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Срд 03 Июл 2013 19:51:50
What is this ?
Hey russians what is this ? i dont understand russian


Срд 03 Июл 2013 19:55:27
This guy raped duputy of Kostroma city.

Срд 03 Июл 2013 20:00:54
can you tell me the names of the people involved please?

Срд 03 Июл 2013 20:05:33
Lol, okay. Also, he raped not deputy, bot some guy. I don't know, who he is, there are not onformation in video.
Deputy - Andrey Ozerov
Rape guy - Puchkov Eduard Dmitrievich.

Срд 03 Июл 2013 20:06:08

Срд 03 Июл 2013 20:16:24
Ok dawg, here is some truth for ya.
That big guy wanted to fuck that little guy using a knife (he was threating using a knife, tald some shit like @you better put that fokken pants down bitch, or i gonna fuck you with that knife, nasty boy"). Then other big guys rushed in and put the rapist down on his knees. telling him shit like "man you are soooo fucked. You cant even imagine. dude". The joke is that rapist guy is a helper of a big political man.

Срд 03 Июл 2013 20:23:44
The guy in the video was raping some dude for 5 years, then he finally went to the cops, they installed a hidden camera and caught the rapist in the act. Apparently he was pressing him into buttsex using his power as a parliamentary deputy's helper and threatening the guy's life with a knife.
The whole story is a bit fishy tho, why would anyone meet the rapist for 5 years and still keep physically resisting? And the boss of the rapist is in opposition and is an oligarch. I bet Putin just wants his money, usual businness.

Срд 03 Июл 2013 20:25:34
>why would anyone meet the rapist for 5 years and still keep physically resisting

Roleplayng and stuff, lol?

Срд 03 Июл 2013 20:26:30
lol thanks for clearing that up. Did this even make big news in russia ? Or did the state media ignore it?

Срд 03 Июл 2013 20:30:25
There are so many murders and rapes in russia every day no one actually gives a fuck. There's a dedicated show on tv for that, no one actually watches. They might still make a show out of it, but only because the rape was homosexual and the rapist is in opposition.

Срд 03 Июл 2013 20:33:31
> what is this ? i dont understand russian
Мажут депутата говном. Политический заказ.

Срд 03 Июл 2013 20:37:29
They are drowned.

Срд 03 Июл 2013 20:39:39
Fixed you.

Срд 03 Июл 2013 20:42:08
>Ну любите кого нибудь другого я то чё.
Как же я проиграл.

Срд 03 Июл 2013 20:43:35
он его ПЯТЬ ЛЕТ насиловал, и он ПЯТЬ ЛЕТ терпел?!

Срд 03 Июл 2013 20:52:05
Вот он настоящий омега, который умеет терпеть, лол.

Срд 03 Июл 2013 20:59:18

Срд 03 Июл 2013 21:02:36

Но даже у него есть тян.

Срд 03 Июл 2013 21:07:16
Ахуеть, от этого ФАМИЛИЯИМЯОТЧЕСТВО я сам его сказал.

Срд 03 Июл 2013 21:15:43
у меня встал от опвидео, требую МОАР!

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