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Вск 04 Авг 2013 19:06:22
I travel here from 4chan seeking guidance and wisdom from my Russian Comrades. What news do you have for us /b/rothers?

Вск 04 Авг 2013 19:07:32
Уёбывай обратно в пиндостан, зелёный.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 19:10:44

Вск 04 Авг 2013 19:11:17
Поцоны, кажется он меня не понимает.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 19:13:43
этот хуй сдастся через 20-30 постов

Вск 04 Авг 2013 19:14:07
Meanwhile in Russia

Вск 04 Авг 2013 19:14:45

Вск 04 Авг 2013 19:15:38
Прочитал как "жопа". Я нормален?

Вск 04 Авг 2013 19:16:19
Да. На это и расчитано.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 19:16:46
we are the vatniks (cotton wadded jackets)
forgive us

Вск 04 Авг 2013 19:29:42

Can you help us to defeat dictator Putin? Drope couple of A-bombs on the Moscow. This is gonna be cool.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 19:32:52

Yes, I come from the NSA to take back Snowden. Hand him over and I'll give big reward!

Вск 04 Авг 2013 19:39:30
Here's the deal:
Give me Snowden, I&amp;#39;ll send these mothafuckas in to clean up Putin with my big RED button which I&amp;#39;m authorized to press in the event Russia a) has threatened us and b) if the Russian people are ready to oust the 1% that control everything there.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 19:46:27

North Wilkesborough

Вск 04 Авг 2013 19:49:34
Why did you write it incorrectly?
I googled it.
>North Wilkesborough
Just confess, you are local troll and not the US anon?

Вск 04 Авг 2013 19:52:29
I meant
>North Wilkesboro
And why had you left 4chin?

Вск 04 Авг 2013 19:53:06
А вообще, иди-ка ты к пенисам собачьим.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 19:53:25

I hail from the land of the Mormon Kings! Salt Lake City Utah.

No but really, fuck Mormons.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 19:54:19

Вск 04 Авг 2013 19:54:52
Обосрался со скиллов местных анонов в инглише.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 19:55:21
С каких постов?

Вск 04 Авг 2013 19:58:24

Я путешествую сюда из 4chan ищет руководство и мудрость от моих русских товарищей. Какие новости у вас есть для нас / B / rothers?

Вск 04 Авг 2013 19:58:58
>Give me Snowden, I&amp;#39;ll send these mothafuckas


>my big RED button which I&amp;#39;m authorized to press

Alas, Tridents are to old to fly. The only thing you are going to blow up is your own dumb self.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 19:59:28
these are my posts; your mods ought to consider using tags like us americans on 4chan do.

now, on to further discussion.

Ask an Amerifag anything.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 19:59:43

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:00:09
а на форчане тем временем оп хуй будет набивать тату

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:00:20
a fork in the eye or in the ass one time?

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:01:26
>your mods ought to consider using tags like us americans on 4chan do.
On your 4chin you don&amp;#39;t have any freedom in /b/, because of forced tripcodes.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:04:40
So I&amp;#39;m thinking I like your Russian women. They be lookin&amp;#39; pretty good. Too bad they end up looking like old bats in their 40s.

see: Darya

mmmm dat ass

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:06:16
P.S. Sorry for an absence of "sup". I&amp;#39;m not that rich to have a paper.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:07:49
> What news do you have for us /b/rothers?
Vam pizda.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:08:46

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:08:48
Does Russia like their women too? What&amp;#39;s your preferences?

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:08:57
>They be lookin&amp;#39;
Okay. Coulld you please tell me something about this grammatical construction? Is it being used only in speaking language of something? Is it correct generally?

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:10:15
Picrelated is my residence. Considered the best in my hometown.
Would you come and live here?

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:10:54
No! You&amp;#39;re just an cunt-eater. I&amp;#39;m 28 years old and i&amp;#39;m still a virgin and i&amp;#39;m proud for it.
If you have a chan then you&amp;#39;re fag and stupid cocksucker.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:11:22
U r nigga? We all like niggas

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:13:11

No, it&amp;#39;s how southern niggers speak. It&amp;#39;s me making fun of them more or less. Niggers in their rap songs say "they be lookin good" which means "They are looking good". It&amp;#39;s a stupid play on words that southerns do. I&amp;#39;m not from the South thank god. Nothing but a bunch of inbred fucktards.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:13:19
Oh wow! Rich guy ITT! Fuck you and get the fuck out of thread! I hate rich chaps like you.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:14:58
bit of a shitbox if you ask me. Probably though because I bet your town has some cool as fuck people.

