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Чтв 28 Ноя 2013 21:53:19
Грустный пятничный.

Чтв 28 Ноя 2013 22:15:56

Чтв 28 Ноя 2013 22:23:38
По какому поводу грустишь?

Чтв 28 Ноя 2013 22:24:07
Моча нас преследует.

Чтв 28 Ноя 2013 22:25:47
зачем грустить в пятницу?

Чтв 28 Ноя 2013 22:29:00
Ох, как же меня всё это заебало: эта тупорылая тормозная капча от говнояндекса вместо няшной гуглокапчи, эти огригин ерроры, ошибки 500, вылеты, глюки, падения. Сука, чтоб эта ебучая макака в аду горела.

Чтв 28 Ноя 2013 22:37:05

Чтв 28 Ноя 2013 22:46:25

Чтв 28 Ноя 2013 22:51:22
" Sometimes a hug or pat on the back or rubbing my leg doesn't make me feel better...

I feel no comfort when one's arms are around me. I feel more trapped in my sorrow but now in a smaller environment. I dont hug back. Sometimes I suffocate... I dont have the strength to hug back. My body is too weak from the feel of sadness and depression...

Rubbing my back pushes me forward, almost causing me to fall. It is a small push to let out a whine or a cry, but caressing my spine does not help with my troubles and sorrows. I can't see your hand. I can only feel it...

You rub my leg to try to cheer me up. Why my leg? It doesn't hurt. I feel too weak to move it. I see your hand upon it, but such an area on my body is not connected to me feeling better...

You caress my cheek, a place where you are so close to my eyes, my face, my nose, my hair, my ears: a very personal spot. I start to cry. I feel your hand upon my cheek, your thumb trailing under my eye to collect the tears that escape. I can feel the warmth of your hand pressing against that cold spot on my face. It warms me - it gives me comfort. Your fingers lace around my hair and play with it as you rub my cheek. I felt you slowly starting to take your hand away. I hold it in place and give you a small look: please keep it there. Its the only spot that you can touch that will calm me down and put me at ease... "

Чтв 28 Ноя 2013 22:57:33
Блядь, я хочу обнять её.
Я зашкварился теперь фурфаг?

Чтв 28 Ноя 2013 23:19:13
>Блядь, я хочу обнять её.
Лучше прикоснись к мордочке, именно это ее успокоит
>Я теперь фурфаг?
Так точно, зайчонок. А через полгода, если не раньше, тебя потянет еще и на самцов. Поздравляю.

"At work, my mind never slows down. I never have time to think about my or worries. After work, I focus on TV, video games and chatting with friends. I focus a lot of attention on my friends. The TV distracts my mind from the outside world. Video games put me in a state of bliss by just focusing on something that has a lot of colors and lights - my thumbs and fingers moving quickly to progress further in the game, revealing more of the story to me with every level I beat. My mind is too busy to think about my worries and my issues. Work, Games, Friends, Movies, Food. Thats all it thinks about. But when it's time for me to go to bed, when I hear nothing but silence, when my body lies still in bed, my mind slowly goes through personal memories, finding ways to have less respect for myself. It comes up with questions why I'm not doing what I "should" be doing in my life. It reminds me of my age and where I should be in my life compared to friends and family. It compares my life to others and how my life seems pathetic. ' Why can't I be here? Why can't you do this? Why aren't you there yet? ' I try to answer those questions as I lay still, but more questions comes up, making it harder and harder to answer or try to find the right answer. In the end, I find myself sitting up in the darkness, holding my stuff animal in my arms. My brain doesn't shut off, my eyes remain open. Sitting up or laying down, I remain awake until I can see a hint of the sun off in the distance. In order for me to answer the sea of questions my mind float upon, I have to make changes. But due to lack of work, money and freedom, I feel confined where I am. Feeling stuck, I get more depressed. More questions come up. When the time is near for me to get ready for work, those questions fade and I'm now on 'work' mode. I just know that those questions will haunt me again the next night. I just don't know how to answer them all..."

Чтв 28 Ноя 2013 23:19:20
"Фагочатик", лол, как будто алкотреды, говнокаэсочка и прочее не такой же чатик с полутора калеками.

Чтв 28 Ноя 2013 23:24:29
Уёбки. Открыли тут, блядь рекрутинговый пункт.

