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Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:14:31
For englis-speaking anons
Sup, /b/! Today I wanna talk to you about some interesting observation that I did. I think I found perect definition of "bydlo" term. As far as I can see, in Russia, every person, who cannot at least understand english is bydlo. Today we live surrounded by vast ocean of information an 90% of it is in english: sites, games, books, movies, songs even advertising! I, personally, never specifically learned english, but just by being put in this environment and not being a dumb fuck, I evenually developed all needed english skills to understand, what is happening around me. Any person in these conditions, who doesn't tend to understand any of this information and prefers to live in his small rus-speaking world - I deem this person not capable of any analytical and creative thinking, just a primitive animal, who just drinks, eats, shits, and occasionaly gathers in a big herd and screams bullshit.
I guess, this thread will go into oblivion in a 15 minutes and tha just proves my point - 90% of russian anons are typical pretentious bydlo. Maybe someone will try to google translate my message just to prove me wrong, but majority of middleschoolers, that call themselves "Anonymous legion" will just don't understand a word from this and will skip or sage. So, good luck, BYDLO!

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:18:12
Good paste, man. But there are some errors and typos. Still I think it's enough for BYDLO.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:21:18
> englis
nice self-criticism

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:23:46
My bad, don't care about re-checking what I just wrote. And I didn't say that I know english perfectly - just enough to understand surrounding information. But nevertheless, thx for reading, bro!

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:23:58
Even if OP is a copy=pasted old shit, i'll disagree. I've learned english in school and first years in university, but now, when i'm close to graduate, i dont have any english speaking or at least reading practice.
My own education in english continous only if i read smthng by myself and it's seldom connected with my future job.
So how do u practice your speaking or reading and understanding skill? Except watching tv series?

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:25:54
Но ведь английский - самый быдлоязык в мире.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:26:11
now this is "smartass" english douche speaking. you can't just say that anyone who can't speak english is a "bydlo". i personally know a lot of ppl who speak their only native languages and they are very smart, polite, with a good attitude people.
you are just selfish bitch, who thinks that speaking english is an elite thing. nowadays it is just an ordinary thing, thanks to globalization. therefore, the generation of 2000s will speak so called understandable english however,before non could actually learn it so well coz of soviet government propaganda, that's pretty much it.
you are not better than others, you are even worse piece of Abu's shit. deal with it, son.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:30:08
>every person, who cannot at least understand english is bydlo
I understand u and I'm bydlo. Checkmate!

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:31:05
> will just don't understand
will not, bydlo.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:31:45
Hello gays my name is vasya I have mother father sister brother London is a capital of great britain

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:31:56

1) This is fresh, right from my crooked hands (I'm really sorry for typos and errors, that was a real fail)

2)For me it mostly the music, sometimes I like the song and want to know, what's it about. And some journalistic and scientific sites. I can specially recommend cracked.com and ted.com

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:32:06
Объясни это пидорахам.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:34:23
Probably,you did want say guys?

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:34:28
Bidlo has more members than just non-english speakers. So, OP wasn't wrong.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:35:14
Ага, английский - язык жидорептилоидов. Надо сделать русский международным языком, и тогда все будут жить счастливо. Давай накатим.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:35:39

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:35:45
Sorry, I can't understand you. Can you post this on real language?

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:35:51
Так накати, пидораха.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:35:58
Oh lol

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:36:39
want TO say

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:37:22
Но я же не пидораха.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:37:35

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:38:12
Bump using one of the most complicated comic ever. Even if you know English perfectly, it doesn't mean you will understand it.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:40:06

>nowadays it is just an ordinary thing, thanks to globalization

That's totally true, and that's why any intelligent and comprehensive man should know this language.

>coz of soviet government propaganda

Lolwut? Stalin prevented poor soviet people from learninf foreign languages? There was english classes almost in every soviet school, and you know what - because of better educational system then much more people knew foreign languages better than you today. Maybe Putin prevents you from learning now?