As long as you share the Vodka.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:15:25
Alright. Thanks. Sorry for my technical questions, but is my English that bad? Had I made any mistakes in my posts?

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:18:14
Why do niggers like chicken with watermelons?

Because they are stupid douchebags like all americans

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:18:51

proud of being a virgin? say that when you&amp;#39;re balls deep in that vagina...wait, you like the cock don&amp;#39;t you? you said you were a cocksucker. Well, we got plenty of openly gay cock sucking fags in the U.S. Unfortunately for you, I&amp;#39;m not one of them.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:18:59
Why do americans like fast food?

Because they are gays and niggers

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:19:41
>What news do you have

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:19:48
No, you shitty russian scumbag, it&amp;#39;s because they are very sophisticated and elite gentlemen.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:20:05
your english is pretty good actually. grammatically correct thus far.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:24:02

who hasn&amp;#39;t? american women are easy.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:25:02
>robably though because I bet your town has some cool as fuck people.
no shit. these are my two best buddies: Ivan and Vladimir. As you can see they&amp;#39;re a little tired right now, so i&amp;#39;ve left them outside otherwise they would probably crap on my floor which hasn&amp;#39;t been repaired for like 35 years and has holes through which shit falls right on the heads of my neighbors downstairs.
But they&amp;#39;re pretty cool guys if u ask me. And we have a lot of vodka

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:25:40
No. I&amp;#39;m proud for being a virgin because it is very disgusting to be a not-virgin and communicate with people at all, not even only with gals. I stay at my home 24/7 and all my time i spend in /b/. You know, if you have a familiar girl of female at all, real friends and if you talk with people, it means that you are nmot a norman man, you&amp;#39;re shitty fucking douchebag with the bunch of bio-problems. Russian bitards are all like that. They are literally supermen.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:25:52
sounds like someone wishes they were american. butthurt?

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:26:55
> robably

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:27:21
Say wut now

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:28:56

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:28:57

ITT Russian trollolololols

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:29:07
>or female at all
>you are not

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:29:18
cone got up and went

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:31:03
But i was extremely honest... Give me a ticket for an airoplane, ain&amp;#39;t got time to take a fast train... Furthermore, on the train i can&amp;#39;t take myself to you Country of Great Freedom!

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:31:42

okay, MOST of them are niggers. Some wish they were. God only knows why.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:31:47
Hello gays Im vasya i have mother father sister brother London is the capital of great Britain!

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:33:09
>tfw no gf

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:34:52

Hold on now. I&amp;#39;m an Amerifag. Not a cocky asshole cunt
Britfag. They can fucking die in a fire. Let&amp;#39;s not confuse the two.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:35:37
Untill you write correctly i&amp;#39;m not here.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:35:51
>admin of 2ch
>looks like Bin Laden

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:37:59
Have you did been had ever hears in every even of about anything famous poeples of 2ch?

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:38:48
Usa is everywhere. Fucks with everything, sticks its nose in every ass in the world, invades sandnigger countries, that egypt shit that goes on now it usa doing too i`m sure. Why can&amp;#39;t you just stay on your motherfuckin CONTINENT? fuck I&amp;#39;m feeling butthurtr

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:39:07
Like him?

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:39:47

ehs a pretty cool guy who doesn&amp;#39;t afraid of anything.

Not quite as sexy as Moot but I bet he takes a good dick. Course, so does moot.

So what do you Russians think of our BADASS President?

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:41:47
Holy shit, its a chocolate man.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:42:11
Eat in KFC.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:42:14
Because nobody cares about anything but his ass. All the more so about anons from other countries.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:42:21
Hello american. How do you feel having a niger president?

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:43:39
That&amp;#39;s wrong with him skin? OMG

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:43:51

Look, I know he LOOKS like a nigger, but he&amp;#39;s white as Tiger Woods. White man can do anything, even those who pretend to be white.

In other American News: Jessi Slaughter is still a slut and apparently pregnant.


Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:43:53

Hi, foreign anon. Is it true that in US you can go to jail just for hitting on women?

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:44:03
It wasn&amp;#39;t a good idea to vote for nigger junkie scum for president lol
Cat would be better

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:44:10
You right about shit-hole

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:44:45
He is fucking sick.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:45:44
Proof: Michael jackson lol

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:46:27

depends on what you are doing or saying. The work place is where most people get busted for sexual harassment. Otherwise, go to a club. you&amp;#39;ll get plenty of pussy by hitting on bitches.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:46:55
Lol. I overshited my pents from you bed english landugadge.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:47:56
Mah gf. Do you like it, /b/? Shes truly american.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:49:13
Лол, аноны, доставьте в тред БЫВШУЮ, с которой девственности лишились.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:49:35
>bed english
Maybe its sarcasm, i dunno. But get out.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:49:57

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:50:45
>Hello gays

Какая досадная ошибка.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:51:20

I vote and our government does exactly what I don&amp;#39;t want them to do. I&amp;#39;d prefer better healthcare options, higher paid salaries for teachers, infrastructure repair and a beefed up space program.

