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Птн 11 Окт 2013 19:17:37
Proof or GTFO.

Птн 11 Окт 2013 19:19:56
Proof of being Ameriacn, please.
Food, view from the window, your documents with black rectangles on your actual data with your pic as the sup.

Птн 11 Окт 2013 19:21:15

Птн 11 Окт 2013 19:22:29
Russia! Fuck usa intervention! Stalin, vodka, vatnik!

Птн 11 Окт 2013 19:23:22
Wher is yiour soap nevfag?

Птн 11 Окт 2013 19:24:10
moar proofs pls

Птн 11 Окт 2013 19:24:29
Now something like this with your sup, cause everyone can google some pics.
We don't want to make you mad, just need to check you are not a Russian attention whore.

Птн 11 Окт 2013 19:24:56
<object width="148" height="44"><param name="movie" value="https://vocaroo.com" style="font-size:xx-small;" title="Vocaroo Voice Recorder">Audio recording software >></a>

Птн 11 Окт 2013 19:34:18

Птн 11 Окт 2013 19:35:25
Not bad.
Could you redraw the pic related?

Птн 11 Окт 2013 19:39:55
Ok. Now GTFO of this thread.

OP, do you know any singer?
We need to resing our YOBA&amp;#39;s song, but our pronunciation is too bad for this.

Птн 11 Окт 2013 19:40:31
You&amp;#39;re human, fucker? Why are you doing there?

Птн 11 Окт 2013 19:40:40
two teas to this anonyemous))))

Птн 11 Окт 2013 19:43:23
Welcome to jackass.

Птн 11 Окт 2013 19:45:13
Smokni huy pidoraz.

Птн 11 Окт 2013 19:47:09
I fack your mum)0)))

Птн 11 Окт 2013 19:47:33
Draw typical russianman.

Птн 11 Окт 2013 19:48:05

Птн 11 Окт 2013 19:49:35

Птн 11 Окт 2013 19:50:34
Nyet, govena vakaba.

Птн 11 Окт 2013 19:51:02
Where is ur latino friend, who was here yesterday?

Птн 11 Окт 2013 19:53:48
>Where is latino?
course in prison.

Птн 11 Окт 2013 19:57:28
I hope OP is drawing right now and that&amp;#39;s why he can&amp;#39;t answer.

Птн 11 Окт 2013 19:59:04
we are legione brohter!))

Птн 11 Окт 2013 19:59:41
Golden post?

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:00:18
OP her give me a second im having a little issue

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:00:43

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:00:45
>>56114002 draw urself suckin dick, then draw ur mom being fucked by dogz THX ALOT!

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:01:21
Apelsinus do nat fogive!1

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:01:30

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:01:57

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:04:16
What is this, a golden post?

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:05:00
antimatter post

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:06:14

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:07:33
У кого сохранилась паста про батю и щель под дверью на англ языке? Когда последний раз лежал сосач на 4чане ее видел.

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:09:46
Смотреть с 2:30.
Да и вообще поехавшие из 4chan/mlp доставляют.

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:10:12

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:11:11
Who is he? Russian bydlo?

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:11:58
When I was 15 years old and I went to shit , Dad all the time , as if by accident, spun around jerk and kept asking what you&amp;#39;ve calmed down , why did not you hear ? The first time I did not answer, so he began pounding on the door and yelling , what are you so silent , what&amp;#39;s wrong ? He began to swear and say that in general remove the door from its hinges , too , Dad swore if I shit and do not wash off , and not just at the end of crappy , but directly after vylezanija poop , motivated by the fact that it stinks , and he then told me here I am Kaknau and wash off , and you do so !One day I sat down to shit , and I hear , Dad stood at the door somewhere in the distance , so I wiped my ass , and sat down on the floor nakarachiki , and then the gap is very wide at the bottom of the door , so I &amp;#39;m looking into the slot, and there Dad on Karachik sits and stares into the slot , and said to me: you&amp;#39;re human ? fucker ? Th are you doing there ?Dad all the time by the way some herbs drinks to often to shit , shit on 5 times a day, and then says that the ass is burning , and yet he farts . Fuck , in short !

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:12:21
Не знаю! Ладно, мы всегда рады видеть забугорных друзей, проходите и присаживайтесь!

Милости прошу к нашему шалашу OMERIKASKA

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:12:31
The mono eyebrow is not occasional, it&amp;#39;s the thinnest imply, am I right?
Caucasus is Power, Russia is a grave! Allah is above us, Russkies are below us.

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:14:22
>Who is he? Russian bydlo?
yes yes, bydlo bydlo

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:14:43
>vylezanija poop
>floor nakarachiki
Такое говно у меня у самого есть. Там была нормальная, не с google translate

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:15:08
Would you draw some gay sex, please?

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:16:24
Хули не нравится? Пальчики отсохнут перепечатать?

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:17:44
Too late.
I&amp;#39;ve already told OP that he drew a typical Caucasian, not a Russian.

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:19:03
Велкоме ту зей рашка, май френд

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:19:25
Draw a collapsing anus into singularity.
Thank you.

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:19:45


Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:21:07
Hohol ne palica.

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:21:17
Анон опять делает вид что знает английский и ему есть с кем на нем поговорить?

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:22:36

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:23:15
Умница, теперь то тебя точно все зауважают.

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:23:22
Yes. As a schoolboy i can say, that it&amp;#39;s a really great practice.

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:24:50
You have mustache?

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:24:51
Aryan boy. True slav. Envy, russland mongols.

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:25:21
He looks like mexican.

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:27:31

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:30:02
Run, run away in fear, cowboy!
They&amp;#39;ll eat your soul

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:30:39
Nakatim za didov!

