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Суб 25 Май 2013 03:15:55
Анон, угадаешь, к какому фильму обзор?

I have never been so offended by a film. I do not enjoy children cutting people's throats being shot, punched in the face or choked.

Yeh it's a parody - whatever, scenes of graphic violence involving a child who has basically been trained to be the ultimate child soldier by her deranged father are NOT funny. Doesn't matter how much the director is winking at the camera. There are child soldiers in the real world. Of course they don't get to live happily ever after. They are f****d. Their lives ruined.

In the theatre I watched this there was silence throughout the film, apart from my girlfriend sobbing at times - so disturbed was she by the events unfolding.

Just a warning to those of you who have not been totally desensitised to amoral movie violence.

Суб 25 Май 2013 03:22:14
Загуглил. Посмеялся. Спасибо, ты сделал мою ночь.

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