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Пнд 17 Июн 2013 19:53:10
My dad is amazing. It's funny, but I didn't know that until I
found out he was going to die. That it was going to happen
soon. That it was real. Then I thought about a lot of stuff.
Things I hadn't thought about for a long time. I guess I kind
of took him for granted or something. I mean, our parents are
just always there. You expect them to always be bugging you
to clean up your room or study harder or have good manners or
try new things to grow up to be a more well-rounded person one
day. And make you get up early on the weekend to have
"family time" and all that other stuff that used to drive me
crazy. I don't feel that way now. Everything's different since
Dad got his diagnosis. Since I realized that one day in the
near future, he might not be around to drive me crazy.

Now I feel lucky when he asks me about my day (I used to totally hate that
question) or nags me about coming home on time at night and being respon-
sible. One day he won't be here to ask. Now I feel lucky when I hear
his car pulling into the driveway after school. I even like to hear him cough-
ing. It means he's still around. Still my dad.
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Пнд 17 Июн 2013 20:01:31
when I was 15 years old and I went to shit byatya all the time, as it were accidentally push spun around and kept asking, what are you calmed down, why did not you hear? The first time I did not answer, so he began pounding on the door and yelling, what are you so silent, what's wrong? began to swear and say that in general remove the door from its hinges, also, Dad swore if I shit and do not wash off, and not just vkontse crappy, but directly after vylezanija poop, motivated by the fact that it stinks, and he then said to me: so I Kaknau and wash off, and you do so!
One day I sat down to shit, and I hear, Dad stood at the door somewhere in the distance, so I wiped my ass, and sat down on the floor nakarachiki, and then the gap is very wide at the bottom of the door, so I'm looking into the slot, and there Dad on Karachik sits and stares into the slot, and said to me: you're human? fucker? Th are you doing there?
Dad by the way all the time, some herbs drinks to often to shit, shit on 5 times a day, and then says that the ass is burning, and he even farts. fucking short!
the real story. I do not troll

Пнд 17 Июн 2013 20:03:10
>Karachik sits


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