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:40:41
Sup, / B /! Сегодня я хочу поговорить с тобой о некоторых интересных наблюдений, что я и сделал. Я думаю, я нашел Perect определение "быдло" срок. Насколько я могу судить, в России, каждый человек, кто не может по крайней мере, понимает английский язык является быдло. Сегодня мы живем в окружении огромного океана информации 90% он на английском: сайты, игры, книги, фильмы, песни, даже рекламу! Я, лично, никогда специально не изучал английский язык, но только будучи положил в этой среде и не являясь немым Черт, я evenually разработаны все необходимые знания английского языка, чтобы понять, что происходит вокруг меня. Любое лицо, в этих условиях, которые не склонны понимать любой из этой информации и предпочитает жить в своем маленьком RUS-говорящем мире - я считаю этот человек не способен на любые аналитического и творческого мышления, просто примитивное животное, которое просто напитки , ест, дерьмо, и раздавался собирается в большие стада и крики чушь.
Я думаю, этот поток уйдут в небытие в 15 минут и тха только доказывает мою точку зрения - 90% русских Анонс характерны претенциозным быдло. Может быть, кто-то будет пытаться Google Translate мое сообщение, чтобы доказать меня неправильно, но большинство middleschoolers, которые называют себя "Anonymous Легион" будет просто не понимаю ни слова из этого и будет пропускать или шалфея. Так что, удачи, BYDLO!


Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:41:15
Wow... OP, you are so special. It's such a shame we aren't related, because otherwise I would've bought you a very nice dress that would match your extrordinary achivements, and you'd be my daddy's little princess. We would cuddle and discuss uncreative animals all day long.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:41:33
I have lost so much from this poast,
I shall put my ass on a toast!

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:41:47
>will just don't understand
that was underwhelming, really.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:41:57
Креативное мышление то ты каким макаром затесал в свою пасту, мудило?
Кроме того с креативностью вообще какая-то ересь. термин вместо способности к самовыражению начинает потихоньку означать способность к "ковке развлекательного контента", что заставляет задуматься. Т.е. креативный человек уже не столько творец, сколько, по сути, клоун. Частный тяжелый случай - хипстор с зеркалкой или видный рисовальщик йобы с девика.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:42:55
Shut up, this is English thread.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:43:03
Можно сделать вывод, что сердце - это число.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:43:54
Тогда почему я пишу на русском?

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:44:36
Are you retard? Looks like it.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:44:40
You should shut your mouth up.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:45:08
No, I am not.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:46:23
Because you are fucking Pidoraha.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:47:22
Не кукарекай, пидорашка.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:47:29
Meh. English can make your life mor easier these days - thats true.
But, when i see all that post-USSR retards, who start to feel unique 'cause of their english level, it makes me sad, and maybe a little bit angry.
Poor fuckers with no reasonable achievements in their life cluck all day about their HIGH INTELEGENCE.
These people just cant be more pityful.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:49:19
westrn world is dying capitalist evil, this kind of propaganda. i didn't say anything about stalin or putin LOL!!
while soviet, we were a closed country. only after sovki got pwend, and after perestroika, the globalization, as it is, got into our country, international mixing and importing\exporting begun. that's where english went to our tvs,music and generally life.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:49:32
как переводиться питуфул?

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:49:57
>>52399882 Oh, man, I so in love with you, I want to be your little bitch. Fuck me hard, daddy, tear that stupid dress, be my tiger tonight!

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:50:33
I wish Russia will lose 3rd WW and we will become part of civilized English countries.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:50:40
But on the pic heart just symbolize love. So, Randall tells us, that his usual methods are useless. This is very popular pic. Also, are there any xkcd reader-kuns?

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:51:25
It is description of you, retard.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:51:46
>I wanna
Just get out.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:52:18
Влажные фантазии пидорашки.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:53:01
ITT couple of russian retards are trying their best to seem intelligent, using their whole 300-words vocabulary, and specifically composing the most obscure sentences. Nice try!

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:53:35
What's the purpose of this thread? I understand you willing to show up your english-speaking skills, however it so poor written, I can obviously tell you are 15 years old russian fuck, now go and watch another english video, pretending you understand all the aspects of it.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:54:26

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:54:38
всё же я думаю что быдло по-английски будет scum

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:55:13
Are you fucking serious?
Go damn google it, lazy bastard.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:55:43
https://www .urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Sheople

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:57:33

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:58:48
>cant be more pityful
>this thread
wait, OH SHI~

Суб 27 Июл 2013 11:59:15

Thx a lot. I am always ready to learn. That's what your mothers told me when I suggested anal.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:01:47
>never specifically learned
>all needed english skills to understand
"All skills needed to understand english" is better grammatically, but still sounds awkward.
>will just don't understand
just wouldn't understand

Looks like a bit of formal study won't hurt you. And me, but I'm too lazy.

Still, trolling like this works better when written in target audience' native language.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:01:51
you will become a dirty lil slave, you whore!

