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Чтв 20 Июн 2013 15:24:05
[b]Thai man points pistol at Russian visitor in Phuket [/b]
Mr Tubaev came to Thailand on April 5 and rented an apartment in PK Mansion in Phuket Town, not far from Central Festival.

After a month or so he got to know a Thai woman called Karn who lived in the same building and worked in an office on the ground floor.

Mr Tubaev told The Phuket News Russian-language sister paper Novosti Phuketa that he knew she was living with some guy but that he was led to believe that the man was her brother.

He had lunch with Karn and her colleagues a couple of times and then, on May 26, the girls invited him to go with them to Khao Lak.

On June 5, however, Karn said they could no longer see each other. She would not say why.

The very next day Mr Tubaev heard somebody knocking on his door and trying to open it. He didnt unlock the door and the visitor went away. At about 3 pm there was again a knocking at the door.

This time Mr Tubaev set up his camera and pressed the record button before opening the door.

The man who came in produced a pistol, pointed it at the Russian and ordered him to his knees. He told Mr Tubaev to stay away from Karn, who he said was his wife, and to go back to Russia.

He reinforced the message with several slaps to Mr Tubaevs face and head, then put the gun to his forehead and pulled the trigger. The gun did not fire and the Thai man left.

Mr Tubaev moved out of the building the same day and, two days later, reported the incident to the police. The Thai was arrested three days later.

The Russian told The Phuket News that the Thai, who was not named, had offered his apologies and B10,000 compensation, but that he decided not to accept either.

The case is now going through the courts. Mr Tubaev has now left Phuket.

Police told The Phuket News the gun was a replica, and could not fire bullets.
- See more at: https://www.thephuketnews.com/thai-man-points-pistol-at-russian-visitor-in-phuket-40246.php#sthash.rKVYpo0W.dpuf

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