow our shit here, we get it straight off the plant.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 14:58:03

No. I rarely leave California, but I do travel around here a lot.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 15:00:16
Tell us about your school OP, did you like it? (High school I guess) What classes did you have? How many hours did you spend in school each day or on homework? Very curious about basic education in US since I learned in 90-s, pretty much Soviet school.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 15:00:37
Did you like Arnie as Governor? What do you think of Darwinism and Creationism?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 15:02:46
General opinion in russia is that some time in the future we will destroy your country with nuclear weapons and nobody will cry. We are friends with arab world. So my question is, do you like dicks op?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 15:05:06
What do u think about that i want illegal immigrate in your country?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 15:05:15
>General opinion in russia is that some time in the future we will destroy your country with nuclear weapons and nobody will cry. We are friends with arab world. So my question is, do you like dicks op?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 15:06:21
What do you think about niggers?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 15:06:27
Бля, расскажите ОПу про МЕМЧИКИ)))))
Моего языка маловато.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 15:07:53
High School was 5 days a week, 7-8 hours a day. We did math, English, a choice of different sciences (I did general biology, physics, earth science and human anatomy and physiology) Some world history, some US history, some Economics. We got to choose some things, like computers, PE, arts, etc. My school let you take classes at the local college so I used to get out early every day and go to college.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 15:09:59
>in evolution

Суб 09 Фев 2013 15:10:47

I don't like them. I lived in a bad neighborhood when I was little. They would steal things, graffiti everywhere, beat people up and cause all kinds of trouble. My neighbors house got shot up in a drive by.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 15:12:24
Noone likes niggers

Суб 09 Фев 2013 15:13:09
I think LAPD is corrupt and they deserve it but he shouldn't hurt the families.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 15:13:34
Hey OP, I want to immigrate to USA.
What kind of job I can get, as long as I do not have citizenship? How much money will I earn?
Sorry for bad language

Суб 09 Фев 2013 15:13:36
Ah, nice, so you are an agnostic. That's the most easy way of thinking about god.
What do you think about American supremacy? What about the fiscal cliff? Do the news network tell you anything about the world outside the US besides the war relevant areas?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 15:15:30

Суб 09 Фев 2013 15:15:36
Didn't see a black guy in my entire life. I heard that there was black student in institute where I learned (I guess its called college in US) and lots of girls tried to fuck him just for a sake of trying to fuck a black guy since they are extremely rare here in Siberia lol.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 15:19:32
Ты че несешь, я использую последний куклоскрипт на лисе.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 15:19:56
So much has been going on with our politics since the election they can barely report on the all the things going on here. We hear almost nothing about the outside world anymore, even with the war. Usually though we do.

I think America wastes too much money in the middle east, and we should either spend it to solve problems here or stop spending it at all. The middle east will never change and they hate us anyway, I think we should just give up.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 15:22:34
OP, why u make this thread on /b/, not in /int/? I know, this board is more popular, but this thread will sink, because it's 4 pages.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 15:23:17
This is my first time ever on this site. I didn't know.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 15:25:00
Yeah, same thing with Germany. Everyone expects us to spend money, help, let some people live in Germany who are war fugitives.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 15:30:56
I know it's stupid to ask about video games, but I heard that most of Americans have 1 console (often Xbox) because they have a lot of money. In any case, more earn than Russians. Is it true?

Суб 09 Фев 2013 15:32:14
Alright guys I'm going to bed. It's 3:30 in the morning here. It's been great talking to you guys. Thanks.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 15:33:41
Don't make threads on /int/ nobody gives a fuck about anything there, you'll get asleep while waiting for response

Суб 09 Фев 2013 15:34:38
It's so bad. I think you have to make thread in morning.
And it will be night in our time.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 15:35:14
Most Americans have consoles. Consoles here are more casual, and PC games are much more serious, bigger, better graphics, etc. I have had a bunch of consoles over the years, but now only use my PC, unless I have some friends over or something.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 15:36:44
There are barely any consoles in Russia. Even if somebody has console, its probably patched to play pirated games and nobody goes online with it. Everyone plays PC games here.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 15:40:13
>>43156599 remind me question about pirates. How many products you use free, if you can? Most Russians don't buy any games/music/films and download it on torrent-trackers.

Суб 09 Фев 2013 15:59:01

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