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:32:19
U untermensh?

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:33:36
Nakatim Zadidov eto moy bratka kafkazian, 1nsh@11a

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:33:40
Ha! I&amp;#39;ll explain what caucasian means in russia.
Caucasian is not a skin collour or racial identity, it is a person from caucasus, and all of them are dark skinned, hairy Snackbaring bastards, highly related to turks. Russians though are whiteskined, european type people.

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:34:54
Ебаный школьник.

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:35:53
They named sandnigger.

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:37:50
This is caucasian.

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:37:52
Sak mai ckok, pe4alniy lox nax))suka blyat pindosi..

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:38:27
This is russian.

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:39:17

Вот и вся разница, щкольник.

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:40:14

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:40:15
это что принцип кота Шредера или что?)

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:40:24
Кавказцы европеоиды, долбоёб.

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:40:45
What are you doing here? What forget you here?
P.S. Do you suck huijtci?

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:40:46
Сап, харкач. Дело в том, что есть один мочератор. Имеет модерку в /vg/, впрочем, не слишком активен - достаточно посмотреть, сколько жалоб на состояние /vg/. Модерка для него - средство повысить собственную важность и показать всем, какой он крутой (например вероятность over 9000 что это именно этот долбоеб аватаркофажил Аидом (https://www.bxoda.net/2011/04/26/905/ эксклюзивное интервью с каккером Евгением Личтеммером!

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:41:40
cat back view

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:41:53
Divanon, travlya!

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:42:19
Ты тупой? Выйди на улицу и спроси людей.
В энциклопедии кавказец европеоид, на улице - чурка.

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:42:21
Hey OP, do you satisfied with education in your country? Is it the truth that you guys have very poor knowledge of the rest world?
Also - CA hash is great, really.

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:43:14
Amerikanec, dobav` menya v VK pls. Layck za Layck)

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:43:36
Can you draw a jackalope, please?
Just any kind of hare with any kind of horns would be great.

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:45:15
Бугурт чурки.

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:46:07
Пиздец. Зря я тебе вообще отвечал.

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:46:17
Can you draw an ambulance for me? :3

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:46:52
American? WTF you doing here?

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:47:21
Did you draw this?
I have a dificult request for you.
Can you do the same, but for our /wm/? With russian soldiers and weapons?
And change from "Day /k/" "Night /k/" to "With /po/" "Without /po/".

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:47:35

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:48:01
i drew yoba yesterday i hope you like it
do you see where i am right now? on a russki board talking to russki people if i was like that do you think i would be here? Im the one in a thousand americans who can name most places or tell you what general direction they are in. Yes i do feel like the educational system is failing our youth....most americans feel this way but we are trying.

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:48:02
Do you have gf? Nobody of us has a gf.
Are you virgin? We all are virgins.
If you aren&amp;#39;t go fucking out!

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:48:28
>>56114002 PLZ DRAW this: Moscow cops cordoned off , and began to spread rot hachey every way and do not let them kuchkovatsya . And what would hachi angry as it should. And Kadyrov came to the golden three-story limo and told the cops , " Get out ." And so the cops went out ... And many hachey was collected about the European , on the road beating everybody. And to anon threw bottles at them with a means to fires. And that hachi fell into a rage and rushed to torment and drive up VVshnikov riot police , overturning and setting fire to their buses , and raping zhenomentov and their German Shepherds in orbit. And so angry news football fans gathered at the other end of the bridge Bogdan Khmelnitsky and hanged several hachey on the handrails of the bridge. And to hachi saw this and rushed to him. And so they began to fight for the bridge , falling off his bloody lumps . And that ice fell from the weight of corpses. And so utterly mad in the summer with the heat and smoke planarian were jumping out of the water and the hawala corpses. And that they scored their fattened bodies of the Moscow River . And to the flood . And opoloumevshie Tajiks were jumping out of flooded basements with their infants tadzhichatami , boilers of the blades and burning brooms and started setting fire to pedestrians and pigeons. And thousands of pigeons that have brought the fire in the Ostankino TV tower. And to the courtroom burst Khodorkovsky and together with Kasparov and Shenderovich , he climbed to the highest tower of the Kremlin, and began to throw things happening in the chaos of thousands of cross-linked at the bottom of their mittens . And to all the fans fought and fought to a hachami and hachi fought among themselves , and all of them were beaten to the cops , and the cops would beat podtyanuvshy force Taman Division, who do not care who beat because they are mesmerized by the snowstorm , fluttering gloves and burning pigeons. And Putin to the street loudly played the piano , and Medvedev stood by taking pictures and lecturing in twitter. And all of this was shown on all channels like 9/ 11. And that all this went on and on , and Putin is playing and playing .

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:49:51
Ты б хоть перевёл нормально.

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:50:24
Нет ну серьезно, я сам знаю что caucasian это белый европеоид, просто реквест не мой был нарисовать Кавказца такого как представляет себе Анон, вот я ему и объяснил. А ты тут начинаешь меня поучать.

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:50:24
Learn some bloody english, pidorashqua!

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:50:41
>tfw no gf

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:51:31
>Do you have gf? Nobody of us has a gf.
Faggorussian, please go away.
>Are you virgin? We all are virgins.
You forgot we are also trolls and neckbeards, 20 years old.

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:51:35
FACK OF))))))))))))

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:52:30
Child porno goto pluz

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:54:07
> скучно украинского Здесь я буду рисовать для Вас!
Это паста с нульчана, расходимся

Птн 11 Окт 2013 20:55:56
Suck a huj, khokhlochurka!

Птн 11 Окт 2013 21:00:05
You just can&amp;#39;t be even more fat than now.

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