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Суб 25 Май 2013 06:21:22
Сап, хиккач.
15 минут назад ко мне постучался неизвестный с вот таким предложением.
Its just my urgent need for foreign partner that made me contact you on behalf of my client who is a refugee here in Accra Ghana. I am a diplomatic officer by profession here in Ghana West Africa and currently holding the post of diplomatic head.I have the opportunity to arranged for delivery of my client one consignment box to any one that accept this offer of standing as a foreign beneficiary to my client;The one consignment box is right now at the airport storage strong room; please Contact me if you are interested so that i can send you documents covering the one box,With further details on how to get this box ship to you at the receipt of your reply to my private email id:
Чтоэта? Сталкивался с таким? Это сорт оф развод как я понимаю, или что?

Суб 25 Май 2013 06:33:15
Нигерийское письмо же.

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