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Суб 16 Мар 2013 12:21:28
American here. How do you feel about Russian Nazi girls? Pic related.

Суб 16 Мар 2013 12:22:23

Суб 16 Мар 2013 12:25:26

It's Zashtopik. Do Russians as have a problem with racism?

Суб 16 Мар 2013 12:26:16

Proof or GTFO.

Суб 16 Мар 2013 12:27:39
Also, post beautiful Russian women, please.

Суб 16 Мар 2013 12:30:25
We hate big nigger's cocks, bitch.
In Russia, you can't found real "Nazi" girl. Because just stupid whore live in this country.

Суб 16 Мар 2013 12:31:39
С тебя хватит.

Суб 16 Мар 2013 12:31:52
Конечно нет - президент с Гроув стрит.

Суб 16 Мар 2013 12:32:10
>гламурный фашизм
>glamorous fascism

Суб 16 Мар 2013 12:32:41
>post beautiful Russian women
Я каждый день на американских домохозяек, а они на русских девушек. Ну охуеть теперь.

Покормил школьника.

Суб 16 Мар 2013 12:32:48
Кстати, таки реально няша.

Суб 16 Мар 2013 12:34:40

Суб 16 Мар 2013 12:36:17

Don't mean to intrude but I'm just interested in Russian culture.

Суб 16 Мар 2013 12:37:52
Ok. I just expected you to be a fat russian schoolboy.

Суб 16 Мар 2013 12:38:24
There is no culture.

Суб 16 Мар 2013 12:39:32

Correct. Zashtopik is beautiful. Also just curious how you guys view her.

Суб 16 Мар 2013 12:43:07

Why do you soak up American culture so much? Does Russia not have good culture worthy of exposure? It's sad how you guys seem to soak up our shitty American culture.

Суб 16 Мар 2013 12:46:12
Also, what's with the bus threads? Do Russians just love buses or is it like sink threads on 4chan?

Суб 16 Мар 2013 12:46:29
The countrie's cultural level depends on the cultural level of the less civilized citizen of that country. So..

Суб 16 Мар 2013 12:49:51
Yes, we love them very much - mostly because we not everyone, of course are not able to afford ourselves a private car.

Суб 16 Мар 2013 12:50:45

Ok. Greetings from America. I'm out.

Суб 16 Мар 2013 12:56:48
>Why do you soak up American culture so much?
Cause PIDORASHKI. American pop culture is pretty simple for getting understand by average russian retard, and it's makes them feel more 'exclusive' upon other russian retards, which consume russian pop culture. N.B. that I am talking about just pop culture, not about real good culture which got both nations - Russian and American.

Суб 16 Мар 2013 13:03:57

I just googled that word. Oh fuck, advice animals are our worst export. So sorry to have to inflict Russian culture with that shit. I fucking hate it as well as most westerners older than 12.

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