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Пнд 30 Дек 2013 18:13:50
The official English embassy on 2ch
The official English embassy on 2chWhat about writing in English only in order to avoid ignorant schoolboys? They won't bother us any longer as their poor grammar gives them away at once, and you can just ignore such messages. Moreover, they'd be troubled to express a more complicated idea than "I fuck geese" with their school learning, and Google Translate wouldn't help them since it produces bad, and sometimes pointless translations which are easy to detect can be simply ignored as has been said above.

Пнд 30 Дек 2013 18:15:44
>which are easy to detect AND can be simply ignored

Пнд 30 Дек 2013 18:17:23
I passed ehams today. But i m almost a schoolboy in any case. Where is your god now?

Пнд 30 Дек 2013 18:17:57
Хуй в рот. Крутой поворот?

Пнд 30 Дек 2013 18:17:57

Пнд 30 Дек 2013 18:19:15
I spoken English greatly and making no mistakes, op is a dik.

Пнд 30 Дек 2013 18:20:03
По-английски писать научись, илитка ты наша.

Пнд 30 Дек 2013 18:20:05
Oh really?

Пнд 30 Дек 2013 18:21:43

Your sentence makes no sense since I can't see any connection between having passed some exams and being good at English.

Пнд 30 Дек 2013 18:28:01

Пнд 30 Дек 2013 18:29:34
Ja, echt. Du kannst leider nicht mich verstehen, aber das mir egal ist.

Пнд 30 Дек 2013 18:29:39
Hello to you, my dear fagget. How are you doing?

Пнд 30 Дек 2013 18:32:15
These threads are quite unnecessary, nobody here can speak English and, obviously, no-one profits from it.

Пнд 30 Дек 2013 18:35:40
ur ingli iz veri bed
gou fak yuself

Пнд 30 Дек 2013 18:35:48
Sch¬ler, beachte die W¦rterreihenfolge

Пнд 30 Дек 2013 18:40:56

"Yes, really. Unfortunately, you can't understand me, but I don't care."

Though I can only read German, I guess there's something wrong about that sentence.

Пнд 30 Дек 2013 18:45:09
I am vanging google translator or a schoolboy, or, rather both.

Пнд 30 Дек 2013 18:46:39
Лол, а просто игнорировать сообщения ты не можешь? В любом треде.

Пнд 30 Дек 2013 18:55:56

goingthrow upper-intermediate schoolboy

Пнд 30 Дек 2013 19:10:34
Buy male hat, and her for he perfect.
now its english anecdots tred

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