Чтв 28 Ноя 2013 23:37:23
Да вроде никто никого никуда не тянет.

Чтв 28 Ноя 2013 23:46:45

" There are times I really hate spring. Spring is the promise of birth, growth, awakening, warmth and love. That is what everyone says. For me, its about sexual frustration and constant masturbation. To sum it up: mating season. Animals and plants are not the only one effected by the turn of the weather. We furries are just as much affected by this. Those with mates ( girlfriends/boyfriends ) have no issue with for filling their needs to mate and to empty their sexual energy and tension. For me, a single virgin male fox, its very hard for me to walk the rope of being sexually leveled. At night, when the work day is over, I find myself constantly masturbating. My aid is my yiff books, small collection of hentai videos, the net and my imagination. I slip into a state of erotic pleasure until I wake up and find that an hour has passed. My fur is damp with sweat, my fingers and bed sheets are covered with my mess, balled up tissues lay near me, my musk filling the room and a quarter of my lotion is gone. Every time, I just remain still, barely enough energy to keep my eyes open. Slowly, my thoughts collect and my mood goes down into a small pit of depression. I just feel pathetic doing this as a daily routine during the sprint time. Here I am, masturbating to porn instead of making love to my chosen mate. I'm just socially strange and I really don't have that much respect for myself... I don't know if anyone can really relate to what I'm feeling...

... I really hate this season ..."

Птн 29 Ноя 2013 00:10:11
Гори в аду, умник.

Птн 29 Ноя 2013 00:14:18

Птн 29 Ноя 2013 00:18:35
Что не так, анончик?
Ура! Bottomless консольные зарубы!
Asi hugged Marbles firmly around the neck, sharing an affectionate nuzzle with the larger rabbit. "Thanks for having me over, I've been wanting to play this game forever"

Marbles smile, "My pleasure, I'm just glad I could tear you away from the house for a night of gaming and fun" she said, hugging the feline in return before sitting down in front of the sofa in her shirt and panties.

Asi purred lightly, looking around as he looked at Marbles "Mind if I get more comfortable before we start?"

With an agreeing nod, Marbles chirred "Sure, anything you need?"

Asi slipped a paw down, unbuttoning the front of his shorts, pushing them and the cute pair of panties down around his ankles before stepping out of them. His flaccid pink shaft and white furred balls dangling, "Mm no I'm fine" he whispered before sitting back against Marbles, his tail wrapped around her waist his bare rear pressed against her pantied groin.

With every jump and move, Asi's body tightened and ground into Marbles crotch, caushing the bulge to twitch and grow. Frustrated, he sat up, looking over his shoulder at the rabbit. "C.. could you take those off?" he whispers, his paw thumbing her panties, "The fabric's distracting me, Bunnyta and I are always bottomless when we game together."

Surprised by the request, Marbless smiled slyly before standing and quickly disgarding her panties. Her bulging sheath and rutted sac now fully on display, her scent permeating the air around her. She sat back down once more behind Asi as the little feline snuggled back against her body.

With a purr, Asi's skills seemed to improve, not longer distracted by the feel of cotton against his plush rear. Unconsciously, every movement of his body dragged his ass over her growing sheath. The head of her cock starting to press out as he crevice of his ass warmly hugged at her flesh as if inviting it into it's depths. Soon her entire length was exposed, hot dogging between his ass cheeks but hadn't noticed. Instead, the thobbing flesh parting the cheeks of his ass acted more as an encouraging feeling, making the feeling concentrate and play better then he had only moments earlier.

Marbles cock was rock hard by now, drooling with precum as Asi continued to unconciously grind and rub his parted ass cheeks over her length. She started to feel the bare puckered flesh of his little tailhole brushing along the cum vein of her cock, causing her to shiver in delight. With a low stifled moan in her throat, she lean back, enjoying the intimate lap dance the feline was giving her.

As Asi became more and more enveloped by the game, his grinding became more aggressive and passionate. soon their balls were gently touching as his smaller sac resting upon her heavy, cum laden orbs. Her cock now on the verge of orgasm just from the friction alone she quickly gripped Asi's hip and squeezed his body to her own with a chirr in her throat.

