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Пнд 16 Дек 2013 05:17:35
are you sneaky ruskies DDOS'ing our site?
if you are, please stop screwing with us, we like the russian people and you're perfectly welcome to post over there, funny cyrillic text notwithstanding, but our site's servers are under attack and we can't access our /b/ so please make it stop!!!

Пнд 16 Дек 2013 05:19:26


Пнд 16 Дек 2013 05:22:08
u mad?

Пнд 16 Дек 2013 05:23:16

Пнд 16 Дек 2013 05:30:19
look, among all hunderd thousands of visitors of 2ch, you barely will met here and now 10 retards that ddosing the board you'd came from. also 2ch is mainboard. you shouldn't blame mainboard if the attack led by some anon from microboards.
sorry for your problem, but there is nothing we can do. the only thing i can tell you: ignore them. as they will get bored, they'll leave
2ch anon

Пнд 16 Дек 2013 05:32:40
why do you think its our ddos?

Пнд 16 Дек 2013 05:33:28

Пнд 16 Дек 2013 05:33:48
Its not us. Keep looking.

Пнд 16 Дек 2013 05:34:23
Краутчан тоже под ддосом местного рачка, кстати.

Пнд 16 Дек 2013 05:37:48
Главное, чтобы мою илитную обезьянью борду не вайпали, на остальные мелкопараши похуй. Все, как одна, пристанища анимедятлов и пониопущенок на нулевой, тут, хотя бы, такое не часто.

Пнд 16 Дек 2013 05:44:35
Feel free to post here, until ddos stops, we leave our bears home cause it's winter.

Пнд 16 Дек 2013 05:47:00

Пнд 16 Дек 2013 05:49:32
alright, nice board you have here
any message for my comrades?

Пнд 16 Дек 2013 05:52:43
its nice to be slim, go be fat somewhere else

Пнд 16 Дек 2013 05:57:35

yeah, who's your obese smiley face?

Пнд 16 Дек 2013 05:57:55
>Feel free to post here
Oh this faggot says "feel free" and all like - thank you dude now we feel free to post here! Wow! Such awesome! Thaks!
Fuck you! Like i can't this without your approvement.
>we leave our bears home cause it's winter.
You're leaved your fat mom.
>any message for my comrades?
Suck my dick!

Пнд 16 Дек 2013 06:11:29
that's it? you can leave your fat mom and that's all you'll get if that's the way that you feel.

Пнд 16 Дек 2013 06:18:21
>You're leaved your fat mom.
yep, today i'll fuck yours
>Suck my dick!
like it's something bad

Пнд 16 Дек 2013 06:22:44
>that you feel.
I'm an anonimus i have no feels nor emotions i am not a person at all. My name is a legion i'm not forgive and i not forget. But you cant understand this. This isn't your board, gtfo.
>today i'll fuck yours
Wow so strong joke. I wish to fuck her with you.
>like it's something bad
Surely not.

Пнд 16 Дек 2013 06:27:40
How are you? From what country you are?

Пнд 16 Дек 2013 06:27:47
now I'm anon just like you, and maybe I won't gtfo because, like it or not, this board is now my home, just as yours.
is that better?

Пнд 16 Дек 2013 06:28:24
wohoho, schoolonimous on board, all /b/ under the bed

Пнд 16 Дек 2013 06:31:22
Such cheap proections from the bidlo and govnied. Zero fucks for scum like you.
>is that better?
You're don't understand. There is never will be better. Ever. Life can to be worse and just worse.

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