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Втр 11 Июн 2013 23:58:27
Hi, Anonimous.
In one thread I saw anons, who learn Latin language because want be ILITA. I only laughed, idiots, learn dead language. But it led me to one idea. I want improve my English skill. What you, my dear Anon, say, if in this thread we will be talk on English? If it not fly, ok.
I'll bump five times and go away.

Втр 11 Июн 2013 23:59:40
sosi hui gamburger

Срд 12 Июн 2013 00:01:03

Срд 12 Июн 2013 00:02:12
Go to dick.

Срд 12 Июн 2013 00:03:42
Okay, anon today is non-nightyangry.
Let this thread burn.

Срд 12 Июн 2013 00:04:28
Просто уйди.

Срд 12 Июн 2013 00:09:25
Matreshka, vodka, medved, moskva, putin, balalayka

Срд 12 Июн 2013 00:19:42
Stop being such a fucker, noone give a fuck about your english, it is usefull, ofc, but why do you think this is sooo cool and unusual. Nobody give a shit. Remember, you should show your mad-english-skills, only if someone asked for it. But, Anon, Noone give a fuck realy.

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