Leaning into his ear, she held the feline steady preventing him from moving to much. "If you keep this up, we'll be playing a very different game." Her paw slipping down to brush along his still flaccid length,

As purred in return, enjoying the closness with Marbles as he spoke, "Oh, and what game did you want to play?" his voice playful innocence, letting Marbles wonder if he really didn't know what he had been doing or if this was his plan all along.

Птн 29 Ноя 2013 00:22:26
Ладно, раз я уже всё равно зашкварился, выкладывай всё.
Охуительные истории.жпг

Птн 29 Ноя 2013 00:35:39

Птн 29 Ноя 2013 00:38:28
"My roommate was having a party at his parents house while they were away. Snacks, wine, music, a movie or two - the typical hangout party. He invited some friends who in turn invited their own friends here and there. A good sized group. Being single, I hoped that there would be a single-status girl there. Sadly not. I couldn't stop but get the feeling that this one particular guy was eyeing me. A blonde-haired feline. I've meet him before, but only for a moment at some distant party gathering. Never knew his name. I knew he was gay due to his clean attire and the pride wristband. He eyed me here and there, giving me a faint smile whenever I made eye contact with him. I said nothing but looked away, but I couldn't help but feel a tad bashful. I had my fair share of male experiences, but they never really got far in the "relationship" due to change of heart, withdraw, confusion, blocking and/or cheating with another. Mentally Im straight, but that wonder of exploring another male body always swam in my head.

A good amount of time went by. Some friends left because they had work in the morning or some other reason. The music went from loud rock to calm leveled muzak. The party slowly sank down to only a dozen. I sat in the common area along with a few friends as they talked about various topics. I managed to snag the last lime popsicle from the freezer before my roommate did. Soon, the feline that was eyeing me decided to sit next to me on the couch. A sudden rush of shyness went through my body as he sat there like he has no interest in me. I wasn't sure if he was just drunk or if he really did have an eye for me. I could smell his cologne on his clothes. It was strong, but not intense to the nose. The silence between him and I broke when he asked me how I was doing, using my name to catch my attention. He remembered my name, but I never got his from that one brief time months ago. I gave simple answers, still being a tad bashful. He continued to ask me questions and became a bit open. I replied what I could. I knew he was interested in me. He was leaning against the couch, both his green eyes fixed on me with a smile on his face. His body language gave away his intentions. Seeing this, but mostly sensing it, I couldn't help but blush. The conversation grew until my short answers became questions for him to answer. Soon, it was a turn based QA conversation. I could tell he noticed my blush as I continued to enjoy the lime ice tube in my mouth. It became more awkward when he asked me what flavor it was. I soon released that this tubular treat in my mouth could look like something else to him - something that I was good at in the past ( stated my past male relationships )...

During my adventures in my gay relationship days, I couldn't help but be the submissive one. Men hit on me more than I flirted with them. This led me to be...well...somewhat helpless and open to what they might offer. Every time was an experience; each one had their own way of showing their "affection" to me. It was nice during the time I was single and desperate. Even when I was with my ex-girlfriend, some guys still flirted with me. I pushed them away, but still I bashful. Whenever someone hits on me or flirts with me, I feel somewhat good about myself. They see me as someone who is attractive. I never really had great amount of self-esteem for myself, but when someone, guy or girl flirts with me or shows an interest in me, I couldn't help but feel a bit better about myself. I ask myself what they see until later down the road, they tell me the reasons ( most of the time its not just a bunny-booty call ). Those kind compliments about myself - physically and personality - made me feel better about myself."

Птн 29 Ноя 2013 00:40:14

"Dear L,

I really hope this gets to you because I have a very embarrassing problem and I'm looking for some professional advice. I'm bisexual and my last 'company' was with my friend who is male. He was my first male encounter ever and I just didn't really know how to act towards him. Things got out of hand and fell apart. It was not something that he did, it was something that I did. I need some advice.

This guy was somewhat of a friend of mine. I guess the correct term would be 'acquaintance'. Don't really know him all that well. Just the fact that he is gay and he did eye me here and there for some time. My curiosity started with him since he was the only male that took an interest in me. We dated here and there and chatted about the possibility that he would be my first male lover. Being at that mindset of 'confusion', I let him guide me to where he wanted to go. I was distant - being very coy and silent. He continued to make advances towards me, treating me delicately and testing certain areas of my body to try to get me turned on. I remained still and nervous, even with his constant reminders to me to relax as he undressed me.

