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Срд 28 Авг 2013 14:44:36
Japans top BBS 2ch.net is reeling after being hacked, with the credit cards and personal details of tens of thousands of users leaked and their anonymity in tatters, and posting disabled across swathes of the site.
Due to 2ch threads expiring in a matter of days or hours on the more active boards, a U300 a month premium membership was instituted to allow access to the archived material, requiring credit card details for payment.
Given the sites pathetically obsolete technology it is sadly no surprise to learn that they apparently held all these details in unencrypted form on their own public-facing servers, allowing unknown hackers to make off with them and later post them on Tor.

The American company providing the 2ch Viewer provides a profoundly uninformative explanation and an oddly worded apology (in fact the Japanese translation posted differs significantly and mentions changing our passwords):
N.T.Technology, inc was a victim of a cyber attack earlier today.
Some data for customers was compromised. Your data may have
been compromised. The security hole has been fixed, and is safe to use again.
We are now preparing for the fix.
Please accept my apology for your inconvenience.
Jim Watkins
N.T.Technology, inc.

17,651 paid accounts and 146,217 trial accounts in total were leaked
All credit card numbers, names, addresses and email addresses associated with these leaked and are available publicly
A further 40,000 trip codes and mail addresses were leaked
2 months of posting data from 6/15 8/10 was leaked, affecting all posters

Even 2ch founder Hiroyuki has been having an easy time of things of late police attempts to prosecute him for drug-dealing for not deleting certain posts seem to have stalled, but tax authorities say he failed to report 100 million yen in income and just after 2ch was hacked so was his Twitter account, being defaced with anti-Japanese slogans.

Срд 28 Авг 2013 14:47:45

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