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Срд 09 Окт 2013 19:39:02
Without proof you are a simple dick.

Proof must contain: sup 2ch.hk 09/10/13 and something that makes us 100% sure you're from US.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 19:40:10
>>simple dick.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 19:43:37
Yes, and on his words he's Leo Tolstoy.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 19:58:23
no 2ch.hk = could be stolen from any other imageboard today. Show us '2ch.hk' or GTFO.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:05:29
what state are you from?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:06:18
connecticut born and raised

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:08:44

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:08:48
DO you love suck dicks?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:10:48
cool. ever been to Russia?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:11:14
My god! What an honour! Let's welcome our friend with the best processors of 2ch! Open your pack, guys!

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:11:45
omfg, you ARE real. It's not like we're a bunch of assholes here - it's just people usually lie here a lot.

So, how did you end up here anyway?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:12:39
aventura time bitches

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:13:32
>>56018622 implying 2ch.hk isn't full of faggots/assholes

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:14:15
i have never sucked a dick but that one is ugly and mutilated

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:14:32

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:15:46
no, it's not: it's full of love and friendship, and ponies

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:17:15
i understand its like that on 4chan where i came from and i seen it posted a while ago i wanted to meet people from other places!

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:17:24
>and ponies
So, if you worship ponies you wouldn't be against if I post some of them here?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:20:05
>maybe i will steal some information from the government and give it to vladimir
Let me make a call to Vladimir and ask him what information he needs

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:22:31
mamky ipal azazazaza)))

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:23:58
ma dik is bik
your dik is smal
go home yanki
go home

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:26:18
Dude, russian imageboards are full of shit, like russia mostly. We hate our country and we wanna get out of here. Russia is the worst place ever.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:26:52
>he probably already has all that he needs
he is very liked on the american internet website 4chan many memes are created

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:27:42
Are you banned on 4chan, faggot? Get the fuck out of our board, no one wants an arab-looking mofo in here

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:28:55
We or you? Damn moma's boys flood this board

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:29:10
2tea, bro.
Russian shit.
And i'm pidoraha which bad know enlish language

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:29:10
why is that? is it really that bad? Whenever i think of russia i see a strong country...and bears

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:30:24
He is a 20 y.o virgin who lives with his mom and sees others as ones who caused his problems

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:30:33
>We hate our country
We hate our government.
>we wanna get out of here
Not all of us but rather a big part.
>Russia is the worst place ever.
Well, not exactly the worst but this place can let all of your aspirations down and you may get an awful depression.
In the grim darkness of Russia there is only corruption!

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:32:33
Do you see? Russian pigs here are just agressive schoolboys. I'm ashamed that i was born in russia. Most of people here are very closed and angry, everyone hates everyone. Like animals. And our government are the biggest faggots ever. Type in google RUSSIAN STUPID LAWS and you will understand me. NEVER COME IN RUSSIA, THIS IS HELL

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:33:30
we call them euphoric fedora wearing basement dwelling kissless virgins in america

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:36:48
We call them "notlikeeveryone's" and they are similar to fedora-tipping faggots, they consider that everyone around is fucking scum and only their intelligence is able to enlighten the rough daily existence aka make them euphoric

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:37:33
You know what i mean. Just do it.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:37:59
What boards do you vist?
I bet you're from /soc/ or, even worse, /b/

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:38:35
I don't know why you see Russia as a strong country, the whole country is living off oil and gas sellings, we would be irrelevant to the world if we weren't lucky enough to have all these resources on our territory

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:39:06
No dude. This is not about me. I'm 26 and i have a pregnant wife. My salary for a month is 30000 rur, this is about 2000 usd. In Moscow. That's why I say that russia is hell.
But there are many people with good salary, but most of russians hate this people. Because they are very angry and lazy.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:39:33
i know what you mean...i like you you're a cool guy

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:40:00
>30000 rur
>2000 usd

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:40:28

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:41:14
Oops, my mistake. Of course i mean 1000 usd.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:41:56
Do you understand Russian?! How did you create thread!?
Hey / b /, maybe it will teach Russian?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:42:54
Its 50% of gdp