Things fell apart when he went for my crotch. I covered myself quickly. I told him that it was ugly and I didn't want him to look at it. He asked me again and again why I thought it was ugly. I couldn't answer. I just kept quiet, standing there, covering myself up. He tried to make more advances on me and trick me from removing my hands from my cock, but I kept my hands where I thought they belonged. It wasn't long before he got upset and impatient. The evening ended when he put his clothes back on and walked out the door. I just sat in the corner, hating myself for my fear.

I feel like part of a person's personality is shown in ever body part on that person's figure. The one we keep hidden is a "secret" part of that personality that only the trusted and closest people we know get to see it. My friend was the first one and I felt like I was not confident enough to show him that particular "piece" of me.

I hate the way my genitals look. I feel like they don't look normal. I've seen other male erections and genitals while browsing on porn sites and compared myself to what most males had... I felt like mine was ugly and small. I felt like it didn't fit with the rest of my body. I fear that if a man or woman saw my crotch, they would think twice about me and have a 'change of heart'. I remember the shape and size of my friend's erection. It looked perfect compared to mine. I know what you are thinking while reading this: You think there might be an ugly growth or some kind of genital disease on me and I should get it treated, but there isn't. Nothing is medically wrong with it, but I feel and think that something is and I hate how it looks... I thought about surgery or enlargement, anything that would make it look right in my eyes, but I just feel like that would make things worse...

Everyone, male and female, pictures genitals on a man or woman's to look a certain way. But I feel like mine is different and shouldn't be seen by anyone. L, am I wrong to think about this? Is it natural to not like the look of a certain body type, even if that part is your crotch? Am I the only male to think this? Are there woman out there that think the same about their's - that they are not satisfied with the physical appearance of their crotch? Do I just have a mental problem? Any feedback would help me out.

Thank you.

- Mark

Птн 29 Ноя 2013 00:43:23
Пидр, как ты угадал 7/10 про меня?

Птн 29 Ноя 2013 00:49:36
Ты что, приятелю присунул? Или он тебе?

Птн 29 Ноя 2013 00:57:46
Уверен, у многих тут сидящих могла бы выйти такая неприятность.

"...I wish I could read minds. My boyfriend is very hard to read, especially in bed. While we make love, I open my eyes to look at him. I watch him as he has his eyes shut, sometimes tightly as he thrusts and moves against me. His facial expression shows me that something is on his mind. He thrusts and rocks harder in me, his expression never changes. He struggles. Before he met me, he has been alone and only had his thoughts to aid his taming...

I don't know what goes on in his head. I ask but he avoids the question. He did say that sometimes he uses his imagination while being intimate with me. He told me that it helps him with keeping it hard and ejaculation. He just never says what he thinks about though. I know he has a very vivid kinky imagination from what I gathered from his porn folder and comic collection. But what does he think about? What fantasies does he imagine while we make love? Does he think about me or something else? He struggles sometimes.

It just worries me if I'm ever in his mind while he makes love to me. Am I the first thing that comes to his mind when he ejaculates into me, or does he think I'm too dull and replaces me with something or someone else...?"

Птн 29 Ноя 2013 00:58:49
Держим до утра.

Птн 29 Ноя 2013 01:00:09
У неё что, оторваны ноги?

Птн 29 Ноя 2013 01:00:25
Совсем взгрустнулось мне от этих пикч. Напомнило о собственном одиночестве.

Птн 29 Ноя 2013 01:04:07
Смирись, анон, фантазия - это все, что у нас осталось.

"Hey... C-could you come over...?"
"No...I-I'm scared..."
"I just don't trust myself right now..."
"...Please, I just need someone with me right now..."
"...Can you come over, please?"

Being scared and alone - a feeling inside yourself that you don't trust your own actions - a fear of doing something wrong and harmful. You feel like you are dangling by a thread, your fingers slipping. Below you is a dark void. Above you is a small ray of light. You don't have enough strength to hold on. You need help. You beg for help. You look for anyone you trust to help you. A doubt stirs in you: Is there anyone willing to help you when you call for it?

Птн 29 Ноя 2013 01:05:14
Хочешь лизать анус два часа?

Птн 29 Ноя 2013 01:09:51
Нет уж! Лучше помассировать простату няшному пушистику в поясе верности.

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