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Птн 27 Дек 2013 02:40:18
Вся суть анона
We blame others and complain to and about them
because we refuse to accept the fact that we are
responsible for everything that happens to us. It is
much easier to blame someone else than to say, It is
I who has the problem: or, It is I who must change.
The person who habitually, complains and blames
others feels inadequate and tries to build himself up
by putting other people down.
We find fault with others because they do not accept
or comply with our own set of values. We compensate
for our feelings of inadequacy by trying to make
ourselves right and make them wrong. Notice that we
frequently do not like it when they do the things we
most dislike about ourselves. When we find fault with
their actions, in effect we are saying, I dont like
myself for doing that, so I cant let you get away
with it. It is psychologically true that we tend to
dislike most in other people those faults or
weaknesses that we have within ourselves.
Many people have a compulsive need for attention and
approval. They are unable to recognize and appreciate
themselves as worthy, adequate individuals of
importance. They have a compulsive need for
continuous confirmation that they are OK, and that
others accept and approve of them.
Persons with low self-esteem usually do not have
close friends. Because they do not like themselves,
they generally choose to be either loners, living
their lives apart from others, or manifest the
opposite behavior pattern and become aggressive,
overpowering, critical and demanding. Neither type
of personality is conducive to friendship.
If we have an obsession to win or be right all the
time, we are suffering from a desperate need to prove
ourselves to those around us. We try to do this
through our achievements. Our motivation is always to
receive acceptance and approval. The whole idea is to
be, in some way, better than the next person.
People who cannot live with themselves because they
do not like the way they are, usually try to satisfy
their needs through a form of substitution. Feeling
deprived and hurt they seek mental and physical
opiates to dull the ache. They medicate themselves
with food, drugs, alcohol or tobacco to get temporary
sensual satisfaction. This allows them to temporarily
cover up their emotional pain and poor self-esteem.
Over indulgence compensates for feelings of selfrejection.
It gives them a temporary reprieve from
facing reality and the growing need to change their
We get depressed because we think something outside
of ourselves is keeping us from having what we want.
We become totally discouraged with ourselves because
we feel out of control, inadequate and unworthy. The
frustration and anxiety in trying to live up to our
own expectations and those of others cause us to have
low self-esteem.

Птн 27 Дек 2013 02:41:07
Persons who are greedy and selfish have an
overwhelming sense of inadequacy. They are absorbed
in their own needs and desires that they must fulfill
at any cost to compensate for their lack of selfworth.
They seldom have the time or interest to be
concerned with others, even with the people who love
Low self-esteem is frequently accompanied by an
abnormal fear of making mistakes. Afraid that he may
not do what he should or what others expect him to
do, he usually does nothing at all or, at least,
delays doing anything for as long as possible. He is
reluctant to make a decision because he feels that he
is incapable of making the right one. So, if he
does nothing, he cannot make a mistake.
Another type of person who falls into this category
is the perfectionist. He has a similar personality
pattern, only he always needs to be right.
Basically insecure, he is intent on being above
criticism. In this way, he can feel better than
those who, according to his criteria, are less
Those who put up a false front feel less than
others around them. To counteract this, they often
name-drop, boast or exhibit such nervous mannerisms
as a loud voice or forced laughter, or use material
possessions to impress others. They will not let
anyone discover how they truly feel about themselves
and, in an effort to hide their inferiority, put up
false fronts to keep others so they think from
seeing them as they really are.
A feeling of self-pity or the poor me syndrome
results from our inability to take charge of our
lives. We have allowed ourselves to be placed at the
mercy of people, circumstances and conditions and are
always being pushed one way and then the other. We
permit people to upset, hurt, criticize and make us
angry because we have a leaning, dependent
personality and like attention and sympathy. We often
use illness as a means of controlling others because
we have learned that there is great power in playing
weakness routine. When we are sick or ill, others
will feel sorry for us and give us what we desire.
This is the severest form of self-criticism. People
who commit suicide are not trying to escape from the
world, they are escaping from themselves, the self
they have rejected and learned to despise. Instead of
facing up to the condition, which is at the root of
their problem, they feel hurt and resentful and seek
to put an end to it all. Their problem, of course,
is low self-esteem.

Птн 27 Дек 2013 02:42:56
Хуйня про 16-летних.

Птн 27 Дек 2013 02:42:58

Птн 27 Дек 2013 02:49:11
>Русская борда
>Английская паста
Ты охуел штоли мразь? я еще должен гуглопереводчиком пользоваться штоле? Шол бы ты отсюда..
Хотя на самомо деле пох, все равно сеч. переведу.

Птн 27 Дек 2013 02:53:09
>не знать элементарного анлийского

Птн 27 Дек 2013 02:53:32
Но мне 21.

Птн 27 Дек 2013 02:55:40
>Сейчас 2013
Тут-то ты и обосрался!

Птн 27 Дек 2013 02:59:01
4 дня до ведра же

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