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Суб 09 Мар 2013 10:47:00
In general, when I shit in his sneaker ... and shovels, they, you know, bitch, overslept. They would have to see my shit, well. And he washed shoes, everything. And I take a shit, and immediately went to bed, well, quiet. They, therefore, bitches, stripped me, well, when they realized. I still have pieces of shit on the ass, then the left, here. Well, it smelled like the shit out of sneakers and my ass. Well, like I, too, so it's already done by a fag they're guys. But I began to scream, damn. Rolled his eyes. Well, squeak, so, you know ... I do not even know what came over me. Screamed so damn, howled. They say dick to him, you know, just, well, shit smeared me, damn, well, forced to eat a little, damn, well. Then he was transferred to another part, damn. Well, this is when I was still in the emergency was.

Суб 09 Мар 2013 10:49:49
анон под проксями скидывай на форчан сука пасту нашу, блядь, православную, сука, с переводом гугла, чтоб, блядь, охуели пендосы, бля.

Суб 09 Мар 2013 10:52:11
иди в пизду, пидорашка.

Суб 09 Мар 2013 10:54:57

Сука ты охуел? Блядина ты ооновская. Как тебя мать то воспитала? НЕбось и в бога не веруешь, смерд ?

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