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:43:44
>30000 rur
>1000 usd



Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:44:02
Marry me, dude.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:44:38
>Hey / b /, maybe it will teach Russian?
What do you mean?
You want OP to learn Russian stillborn idea or you want us to teach him level /b/ Russian?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:45:11
Looks like average russian woman. Show tits.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:45:30
You are mistake of nature. Suck your small dick.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:46:30
>level /b/ Russian

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:51:22
Naturally level / b /

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:59:03

Leeroy Thornhill?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 20:59:11
sure haha

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:00:46
this post came out wrong because gov is trying to blck communication haha

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:01:51
i'm fucking serious man

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:02:46
Ты чё пидор?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:02:48
yeah it was ok the sound track was good

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:02:54
https://vocaroo.com/i/s1pj8YZfphHt how about some weird russian accent

Anyway, how does it feel not to have a government for a...week, i presume?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:04:10
ты чо баб никогда не видел?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:04:34
I am listening to it right now

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:04:40
Welcome to 2ch, american /b/rother

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:05:04
Of course!
She implies she is not a man.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:07:19
Hey bro! Whats ur job? And how old r u?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:08:34
>Ошибка: Вы ничего не написали в сообщении.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:17:02
https://vocaroo.com/i/s1cosazTmo5y haha and it really has no affected me yet...not untill those bastards dressed in black are gone

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:19:19
OP, if u r still here, can u take a picture from window please?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:21:01
yes im here

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:23:40
Is that you op?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:24:17
wanna fight?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:24:48
Open, could you invite someone to our b? Every day same threads. Looks like this chan need more fresh content.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:29:56
He is dead
op is clearly not

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:36:11
i love it

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:37:11
Dude, are you a virgin? And how possible to fuck a middle-age girl in your state?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:37:16
winters coming

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:38:50
Those photos look like google maps street view screenshots.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:39:28
>winters coming
U like game of thrones too, right?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:39:46
nope and probably possible depending on how you look my friend is 19 and he has a baby with a 36 year old
..im 19 i have no job not yet

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:42:11
fight till death

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:45:07
Try out our /fiz/ board. And please create a thread about your perfect american genetics and how it would be cool to leave Russia now and save their health.
Zaranee spasibo with love from Siberia, zashkvarenniy pindos

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:45:43
no i havent

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:47:20
do i have chances to move in US legally?
Whould should i expext if i ll do that illegaly? what kind of job can i get there? inb4 gaywhore and smth like that
Where can i get a amercan wife, lol?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:47:35

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:50:46
Уёбывай с моей родины пиндос треклятый, btw how could you wright on your whole hand srsly I can wright only on small part near the big finger Wtf?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:53:09
>im 19 i have no job not yet
Do u live with parents?
I wanna go to the USA and have a trip on a car, is it possible? I mean i want to come for a 2-3 weeks, rent or buy any car and just drive. How much money do i need for this? Somebody said i can buy a used car for about 500 dollars then how much do i need to eat and sleep somewhere?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:53:10
the vata is strong in this one

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:53:24
Have you or your father ever had sex with a real nigger of any gender? How was that?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:53:40
What's up from NYC bro.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:54:15

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:54:48
Ny suka zabil kak pishetsya kem ne bivaet to a?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:55:39
Не прошло и двух постов, а пидораха уже побежала жаловаться мурриканцу.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:55:52
пошел наъуй отсюда!
на самом деле я завидую.
Как переехать?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:55:56
There's no such language, stupid teenage idiot.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:56:27
I to pravda bratish

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:56:46
На самолете.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:56:57
Agree, only kitaian

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:56:57
BOYS, I WENT TODAY IN SHORT MARKET AND SAW BONA a T-shirt "Jaroussky," Well, I jumped up and DRAMATICALLY PEREEBAL HIS SCHSCHI with turntable, and explained his screams "DO NOT LOVE Sieg Heil" BECAUSE I mad ON 359, THE SPIRIT OF THE OLD SCHOOL BOYS LIVE ONLY Mytishch WHERE EBASHATSYA of hardcore WHERE BOYS LIVE ENERGY, young and fuck the system in your mouth! MYTISCHI 359 ONLY ONLY HARDCORE! UNITY ULTRAHARDKOR MYTISCHI! boys ebashte hachey, Fu antiantifu, pidarasnyu, ugorayu at gigs, love your family, kids and a scene! Talk openly and boldly in the face! 359!