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:02:48

1)Root of love
2)Cause of love
3)Limit of love
4)Matrix of love (???)
5) Sorry, I don't speak math.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:04:59
They will need russian-speaking staff to govern Russian scum, maybe they'll choose me to help them.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:05:25
рептилоид што тебе нужна на моей борде ухади

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:05:47
2. Cosinuse
3. DerivativeDerivative is actually a limit.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:07:10
Just like vegetables. Let them grow first, lol.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:09:23
>I don't speak math.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:10:22
Всё же считаю, что ты ошибаешься.
По мне "быдло" - это всего лишь термин для самоутверждения в некоем превосходстве, он эфемерен и всегда "играет" от способностей того, кто собственно высказывает суждение "они быдло" по отношению к кому-либо. Для музыканта быдло своё, для ИТ-ника - своё. Т.е. если совсем упрощать, то быдло для человека - все те, кто не разделяют его увлечений\предпочтений. Можно считать, что профессиональное\по увлечениям разделения людей пришло на смену разделению родоплеменному. Теперь мы недолюбливаем не только тех, кто не является нашим сородичем, но и тех, кто развивается в несмежных областях деятельности.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:11:36

You, sir, are awesome! And btw I'm glad that I met so many well-educated anons here. At least 2-ch is not totally fucked up yet.

That was not trolling at all. That was my sincere opinion and i wanted to deliver it for those who will understand. I guess, I achieved my goal.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:16:45
just wait and see, in the end they have no choice but speak this fucking english. now, they are just lazy rich lil fucks, who just want to have fun and don't care about anything else. i believe, they will grow up and eventually understand not to take everything for granted.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:18:00
You looks silly when you write about it by compare english education and toilet paper.
Also that amature cynicism makes you looks like a dumb school-boy with high ЧСВ.
Cluck-cluck! I know english! Big deal! Serious buissnes! Now im better than someone else!
Oh man, thats so hillarious.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:21:20

Yeah you right, that's all about hierarchy: those who are worse than me at smthng - are "bydlo", those who are better than me at smthg - "pretentious douches".

But it's very practical - to detect people of the same level as you are to know what to expect from them - interesting share of opinions or stupid small talk about Egypt vacation, gas prices and ne +100500 video.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:22:40
Как же я ненавижу мудаков, которые выебываются знанием английского. Знаешь - так используй знание свое. А когда пытаешься выебнуться, это получается знание ради знания. Хипстер ебаный. Это новое поколение совка: раньше вещами выебывались, тепкрь знаниями. Правильео Пелевин про пидорах пишет.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:23:11
>>52400427 хорошее определение.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:24:46
Ну охуеть теперь, ОП конечно хуй, но по-твоему вещами выёбываться лучше?

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:26:47
look at me, I can speak broken english on russian image board I'm so fukken special!

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:29:56
surely You're right. I've started learning english half a yer ago, but after humming start have dropped intencive work

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:30:45
they see me rollin', they hating
they trying to catch me riding dirty

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:31:20
You and your self-affirmation methods, OP, sucks ass hard.
You can learn all languages of world and stay useless in any case.
I wait for thread like that pretty long time but that one poor as you are. Sageru, bitch.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:32:07
Hello. What's the difference between "i'd like to ..." and "i would ...". Thanks.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:33:35
Нет не лучше, однохуйственно. Я же говорю, новое поколение совков. "гуманитарии не люди" "не знаешь английский - быдло" "iq 140> не человек" "все как у людей" - новое поколение совков. Наши дети будут писать бугурт-треды с этими цитатами.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:34:20
Mah boi, im so proud!
Now you totaly not one of that BYDLOO-WHEEDLOO russians.
Just like OP.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:41:13
Хочу тебя огорчить, но большинство моих одноклассников, и я в том числе, ходили на курсы и знают английский хотя бы на таком уровне, чтобы прочитать и понять смысл этого текста. Такие же совки-родители, как ты, постоянно говорят, что ты никто без знания английского языка как и без диплома

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:43:15
Please elaborate. There are many meanings for each one, and for some of them comparing makes no sense.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:44:26
I have been reading the ASME and AIST web-sites for more than 5 years because they are closely connected with my occupation, but my english speaking and writing skills stiil not enough for everyday coomunication and even for successful passing of thу IELTS or TOEFL tests and for the "srany traktor"'s buyng. :( So it goes. It feels like I have no disposition for language studying, and it makes me sad.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:46:43
Это паста с форчанга, очевидно же!

