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Птн 24 Май 2013 06:28:39
Нет, 4096х4096 максимум для /b/, а у тебя почти столько по вертикали

Птн 24 Май 2013 06:41:24

Птн 24 Май 2013 06:46:42

Птн 24 Май 2013 06:50:52

Птн 24 Май 2013 06:52:19
Странный вопрос, довольно маленькие они.

Птн 24 Май 2013 06:54:13
Глаза вполне большие, вряд ли есть больше.

Птн 24 Май 2013 07:12:05

Она похожа на мою мать.

Птн 24 Май 2013 07:16:55
Так зачем тебе картинки? Чтобы дрочить? У тебя же похожая баба рядом есть - дрочи выеби ее

Птн 24 Май 2013 07:20:05
На, и хватит на прыщи дрочить.

Птн 24 Май 2013 07:30:35

Птн 24 Май 2013 08:58:16
прекрасная женщина

Птн 24 Май 2013 09:20:21
Это она?

Птн 24 Май 2013 09:34:50
Нет ли у кого моара этой тёти?

Птн 24 Май 2013 09:44:22
Aleksandra Dabrowa GOOOOGLE

Птн 24 Май 2013 09:46:21


Птн 24 Май 2013 10:29:07
Kasia Miszczak Как связаться с этими женщинами? Я нашел на 4chan

Птн 24 Май 2013 10:29:45
her name is kasia miszczak. the vid is actually with her nephew, son of her sister magda. her dad made cp with her and her sister, and is the kindpin of cp in poland. she has two daughters that i know of , marja and asia. don't know who the pic is in >8875161

her daughters, btw, are products of incest with her father. this is her with her older daughter. estranged from her second daughter, asia, who lives with her dad (both of their dads) as his 'wife'

as far as i know this is the other daughter. the 'dad' has banged both, so the cycle continues as far as i know. there is one other 'sister' Ola, who for whatever reason, the dad never bange.

these are the tree sisters. Magda is in the middle, and Ola on the right.

Kasia came to the US and worked as a nanny. banged the dad, unbeknownst to the fam, and eventually ended up getting married to the son.

allegedly, the son found out that she banged her dad here on /r

had the first daughter very early, e.g. 13. dad made cp of kasia and magda and also shared with friends, pretty f'up upbringing.

lives in poland now again & still bangs dad. says needs to because he gives her money etc.


Птн 24 Май 2013 10:40:43
LinK? She is BEst

Птн 24 Май 2013 11:03:51
шлюха! Где я могу найти Александра?

Птн 24 Май 2013 11:16:19

Птн 24 Май 2013 12:06:54
боже мой

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