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:57:01
pic related

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:57:18
>i can buy a used car for about 500 dollars
Yes-yes, young man. We, russians, don't lie to each other.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:58:16
Put your mind deeply back in your fat fcking ass u fag

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:58:53
Why did you post it?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 21:59:15
The only thing I can put is a big pile of shit on you, fuckhead.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:00:58
BOYS, я пошел СЕГОДНЯ В КОРОТКИЕ РЫНОК и увидел BONA футболке "Ярусски:" Ну, я вскочил и резко PEREEBAL ЕГО SCHSCHI с грампластинок, и объяснил его крики "Не люби Зиг хайль", потому что я помешались на 359, дух старой школы мальчиков жить только Мытищ ГДЕ EBASHATSYA хардкора, где мальчики живую энергию, молодые и ебать систему в рот! МЫТИЩИ 359 ТОЛЬКО ТОЛЬКО хардкор! Заправка ULTRAHARDKOR МЫТИЩИ! Мальчики ebashte хачей, фу antiantifu, pidarasnyu, угораю на концертах, любить свою семью, детей и сцены! Обсуждение открыто и смело в лицо! 359!

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:01:14
I can put my dick into your mother's mouth. Oh, wait, i just did it.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:01:25
I have a similar dream. I want to go on a trip to US, rent a car and take a ride in Arizona, as soon as I will find myself in the middle of nowhere, I will walk out of the car, sit down and take a big, fat shit in the desert.After that, my life can be complete

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:03:16
This YOBA is gone wild, are you able to handle him?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:03:19
>I will walk out of the car, sit down and take a big, fat shit in the desert.After that, my life can be complete
What is it? Echo of the Cold War?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:04:04
Как же убого смотрится, когда пидорахи пытаются говорить на английском.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:04:33
gon shit on USA xdxdxd ))))0000

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:05:25
Ты и русского не знаешь.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:05:25
Сказал человек, который переводит их фразы гугл транслейтом. Нахуй пшел.

мимо NYC-кун

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:06:28
lol a nigger? i had sex with all kinds ranging from white to black even asian pic= oldfriend

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:06:38
Stupidity? Lol.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:07:09
Not more, than when they're trying to speak correct Russian.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:10:10
Me is vanya erokhin I'm popular rissaun rockstar mafaka turbo cybersex logbow finger box effect

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:10:10
Да нет, ваше убогое мышление настолько предсказуемо, что с первых трех слов уже понятно, что будет написано дальше. Пидорахи шаблонные же. Одинаковые посты из треда в тред.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:11:10
forgot picture

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:12:26
>50 to 300 dollars a night
Да иди ты нахуй с такими ценами

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:14:34
Хуйню какую-то несешь, еблан.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:14:57
>Stupidity? Lol.
I guess, lol. My english isn't so good right now, but i'm still learning it. It's pretty hard 'cause i don't know where can i practice in talking.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:15:26
Poorfag got butthurt.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:17:36
Hey OP, you are cute. Post more photo or I will crush America.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:17:59
>>56023533 $35 - $60 in a motel yes its expensive you could save up money for a camper and live on the road they have beds and sinks and shit

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:18:19
Ю спин ми райт раунд беби, райт раунд...

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:20:27
Vova, what are you doing here?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:22:52
What would you choose?
to be russian or to be a nigger?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:22:57
What's a camper? How much for a night? All i need is a bed and something to eat in the morning. And where can i have a cheap dinner? I guess it'll be expansiveto eat every time in cafe.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:23:52
Actually an American could understand it if he has read "Clockwork Orange". Am I Right?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:26:07
Yeah, let's drink vodka, comrade. Fuck them all!

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:27:54
Nope, its just our usual memetic text been tranlsated with google-tranlsated (poorly).

