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Втр 12 Мар 2013 01:01:49
Анон, может быть я слоу и ты уже слышал эту историю, макдональдс, голос по телефону говорит что он полицейский и что девушка украла деньги из сумки, но это же вин винов.

Втр 12 Мар 2013 01:04:46
как ни о чем? это же эталон пранка.

Втр 12 Мар 2013 01:06:27
Ну невозможно быть настолько тупыми. Лол, ну это пушка вообще. Алсо, теперь понятно, почему они так хуево по ночам работают.

Втр 12 Мар 2013 01:10:54
>After the employee had been in the office for two and a half hours, she was ordered to perform oral sex on Nix.

Втр 12 Мар 2013 01:15:26
Да ладно, им хотелось этого и им понравилось, просто она не хотела чувствовать себя шлюхой, а он боялся иска по домогательству.

Втр 12 Мар 2013 01:23:35
может быть, но после этого он получил 5 лет. за один минет. лол, да я поэт.

алсо как тебе

>A McDonald's manager in Leitchfield, Kentucky, was convinced on November 30, 2000 to undress before a customer when the caller persuaded her that the customer was a suspected sex offender and that her serving as bait would permit undercover officers to arrest him when he showed an interest in her.[2]
>A call to a McDonald's restaurant in Hinesville, Georgia, in February 2003, in which a female manager, who thought she was speaking with a police officer in the presence of the director of operations for the franchisee GWD Management Corporation, took a 19year-old female employee into the women's bathroom and strip-searched her, and brought in a 55year-old male employee to perform a body cavity search to uncover hidden drugs.
>On June 3, 2003, a Taco Bell manager in Juneau, Alaska, stripped a 14year-old female customer and forced her to perform lewd acts, at the request of a caller who claimed he was working with the company to investigate drug abuse.
>In July 2003, a 36year-old Winn-Dixie grocery store manager in Panama City, Florida, received a call instructing him to bring a 19year-old female cashier, who matched a physical description provided by the caller, into the office for a strip search. The cashier was forced to disrobe and pose in various positions as part of the search. The incident was ended when another manager entered the office to retrieve a set of keys.
>In March 2004, a 17year-old female customer at a Taco Bell in Fountain Hills, Arizona, near Phoenix, was strip-searched by a manager receiving a call from a man claiming to be a police officer.

похоже тупых овердохуя в америке.

Втр 12 Мар 2013 02:17:57
>>44811234 У меня встал, ни чего не понял о чем речь, но почему ее толстый дядька по жопе хлопал?

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