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Вск 24 Ноя 2013 11:47:29
A glaring neon glow illuminates this street
Breathe in these human vapors, sweat and heavy heat
Hi-tech cathedrals rise and fall in great ravines
Colossal steeples to the gods in the machines

Вск 24 Ноя 2013 11:56:06
Blood on my hands.
Stumble through uncharted lands.
Lady Luck is on my side
As I swim against the tide.

Keep drifting.
Thieves drifting.
Sands of fate keep shifting.
And I will never stop or turn away,
Thurther into danger I woulds stary.

Вск 24 Ноя 2013 12:02:36
I’m no man of honour
Myself is my true king
But somewhere deep within me
The bells of conscience ring

Beware beware of the words I twist
I am small but my reach is long
And the ravens black against the winter’s mist
Are whispering the half-man’s song

Вск 24 Ноя 2013 12:08:47
Well there's a stormcloud stirrin' now
There's a stormcloud stirrin' now

The filthy streets and the calloused feet
And bloodshot Irish eyes.
A floating haven for the craven
Nestled in the skies.
Well up and out and away with ya
There's a fight outside your doors.
The shining pride of America
Is a nation up for war .

Вск 24 Ноя 2013 12:17:41
A noble sailed across the sea
To search a distant land.
A new frontier before him
To provide an upperhand.
Mysterious agendas
Lay behind a graceful guise.
A son was born, begotten, shorn
Betrayed to noble lies.

Вск 24 Ноя 2013 12:22:14
As the towers of steel and stone crumble to dust
The foundations of our hope begin to rust.

Choking fear,
Screaming sound
As a Reaper comes to ground.
You turn to face it down
Because you must.

Вск 24 Ноя 2013 12:30:30
The sting of the Animus.
They bring out the man in us.
I’m the king of the kill it’s unanimous.
I’m slittin your throat, red matches your coat
The brave and the free they will band with us.
From NY to Boston it’s a beautiful world to be lost in.
The snow of the frontier
We go to hunt here.
Now the future is unclear.

Fathers of freedom are founding the future they fight in the face of the flames
So ready your bayonet don’t you start praying yet my Tomahawk has a land to reclaim.

Вск 24 Ноя 2013 12:32:43
Это тред Miracle Of Sound?

Вск 24 Ноя 2013 12:33:19

Вск 24 Ноя 2013 12:36:45
Nobody wants to learn a thing these days.
An endless coil
Of waste and toil.

Empires are built upon the ashes of
The weak and frail
Those doomed to fail.

And I’ve been trying to set free
A lighter hue,
But deep down I know I’ll be
Forever blue.

And there’s a blackness inside me
That’s breaking through,
But deep down I know I’ll be
Forever blue.

Ути какие мы злые.

Вск 24 Ноя 2013 12:40:54
Inter connected
Colors flash
Grid is infected
System crash

Back into the sprawl
No security
Hacking through the walls
Of your privacy

There is always some kind of way out of here.

Вск 24 Ноя 2013 12:51:28
Broken hands align.
Drift on the frozen face of time.

Unlikely guide
I will follow you.
Stay by my side
See tomorrow through.

Two roads
Merging in one line.

Вск 24 Ноя 2013 12:55:15
Throughout the crooked kingdoms
I watch the weather change.
The clouds collide on either side
As nations rearrange.
A silver mane adorns me
My steel is fluid and fast.
They shun my ways, avoid my gaze
A fugitive outcast.

Вск 24 Ноя 2013 12:59:42
Ничто так не роняет исполнителя в твоих глазах как какой то петух форсящий его творчество на борде для дебилов.

Вск 24 Ноя 2013 13:00:47
Нитакойкакфсе в треде, спешите видеть!

Вск 24 Ноя 2013 13:01:07
Это охуительно.

Вск 24 Ноя 2013 13:28:57
Это кусок песни по десу сексу.

Вск 24 Ноя 2013 13:55:08
These men of the north they have suffered too long
The anger it swells in their veins
Of the spirited roars of lost warriors' songs
Distant echoes are all that remain

And my voice is my violence.
Clear the sky's frozen tears.
And no more we'll be silent
With this Sovngarde song in our ears.

Вск 24 Ноя 2013 14:02:52
In the Citadel halls
Inside the shiny walls
Here the stories from Earth.
Fighters wanna prove their worth.

Salarian science, smothered in idiom
About as stimulating as scanning for iridium.
But one tale holds every mind enthralled.

Cause no matter what scars you bear,
Whatever unifrom you wear
You can fight like a krogan, run like a leopard
But you'll never be better than commander Shepard!

Вск 24 Ноя 2013 14:16:49
Small time boy
Caught in the big city
Losing all my joy
For a life that don’t fit me

Got the same old dreams
As a million fools
Stacks of green
And swimming pools

Вск 24 Ноя 2013 14:18:12
> Hear the stories

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