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:27:58
being a nigga in US is prety much better

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:29:50
> those typos
Sorry, i didnt read it before i post.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:29:53
what are your ancestors? you look like sandniger

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:30:19
And being russian in US is much fuckin better.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:32:32
>im not sure if you can just take the test if you already have your license in another country
What do you mean? What test? I actually don't know much about it, but the teacher in my driver's school said that russian license is valid in the other countries.
Is it safe to sleep in that campers which you talked about above?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:33:11
being russian anywhere is so fucked up

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:34:44
>can i buy it without any documents but my driver's license? Can i sell it after my trip?
Ворк эн Трэвол-кун

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:35:05
this is a camper and it can range from 4000$-to 30,000 (fuck that) depending on the make model and year i think you can rent them for less
men or women?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:36:51

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:36:53

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:37:58
What an untermensch. Sage.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:39:11
it could be valid but americans drive on the right side of the rode

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:39:16
It looks like meth lab.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:40:31

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:41:00
Delaware. What can you say about this state?
Goin next summer to bethany beach to get some cocaine with my american "pen-friend". We are faggots, we will smoke crack and bang each other in our butts! Wanna join?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:41:03
>side of the rode

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:41:53
puertorican and only because i need a shave and a haircut

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:42:02
>i dont get whats wrong with either???
Lawl, you so tolerant. Even russians hate themselves for being russians.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:43:05
Thank you for the link.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:43:08
Dat feel when u have an actual american visitor here and u can u can ask him anything about Murrica, but u realize dat in fact u dont have any questions cuz dis glourious american culture is everywhere and u feel like u already know everything about dis country. Srsly, i've never been there but i dunno what to ask.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:43:15
>i dont get whats wrong with either???
One is russian, another one is nigger.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:44:21
Ask what the fuck is going on with the goverment for the last two weeks, lol.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:44:37
Hablas tu idioma?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:47:17


Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:47:37
There are two chairs: one has sharpened spears, on another one horned dicks. Which one you gonna choose, which to your mother leaves?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:48:05
Nice. Have you tried anal sex?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:48:06
One is obsessed with the idea of the Russian ubermenshes, another is obsessed with the idea of the humiliated black race.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:49:12
So what`s about YOBA?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:49:41
I'll take sharpened spears and cut the horned dicks.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:50:17
Dude, you're so lucky that you live in USA. Life is so unfair with me.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:50:56
i grew up being called a spic/nigger so yeah its just in me

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:52:08
I guess he knows about the same as we do, but indeed, plese OP if u have some special opinion about that mess tell us please what do u think.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:52:53

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:53:08
Please tell me: is it fuckin true that our glorious 2ch.hk has a much comfortable interface than your capitalistic dump 4chan? Are you agree with that?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:53:14

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:56:36
Pretty funny speach lol, i guess u cant just come out with something like this, whats the source of this thing?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:57:06
Relax, he is latino.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:57:29
Hope this isn't the last time you came here. You gave me a pleasant feel of worldwide unity. Welcome anytime.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:57:29
Hohol, is that you?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:58:19
i dont think im that lucky...if you dont like your country then just move. it cant be that hard can it?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:58:36
Nope. Some people are just being objective.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:58:36
> speach
OMFG Its speech ofc

Срд 09 Окт 2013 22:59:40

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:00:10
The only native American is on the pic related.
All the others are ПОНАЕХАВШИЕ.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:00:24
>no...have you?
Yep. And I will force you to try. moar pics plz :3

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:01:08
lel newfag. it's an old copypasta.
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? Ill have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and Ive been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and Im the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. Youre fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and thats just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little clever comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldnt, you didnt, and now youre paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. Youre fucking dead, kiddo.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:02:15
OP, tell us please american's typical kinds of whining and moaning about fatherland?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:02:22