Wars and conflicts? I&amp;#39;m with you guys on this. Fuck American politics, especially our asshole military. I can&amp;#39;t blame our troops though, the government pays them well and it is all some people can do to survive here. Either you&amp;#39;re rich or you are a broke as nigger.

I actually do very well for myself as an entrapenuer.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:51:20
I want to take a shit but i&amp;#39;m to lazy to get up from my bed. 1,3,5,7,9 go go go, 2,4,6,8,0-don&amp;#39;t go,try to sleep,

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:51:47
It did been a the sarkazm. You razve was not smushёn by the word landugadge?

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:52:57
Fucking lazy russian cunt, die.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:53:24

She would accidently eat me when I tried to fuck her.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:53:44
Ya bil ne uveren.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:53:50

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:54:21

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:55:11

already answered this question. No sir. I like to pound the vagine!

<------- my crush

name the singer and band, win a cookie!

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:55:11

Do american women say something about you been obliged to do everything becouse you are man and them doing nothing since they are women? What do they usually ask from trier partner?

I just want to compare requirements for men of russian and american girls

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:55:33
Mah ex-gf. Rate!

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:55:54
Lol. Yor the an a the иdioт. To estь you are абсолютли poahooy on words liek shooshyon?

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:56:47
Блять, аноны, ДОСТАВЬТЕ ЕМУ БЫВШУЮ, С КОТОРОЙ ДЕВТСВЕННОСТИ ЛИШАЮТСЯ. Пусть человек узрит красу русских женщинен.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:57:09


Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:57:46
Last album of Paramore completely sucks.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:57:47
Hayley Williams, Paramore. We have a whole thread in /fag/ dedicated to her. Poor quest.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:58:03
Watching your mom go bbc.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:58:13

depends on the area. Most metro areas (higher populated areas) have more independent/feminist opinions like they&amp;#39;d prefer to open their own door, or they should make as much as men at the same job, or wearing something provocative doesn&amp;#39;t mean she&amp;#39;s asking for ***even tho she is LAWL***

go to the south and the more rurals areas, you&amp;#39;ll see women being subservient to their man.

<----- tell me this, is she asking for it? you bet.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:58:57
hi mah amurican brather :DDDD
whut u doing there? :DDD

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:59:09
Oh yes, Ainsley!

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:59:43
Uoy is compitli EBIN.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 20:59:50
BTW, what do americans know about russian speaking different languages? Or they don`t and think that we use only swear russian?

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:01:15
naita viuttu :DDDDDD
varasta meid”n meemit homos xDDD

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:01:42

People can do whatever they want within reason. If a black guy wants to fuck a white girl or a black bitch wants to gobble my knob, then so be it.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:03:53

we&amp;#39;re not stupid. we wouldn&amp;#39;t have the largest military and own 1/4th of the worlds wealth if we were. Granted, every society has its own black sheep, but we understand that there are different dialects and slang just like here in america (see niggerish vs english)

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:04:26
Paramore sucks, fucking mall emo mtv style band/

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:05:35

talking to you sweet ass russian fucks! this has been the highlight of my sunday morning.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:06:19

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:07:04
Dont offend us, be polite.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:07:06

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:07:22

she&amp;#39;s my crush; not my favorite band at all but she&amp;#39;s a pretty good singer.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:07:52
Mmm... teen Kasia. Do you fap to her too? By the way, how do you watch US porn? The actresses are the cows. I can&amp;#39;t fap to anything but russian porn.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:08:58
Now THIS is a god tier band and a god tier human being.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:10:56
Well, do you want to join to our thread in /fag/ that is devoted to her (honestly, not only to her)? How long are you planning to stay on this board? Are you here only for this fine evening?

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:11:58
She&amp;#39;s pretty, but her singing is on the fan/
Well, i have one question and i hope u&amp;#39;r not a troll what music is popular in usa now? Cause new things appear in russia with great delay/ i mean subcultures and other funny things

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:12:46
You have a VERY bad taste in music and human beings.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:13:06

to be honest, i prefer live stream porn like myfreecams.com but I also like asian porn. Asian girls are sexy dolls.

