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Пнд 17 Июн 2013 11:47:25
vichan is raiding you
2ch week
poland cool - russia kurwa

Пнд 17 Июн 2013 11:48:29
Russia can't into values, only bydlo who can't see anything more than places to insult.
Russia - bydlo
Poland - cyvilisation

Пнд 17 Июн 2013 11:49:44
>How russians looks like, when they have monies.

yea russia rich

Пнд 17 Июн 2013 11:52:47
Is there any russian princesse?
would rape an again xD

Пнд 17 Июн 2013 11:53:46
Who cares about your polish butthurt? Noone.

Пнд 17 Июн 2013 11:53:52
I am a russian bydlo, wanna buttrape me? Its not clean there youll only dirt you dick LOL

Пнд 17 Июн 2013 11:56:59
Russians - poor bydlo
Poland - cyvilisation

Why are you worst kind of slavic people on this world?
You should just accept our proposition to kind, and you wouldn't stay shithole even now

Пнд 17 Июн 2013 11:57:48
You are too fat. Try thinner.

Пнд 17 Июн 2013 12:02:53
Poland - respect in world because we had pope
Russia - everybody disslike because drunked bydlo

mierdzicie wЈdkµ i rosjanami

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