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Птн 13 Сен 2013 00:38:06
In the heart of the woods! One, two, three, four, swastica i'm told on the foggy cliffs! Christ appeared to me in several forms. But behind his eyes, innocence or gile... The young old man talks of the brittle walls. As the dust on her eyes, before she falls again in the fields of sleep. Women their legs spreading in front of me! And all shall be well. But not for me... Who will deliver me from myself? The fucking cunts of universe, my mouthwettening has come to an end and ya shall piss with his suffered blood. Being unborn sucks. Come here you filthy git! Yeah, you exactly. twf looking at the funeral of my soul. Just hate every fucking one of you.

Птн 13 Сен 2013 00:40:27
The revelation of sweetness. Well fuck that shit anyway.

Птн 13 Сен 2013 00:42:45
Hush-a-bye! No need to cry like a fucked cunt. You shall have all the black cocks in your malnourished ass wjen you awaken.

Птн 13 Сен 2013 00:44:03
Why i hear no sounds of angels coming from the ceiling?

Птн 13 Сен 2013 00:46:41
See the little children, their faces full of awe. No shitty folls looking at all that stupid mess in our heads.

Птн 13 Сен 2013 00:49:24
Mist and curved teeth, sucking with those slathering sheep. Tha crawls of night, and curtains open. If only God could give a fuck to all this.

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