I also live with my girlfriend so I get pussy on the regular.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:13:14
>staying on 2ch
>staying on 2ch /b/ every day

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:13:29

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:15:05

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:15:08

Thats not what I meant. Heres an example: my neighbor has constant quarrels with his wife because he meets his friends once in two weeks in pub. She says to him that he is alcoholic and doesnt care about family. But thats not true since he spends all his money for family needs and doesnt drink more that litre of beer at one time. But than he ask her to stop coming late and drink too much (she goes to parties with her friends once in two-three days and comes quite drunk at 2a.m. waking up him and their child) she makes round eyes and says: "How do you dare to speak to me in such a way?! Im you wife, I need to rest from family duties. Or you don`t care about me?" And such situation is present at 80% of russian families.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:16:22

Jay Z&amp;#39;s new album just came out &amp;#39;Magna Carta Holy Grail&amp;#39;; a lot of fucktards here are into pop music. I&amp;#39;m not. Everyone all over the world has their different tastes so it&amp;#39;s hard to say what people are into where, but most people can at least respect Jay Z and some of the kings of Hip Hop.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:17:50
>Jay Z and some of the kings of Hip Hop.
>Jay Z
>Kings of Hip Hop

Noo eto ty zagnool, brat.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:17:53
Cove Reber, Saosin

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:18:35

No, by different languages I meant different foreign languages.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:19:38
>kings of Hip Hop.

I like nazi-hop lol, it does exist in russia. I guess kanye west and others are popular too.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:19:55
Brits have hilarious accent. Like they constantly have cocks in their mouths. I like them.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:20:44

so you&amp;#39;re telling me women are crazy bitches in Russia as well? Yeh, that&amp;#39;ll sum up 3/4th of all relationships in the U.S. as well. That&amp;#39;s why so many men and women nowadays don&amp;#39;t marry any more. It ruins relationships and is not natural to the natural animalistic instinct we still carry as humans.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:23:03
See, bro, that&amp;#39;s my pet. He also likes imageboards. He is oldfag.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:25:27

i bet his wife bitches at him nonstop too, amirite?

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:26:02
Hey Amerifag. Can you tell me, guys in high school in the USA look like in the movies? Older and more manly for their age?

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:26:45

Is it your photo?

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:28:05
U&amp;#39;r right, mah boy! And that&amp;#39;s mah photo. Can u download ur picture?

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:29:00
Go be fat somewhere else, lolka-newfag.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:29:15
Is it true that any fat american fag that reaches certain weight gets this motoshit asscarrier to get his fat to supermarket?

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:31:18
Well, I&amp;#39;ll be glad to see you here once again. And what&amp;#39;s about that Hayley thread?

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:31:21

Here you go. It&amp;#39;s me, David Davidson.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:33:47
Looks like Dave Grohl is here, lol.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:33:51
I would like to travel to the USA one day, what place do you think is the most "must&amp;#39;ve been seen" in your country? What food would you recommend to try?

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:36:15

But at least you call them bitches so that alloy me to think that such women are still considered to be crazy in the US. But here such women are called normal and the polite and nice ones are called unattractive, gray. And submissive ones are so rare so they are worthy to be added to the red book.

But, honestly, I speak with you just to practice my english, lol.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:42:34

Well you&amp;#39;ve asked a good question as I&amp;#39;ve traveled all over the U.S.A. pretty extensively. Washington D.C., New York City, Corpus Christi TX, San Francisco CA, and especially Seattle Washington are my favorite cities. It really depends on what you are looking for. Landmarks that are phenomenal include, but aren&amp;#39;t limited to, Yellowstone National Park, The Grand Canyon in Arizona, any historic site from here to the East Coast, Moab Utah with it&amp;#39;s amazing scenery.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:45:18

you&amp;#39;ll do fine whenever you decide to come to America. your English is very easy to read.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:48:42
Come on, don&amp;#39;t tell anybody this bullshit like this is the only truth, this is no more than your opinion.
There are plenty kinds of women in Russia and quite a few are really very decent ones.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:48:45
Well, that&amp;#39;s all for the Amerifag Q&amp;A. I&amp;#39;ll try to be back here same time next Sunday. Ciao!

Вск 04 Авг 2013 21:51:17
You&amp;#39;re welcome.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 22:02:57

Thank you. Im very pleased know this. Come to us again, Ill be glad to speak with you.

Вск 04 Авг 2013 22:06:38

But this IS only my opinion nothing more. If you came to b/ to find the truth then you got wrong address. Truth is out there.

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