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:02:41
>i dont think im that lucky...if you dont like your country then just move. it cant be that hard can it?
Harder than you might think. I know people who tried moving there and they just couldn't find a decent job, because nobody needs us. Let alone the fact that with our relatively small salaries it takes quite a time to save money to be able to move in the first place. But I'll probably try someday.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:02:51
>I am trained in gorilla warfare
Lol at this every time.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:02:51
>it cant be that hard can it?
I can't just go to the other country, right? I need something like invitation for a job or something. I'm not sure actually, but i heard something like that.
I know that there's a possibility to get a greencard, but the chances are very low and i heard that after explosion in boston that chance is equal to 0.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:04:02
Посоны, что за обложка? Что-то пиздец знакомое.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:04:18
Op, don't listen that faggot. You are not welcome here, mexican panty sniffer.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:05:54
Оп-пик что ли? Очевидный Drive.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:06:39
Faggorussian started to crow instead of Aurora!
Your words are complete bullshit until you post your own photo with sup.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:07:12
Op, people like him are the very reason a lot of people hate Russia. People in general are less friendly and open-minded here. Can't blame them though, you know, Soviet brainwashing has left its traces.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:07:58
Еще одна типикал пидорашка думает, что муррикосу интересно будет выслушать ее сопли о своей никчемной жизни.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:08:22
Sing a Yoba's song without illegible Russian pronunciation then.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:08:46
it wont be and i agree

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:08:56
Hey, I just don't want to see a drug dealer here, that's all.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:10:08
>implying he's not

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:10:53
Too fat.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:10:57
drive je

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:11:27
А не. Просто облога немного в стиле 80х.
Ламповая. А судя по описанию, не оче как-то.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:14:28
Там и фильм в стиле неонуара + 80е.
Посмотри, не пожалеешь.
Весь мувач ссытся.
Ну или хейтит.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:14:43
>>56025482 Так сложно самому найти да? Надо ведь специально людей напрячь.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:14:55
Do you own kalashnikov?
Since you are Russian.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:15:18
Так фильм и снят в стиле восьмидесятых. И музыка там соответствует. Там вообще только музыка достойна внимания

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:18:05
yes i did but i dont know where i left it

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:18:21
Там описание типичного быдло-боевика, рассчитанного на среднего зрителя, к собственно фильму имеет мало отношения. Вообше про него существуют полярные мнения от "самый душевный и ламповый фильм во вселенной" до "претенциозное говно без динамики про главгероя аутиста", но в любом случае это не та хуйня, что рисуется в описании.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:19:10
Do you visit reddit? If no, what's your opinion on it?
Also, moar pics of yourself! :3

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:19:29
Dont know why you still here, maybee you miss old /b, but there is no /b soul in this place anymore. There is 9000+ newfags and other scum. I found 4chan way better even with all this reddit scumbags.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:19:31
Таки нет, фильм вполне себе самобытный.
Ну от книги сильно отличается, да, но это сделано в угоду стилю+видению образа Драйвера режиссером и Гослингом.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:20:11
>Таки нет, фильм вполне себе самобытный.
Аутист незаметен.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:22:33
>>56026205 he understood dis joke

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:35:45

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:36:32
Unfortunately one of anons (me) has to go to sleep now, so i just wanted to say few words to our guest:
Thx for your visit, enjoy the rest of the thread and feel free to come back later! :) Here, grab some nyasha.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:37:55
Hey dude, how many Russian you met in US?
There is your Mormons in our town. The good guys. I am familiar with some of them.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:38:52
it is piece of govno

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:38:58
good night /b/rother !
mmm nasha

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:39:05
Что ж ты делаешь, не пали контору.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:40:35
Hello, w&t!:3 задолбался в поезде трястись

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:41:16
Все еще не приехал?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:42:27
Лол, почему я знал, что кроме меня тут еще пара фагов, и КФ тоже тут? Только не скатывайте тред, а то какахами закидают.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:42:36
0 and counting ive met slavs polish german italian french british japanese cambodian laotian canadian all kinds of spanish french black but no russians at least full blood.
mormons the religion? i dont know any really metprobably like 2 in my lifetime

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:42:42
Oh, what a qt. I'd fuck her in her perforated brakes.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:43:52

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:45:09
Почти. Забавно, не думал, что буду узнавать твой стиль даже на английском, лол. Это все эти треды на доброчане. А у вас тут всем тредом вылазка смотрю?

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:46:57
Мимо, я Вирджиния, а на англицком w&t пишет, он в треде написал про янки, вот я и пришел глянуть, зная что кто то обязательно спросит про мост.

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:47:06
Вылез. А здесь снег хлопьями валит!

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:48:04
WELL it was nic talking to you all I will make sure to come back and invite other americans to share stories take care everyone !!!

Срд 09 Окт 2013 23:49:21
Thank you so much, i hope u'll visit us again. Bye.

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