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Втр 17 Сен 2013 22:42:04
ОП хочет
Анонасы доставьте паст как стать альфой и бросить быть омегой и все такое прочее


Втр 17 Сен 2013 22:42:58
бамп посону стремящемуся

Втр 17 Сен 2013 22:46:37

Втр 17 Сен 2013 22:51:27
Был омега омегой, пошел в армию, стал альфой.

Втр 17 Сен 2013 23:01:44
Не годен я же омега ТРУЪ

Втр 17 Сен 2013 23:15:10

Втр 17 Сен 2013 23:25:09
>>54914235 Ебать у нее варенник..

Втр 17 Сен 2013 23:31:49
I was at a party with my girlfriend and she was playing beer pong with this guy. I was pretty drunk and just sitting down, he made a bet that if she lost against him she would have to play the next round topless.

Next thing she loses- because she is bad - and ends up literally taking her tits out for everyone to see. Then the guy, presumably to try his luck, bet her that if she lost again she would have to suck his dick. My girlfriend turns to me and says "I know I can win this time! What do you say?"

I thought she was joking, so I just casually replied "Yea,whatever"

Then she loses again, and this asshole says something like "Hey, a bet's a bet." and my girlfriend responds with some bullcrap like "Well I am a woman of my word." Within the space of fifteen seconds she's literally on her knees, topless, sucking this guy's dick. There was nothing I could do about it.

Because of that I just turned away and pretended to see nothing / try to not look like some beta faggot. Then after a couple of minutes I hear him saying "Go, show him. Let him see" and my girlfriend taps me on the shoulder, opens her mouth full of his cum, then closes it again and swallows in front of me.

What the fuck just happened!?!?!?!?

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