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Втр 12 Ноя 2013 13:25:06
Do you suck dicks?

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 13:25:55
Can you prove it?

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 13:27:03

how? you want a pic or something?

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 13:27:43
dragon ball z, I liked it better when I was a kid

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 13:28:05
What kc mean?

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 13:28:15
Eeeyup, with date and something you can find only in US.

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 13:28:52
Proove that you're american, than we can talk.

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 13:29:45
Yeah, it's usual stuff ain't it? give me a pic or GTFO.

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 13:30:28
Do you like Putin?

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 13:31:09

What for? If i'd wanted to ask an american from kc/int/ something, i rather do that on Kc's /int/, but definitely not here. I don't get the general point of the thread at all.

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 13:31:41

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 13:32:05

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 13:33:18
не взлетит

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 13:34:06

Russian people don't.

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 13:34:13

I just searched my apartment and somehow I have nothing to write with

I will post a pic with a pile of american things and show my hand in a specific position

how do you want me to hold my hand? with like a peace sign or something?

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 13:34:59
Ну и нахуй он сюда приперся.
На форчане этих обмудков хоть жопой жри, но мы же не навязываемся.

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 13:35:55
>how do you want me to hold my hand? with like a peace sign or something?

make it with ur dick

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 13:37:42
You're definitely not from Texas.
Thumb down is OK with you?

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 13:38:00
упало наверное, у них ведь нет ничего потипу странички Абу

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 13:38:39
упало наверное, у них ведь нет ничего потипу странички Абу. Ниче, скоро сьебет

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 13:44:59
I already took a pic with my dick because somebody asked, lel

and yes, I'm from Texas. the stupid thing is, as soon as I took a pic with my phone and USB connected to my laptop, now when I click on the phone it says device not found. this has never happened before

god dammit. now I have to figure out how to fix my shit

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 13:45:43
>What kc mean?

Sorry, missed a letter

>from kfc

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 13:47:23
I don`t give a fuck what u alredy did! Show me the fuckn pic!

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 13:50:39
here it is

in this pic you see my army retirement flag box, a pack of pall malls, my GED, and longhorn snuff

and my dick

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 13:52:22
if ur too shy to show us the cock pic, this is no place for u

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 13:54:06

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 13:56:10
You mean retarded?

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 13:57:10
Are you ready for new World War? USSR's satellite can be crashed on your fucking american house as soon as we want to do it.

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 13:59:22

whatever, I don't care about dying anyway

at least I'm not slavic

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 13:59:48
Let it be.
The fuck do you want here? It is not a friendliest place in the internet, you know.

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 14:01:25
Do you speak russian?

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 14:02:52
I have browsed image boards for several years, I don't see how this place is any different

I just came here to see what a slav image board is like. I already browse american, brazilian, and german ones

so far, seems meh

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 14:03:43
nope, not even a little bit

I only know this place from kc

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 14:04:21

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 14:07:30
Maybe it's because you don't speak Russian.

SO. Do you wear a cowboy hat?

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 14:07:33

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 14:07:59
Ne pizdi. Kc is a russian imageboard.

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 14:08:15
You're kinda boring.

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 14:13:03
epic, I like it

only 40 year old men and rednecks wear cowboy hats, and half of them have never worked cattle in their lives

>russians will never be banned from kc

it's a bad feel

suk my dik nerd

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 14:21:28
Your dick is so fucking small that it would be sucked only by 60y.o. redneck wife if gave her two thousand dollars and wear a fucking cowboy hat.

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 14:22:38
Post here some photos of your neighborhood.

Втр 12 Ноя 2013 14:27:33

Da on zasal, infa sotka, blya)))0)

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