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:47:36
Большинство ПЯТЕРЫШНИКОВ не могут перевести кусок текста из-за уебищного и устаревшего образования.
Все эти совковые учителя нихуя не дают навыков, которые помогают в оперировании современным английским.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:49:15
Жопой читаешь? Я говорю лишь о том, что оп сильно переоценивает знание английского. Хотя я и не представляю, как можно без него находиться в интернете, но в реальной жизни такой большой роли английский не играет.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:50:19
fuck...( i know how it feels bro.. but don't give up tho, try to go into deeper studies, such as linguistics and science literature

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:51:00
Как-то... слегка корявенько, что ли. Будто с божьей гугловой помощью писал.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:51:14

I'm happy for them, they are good people, maybe even not bydlo. What's the point?

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:52:11
learn how to use commas, retard

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:52:15
>в реальной жизни такой большой роли английский не играет.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:53:12
а я все понял когда читал
идиете нахуй азазазаз
хуй пизда мизулина

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:54:34
I tell you what, tests are shit. If you have reading and listening comprehension, all you need to start speaking is few days of immersion. More on that, 95% five percent of internet schoolboys grammar nazi being an exception of people don't give a shit about your grammar as long as they can understand you. Remember, English is international language for communication, not for grammar special olympics.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 12:59:16

But without IELTS or TOEFL I can't get a job or enter the foreign university. Even getting a citizenship of all english speaking countries requires a minimum 6,0 in IELTS.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 13:01:37
Welp, aren't they like ЕГЭ? Just study enough to pass. And which english-speaking country isn't shit to live in?

Суб 27 Июл 2013 13:05:49

Australia, Canada and New Zealand obviously. For immigration to Canada or Australia I've already got a passing score but it is nothing without a fucking IELTS certificate :(

Суб 27 Июл 2013 13:07:26
>by being put

Суб 27 Июл 2013 13:09:04
This is "test your English" thread now. >>52402945
>Australia, New Zealand
Enjoy your imprisonment for chinese porn cartoons.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 13:10:32
>implying smn gives a shit
do u even live nigger

Суб 27 Июл 2013 13:11:41
Your engulishu sucks, desu. Learn teh grammar, bitch.
Your point is wrong, so go ahead and help yourself some sage from my magic sage bucket. :3

Суб 27 Июл 2013 13:13:52
>Enjoy your imprisonment for chinese porn cartoons.

What do you mean? I don't give a fuck about that shit.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 13:20:29
Oh come on, that's just dumb. English is nothing to be proud about these days. Even McJob college dropouts speak English and some of them are even not that bad at it. Still, it doesn't change the fact that quite a lot of people know only one (!) foreign language and lack even basic knowledge in other fields. Yep, congrats on being able to translate user manuals and song lyrics, but you know what? Chances are high that your are still a sore loser. Learn a couple of more foreign languages (especially languages of non-Roman group), study Physics or math, Psychology, Philosophy, Engineering, Music... anything! Most of these require only knowledge of your own language and even more brain power than writing pretentious rants on the Internet.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 13:29:20
>>52403085 Ну, прошел я эту хрень, на что примерно рассчитывать?

Суб 27 Июл 2013 13:33:44
Прочитай, что на картинке-то написано.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 13:39:08
Sam ty bydlo

Суб 27 Июл 2013 13:39:15
У меня тоже Ц2, хули теперь делать?

Суб 27 Июл 2013 13:39:56

Can you shut all at once. I am sayin for the third time - I am not special, I am not genius,I am not big in any possible kind of way, but even if such not-so-bright person as me can read and understand this language (which is really very simple) why vast majority of people in Russia can't do that? Do they have a shit for brains? I think so. Only by knowing english (and by knowing I mean this half-ass writing and little vocabulary) I can get twice as much salary comparing to my co-graduates, only because in Russia there is a real deficiency of englis-speaking workers.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 13:42:18
Нету гугла - спрошу анoнa. Где мне пройти тест, чтобы получить сертификат fce, сколько, в среднем, за это придется заплатить и что это мне даст? Не то что бы я требую у вас гуглить это за меня, но вдруг кто уже сдавал и знает.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 13:44:30

>it makes me sad, and maybe a little bit angry
>maybe a little bit angry

Sure it does. Because you suck at it.

>all these ,,,, completely out of place
>that post-USSR retards
>in their life

But then again, almost everyone in this thread is so offensively illiterate that I don't really know why I picked your post. I guess it just made me cringe the most.

Суб 27 Июл 2013 13:57:42
‘…”, / b /! „‰…Ќ Ђђ‰
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