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Втр 12 Фев 2013 20:12:30
Let's start you punks.

Втр 12 Фев 2013 20:18:40
И сразу зашквар. Так приставка называлась только в рашке.

Втр 12 Фев 2013 20:19:41
Come on sasaka. We'll have some sweet talk here. I guarantee this. Get in.

Втр 12 Фев 2013 20:20:50
Everybody understood what I meant. Even you.

Втр 12 Фев 2013 20:25:30
If I only had booze... Or a good film. In fact I want both.

Втр 12 Фев 2013 20:29:06
Another thread on b where I feel that feel of being forever alone. Shit. Talk to me, crapneck!

Втр 12 Фев 2013 20:34:12
Ingria-gods fuck Russia-whores in their tight asses

Втр 12 Фев 2013 20:34:39
It would be much more convenient to practice somewhere like 4chan then here.

Втр 12 Фев 2013 20:35:35
Fuck you and your mother.

Втр 12 Фев 2013 20:39:39
it seems like pidorashqua is butthurted.

Втр 12 Фев 2013 20:50:17
Maybe. But no. I want it here. Never mind the shkolota. I know that my brothers are somewhere around in this murky mess. Hey brothers! Get over here and make yourself comfortable. Set loose and tune in. I'll be back in 5 minutes.

Втр 12 Фев 2013 20:59:06
Aw, fuck it. Fuck damn engrish.
Now it's a techno-rave thread.

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