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Вск 27 Окт 2013 23:47:57
Ну что, сучечки, готовы к спойлерам?

Вск 27 Окт 2013 23:49:58
I watched the new Madoka Magica movie today, ask me anything

Homura's soul gem is almost completely black. Because she was a total genius and told the Incubators about Madoka they seal her in a stasis field thing where Madoka can't reach her so they can watch her turn into a witch, and after that they're going to catch Madoka when she shows up to save Homura AND THEN WE WILL CONTROL HER AND RULE THE UNIVERSE HA HA HA

The movie takes place inside a world Homura created inside her soul gem, with the people she knows (the other girls, Kamijou and Hitomi, Madoka's family, etc) being the real ones brought in from outside (the Incubator field is one-way, things can go in, just not come out). It's supposed to be her ideal world but her memories start coming back and she realises something is wrong and figures that she's trapped in a witch's field and goes around looking for it (attacking Bebe and ending up fighting Mami in the process)

Вск 27 Окт 2013 23:54:22
Shit happens and Homura finally realises that since Madoka exists in this world the witch must know Madoka. But the only person in this universe who remembers Madoka is her. NO HOMURA YOU ARE THE WITCHES.

QB shows up and reveals all the shit and Homura decides to allow herself to become a witch so that Mami and Kyouko can kill her inside the soul gem so she'll never become a witch in the outside world, so Madoka won't come and the incubators can't get her.

Вск 27 Окт 2013 23:55:42
Turns out Sayaka and Bebe were sent by Madoka to help Homura and they fight Homura's witch (who also slaughters QB non-stop but as usual new ones keep popping up). Eventually the Madoka inside gets to Homura and persuades her not to give up and together they combine their bows into a bigger bow and shoot out of the soul gem and break the incubator barrier and also wipe out all the incubators watching over the experiment (there's like a million of them all standing around in a wasteland around the tower where Homura's body is lying) and Homura wakes up in the real world. And then god Madoka shows up to take Homura away with her and the end (Bebe = Nagisa and Sayaka are with Madoka, all the other people who were stuck in the soul gem world are freed too)

Вск 27 Окт 2013 23:59:17
Except that when Madoka reaches out to Homura's soul gem Homura goes HA HA JUST AS PLANNED and grabs her

The soul gem turns blacker than all of the witches' curses and Homura steals part of Madoka's world-remaking powers. QB is afraid and asks what the fuck is that black shit and Homura replies IT'S LOVE. Also if Madoka is a god then Homura is the devil. QB goes "holy shit you humans are fucking scary I'm getting the fuck out of here" but she grabs him and says from now on he's working for her and remakes the world.

In the new world all the girls are alive and human again. Sayaka confronts Homura and starts to summon her witch like a stand but Homura just makes it disappear and goes all "you're going to forget everything anyway" and five seconds later that's precisely what happens.

At the school this time it's Madoka who's the transfer student. She was in America for three years because her mother was transferred there and they just got back to Japan. During lunch break Homura drags her out saying she'll show her around the school, and in that one long corridor Madoka starts to regain some of her memories and powers, but Homura stops her. She then confronts Madoka and asks if order is really all that important. Madoka's answer is that yeah it's selfish and wrong to break the rules just for yourself. Homura returns the red ribbon to her, and says that if that's the case, eventually they may turn out to be enemies.


Пнд 28 Окт 2013 00:00:37
After the credits Homura's sitting in a chair on the edge of a cliff. Qubey is running around in a field and she beats the shit out of him and then dances around his body (the camera closes up on his face and his eyes seem to start watering up as if he's about to cry).

Homura then jumps off the cliff.

The end.

(I'm not kidding that's what actually fucking happened)

Пнд 28 Окт 2013 00:05:13
Pamphlet stuff

"I originally wanted to name the first movie 'Revenge of the Incubators'"
He touches on how people thought since the whole ring thing was only ever mentioned by Mami, everyone thought it was her being stupid again.
"If we can have it (Madoka Magica) continue, I'd like to see that happen."

"While the show was still airing Iwagami approached me and asked what I thought about doing a sequel. I just laughed it off and didn't take it seriously but he repeated it several times and I eventually realised he was serious."
They came up with the idea for a sequel through brainstorming sessions, and this idea of it taking place inside Homura's soul gem as she starts to become a witch was the first idea they came up with.
The big plot twist WASN'T Urobuchi's idea, he was going to have Madoka just take Homura away and the end, but Iwagami and Shinbou wanted to be able to let it continue.
Having Madoka and Homura being on opposite sides at the end was Shinbou's idea.
A second season WAS considered but they didn't have enough material to drag out for 12 episodes.
Bebe was inspired by all the figures and stuff pairing Mami up with the candy witch.
Urobuchi starting writing this immediately after the TV series. Aside from dialogue the script is mostly barebones as he wanted to leave decisions on visuals to Shaft.
He says that he's sure some people will hate the movie; The current trend is for timeless, unchanging characters. The characters in the movie however do change, and he's sure that there will be people who will complain about them being "out of character" when in fact they're just growing as human beings.
Finally he says that he's written all there is to Homura and Madoka, and that if there are stories that exist beyond this point, that's for other people to write.

That's all

Пнд 28 Окт 2013 00:10:20

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