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Пнд 23 Сен 2013 13:24:03
Chesterton quotes thread. Post your favourite ones.

>Impartiality is a pompous name for indifference, which is an elegant name for ignorance.

Пнд 23 Сен 2013 13:24:53
>A dead thing can go with the stream, but only a living thing can go against it.

Пнд 23 Сен 2013 13:28:49
>The central idea of poetry is the idea of guessing right, like a child.

Пнд 23 Сен 2013 13:30:07
>If you convey to a woman that something ought to be done, there is always a dreadful danger that she will suddenly do it.

Пнд 23 Сен 2013 13:31:05
>Journalism largely consists in saying 'Lord Jones Dead' to people who never knew Lord Jones was alive.

Пнд 23 Сен 2013 13:31:58
>Silver is sometimes more valuable than gold, that is, in large quantities.

Пнд 23 Сен 2013 13:33:00
>The most incredible thing about miracles is that they happen.

Пнд 23 Сен 2013 13:33:40
>If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly.

Пнд 23 Сен 2013 13:35:16
>Not only are we all in the same boat, but we are all seasick.

Пнд 23 Сен 2013 13:36:21
>The great ideals of the past failed not by being outlived (which must mean over-lived), but by not being lived enough. Mankind has not passed through the Middle Ages. Rather mankind has retreated from the Middle Ages in reaction and rout. The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult; and left untried.

Пнд 23 Сен 2013 13:37:42
>Moderate strength is shown in violence, supreme strength is shown in levity.

Пнд 23 Сен 2013 13:38:29
>Mysticism keeps men sane. As long as you have mystery you have health; when you destroy mystery you create morbidity.

Пнд 23 Сен 2013 13:38:54
>op is fag. his father is a dickgirl and his mother is a whore.

Пнд 23 Сен 2013 13:39:05
>Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.

Пнд 23 Сен 2013 13:40:28
>The great and very obvious merit of the English aristocracy is that nobody could possibly take it seriously.

Пнд 23 Сен 2013 13:41:20
>A soldier surrounded by enemies, if he is to cut his way out, needs to combine a strong desire for living with a strange carelessness about dying.

Пнд 23 Сен 2013 13:42:17
>There was a time when op delivered and wasn't a fag. Sadly, this time is long gone.

Пнд 23 Сен 2013 13:42:19
>Upon the whole, I came to the conclusion that the optimist thought everything good except the pessimist, and that the pessimist thought everything bad, except himself.

Пнд 23 Сен 2013 13:43:23
>It is idle to talk always of the alternative of reason and faith. Reason is itself a matter of faith. It is an act of faith to assert that our thoughts have any relation to reality at all.

Пнд 23 Сен 2013 13:44:06
>We are on the road to producing a race of men too mentally modest to believe in the multiplication table. We are in danger of seeing philosophers who doubt the law of gravity as being a mere fancy of their own. Scoffers of old time were too proud to be convinced; but these are too humble to be convinced. The meek do inherit the earth; but the modern sceptics are too meek even to claim their inheritance.

Пнд 23 Сен 2013 13:45:47
>I fucking hate it, when faggots like op posts my quotes of context on anonymous imageboards using greentext.

Пнд 23 Сен 2013 13:46:50
>out of context

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