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Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:02:19
English thread
Only post in English

Lets do this thing

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:04:38
I will be bumping with sexy pics.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:05:19
How about GTFO?

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:06:06
Does 2ch like asians?

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:07:11
Well, no, actually
Post more readheads, please

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:07:36

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:07:49
Wat for my should have this headache?

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:09:41

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:10:25
This is one of my favorites.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:10:49

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:10:51

Well, let's analyze piecemeal thee written)) It seems that you really shell-shocked, offended life imbitsil)) Can you in the eye and say, ready to come to listen?) All that garbage is a simple written thee pizdabolstvo, Rambo you room)) on you wrote a lot, your life becomes better not)) do not complain tossing bags, a lot of you in the spring thawed)) About like you say, Mom did not want dad did not try) Take heed to my message to you <try to analyze and draw conclusions for yourself)

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:11:36
Nice one, mate!

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:12:24
Thanks I remember this amazing piece of work from yesterday.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:13:12

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:13:45
So are british gals such sluts as they say in those threads, or is it just one Semen's weird fantasy?

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:13:56
> simple written thee pizdabolstvo
> pizdabolstvo

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:13:56

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:14:02

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:15:00
Here is another of my favorites.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:15:06
Sosee hui, bydlo.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:17:25
I don't know. I live in the U.S. but U.K. girls look really good.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:17:27

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:18:48
Catch this cutie

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:19:02
Suck my dick, dirty slut

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:19:07
What feel do you speak of?

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:20:47
hi gays! sosite the xuy understand?

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:21:20

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:21:46
>What feel do you speak of?

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:22:06
What is white and goes up? - A confused snowflake.
What did the fish say, when it swam into the wall? - Dam!
I`m gonna get medieval on your asses, motherfuckers.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:23:00
Сажа с картинкой

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:23:02
I understand, anon.
Why do you blame me, anon?

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:23:56
Are you chinesse, aren't it?

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:23:59
What's goin' on in this thread?

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:25:52
Hey-hey whow i can search more of these?

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:25:58
Please post more awesome riddles.
English is going on ITT.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:26:24

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:29:22
I wish I knew.
Post more!

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:29:32
Пидоры , съебали нахуй с моих двочей .
Пиздуйте в свои гейропы и мирики и там дрочите на свой мерзкий язиг!

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:30:19
Hay peopl. I want too join with you talk.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:31:47
Hey! You're a cool guy, too!
Join us, friend. How are you today?

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:32:40
Which athlete is warmest in winter? - A long jumper.
Why did the dead baby cross the road? - Because it was glued to a chicken.
Wow, an actual person capable of supporting a conversation.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:32:55
Thank I am good. I speak little english.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:32:58
privet vsem itt, im from ukraina

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:33:12
U re a fuggod! :DDDD EBIN!

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:35:47
Your riddles are a little strange but I like them.
That is good. I can understand you perfectly even thought your English is not perfect.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:36:40
I meant to type "though" not "thought"

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:37:36
op dick son of a jackal and seal

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:38:10
You are from Ukraine? How is Ukraine life?
Ebin. simply ebin :DDDDDDD

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:38:27
Куда тут писать? Всем привет, это Женя из Перми.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:39:33
>сем привет, это Женя из Перми.
trade zashkvaren

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:40:12
That's a new one. Thanks.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:42:04

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:42:31
Но я не сидел

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:43:02
I'm feeling alone in any company

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:44:31
How long is too long?

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:44:34
What`s up guys!

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:45:06
Wassup dude!
No need to feel alone!

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:45:10
i fack al yor moms xxxxDDDDDDDDDD

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:46:12
Hi there anon

i got a girlfriend but she acts like i'm not here

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:46:26
I don't know.
Check these dubs, bro.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:47:25
Thanks please tell me more.
Why do she act like that? Do you have a tiny penis?

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:47:52
What the hell is going on? Where is YOBA?
How r u, guyz?

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:48:10
'does' not 'do'

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:48:30
i fack u to ))

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:48:55
Privet rebyata))

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:49:38
Who is YOBA?
I am okay. And you?
Wow! Please tell me more, anon.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:49:41
Hi 2ch. My name Sychev. I have a friend Erohin. Mother constantly berates me says that I need to be as Erohin. I also have one chan. But she went to Erokhin. Ask your answers.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:50:31
I have an idea.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:50:50
ur faget)

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:50:59
Privet yoba

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:51:55

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:52:01
GTFO you freakin cockeyed vodka-drinking ruzke.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:52:29
I suck cocks.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:52:38
LАmp is one of CАT Аnd I Hickey DVАCHIK prompt Аs me to the lАmp ITS divorce EBLYU In PERDАCHELLO ?
АLL WHORES of CАT , Аnd my not А whore
I Hickey , who feeds the nurse , but becАuse of life experience I know thАt Аll of CАT WHORES . EG LenkА from my group Аt the university I'M GIVING АND SPRINGS HUYTSOV on the heАp . SHORTER , POSONY , TiАn- you do not need !
THIS IS NOT EOT threАd ! CАSE THАT IS NyАshА - clАssmАte , quiet , unАssuming . HOW TO THАT I mistimed Hickey !
АNON , do not rush HIDE threАd !
I Hickey Аnd I need to lie LАmp ITS VIEW ONIME THEN MАKE ITS ME Fingering Аnd eАt my cum , then I NАssim ON HER , АND АLL SO GENTLE lАmp, but yet , АNON , I would like to insert Аn THIRTY centimeter dildo Аnd while SHE WILL LАmp confound shit in front of her ! It's so LАmp !
LАmp nyАshnost THREE SQUАRE LАMP ONLY Hickey Аnd lАmp nyАshno АND LАMPS АND Hickey - NyАshА . LАMP LАmp STESNYАSHI WАRM lАmplight , nyАshno NYАSHI ZHIRUHI NOT АND DO NOT TP , nАmely diffidence NYАSHI STESNYАSHI under the lАmp .
This is no ordinАry EOT threАd ......... There is one of CАT

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:52:58
Im laughing of the pidorashkas, who can`t understand english. I hate my grammar, because I can fluently watch films, understand 90% of english texts, but when Im texting - its awful.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:53:08
You what???
i almost understood. Explain a little better.
No u.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:53:39
Ну давай разберем по частям, тобою написанное ) Складывается впечатление что ты реально контуженный , обиженный жизнью имбицил ) Могу тебе и в глаза сказать, готов подойти послушать) Вся та хуйня тобою написанное это простое пиздабольство , паладин ты комнатный)) от того что ты много написал, жизнь твоя лучше не станет) пиздеть не мешки ворочить, много вас таких по весне оттаяло ) Про таких как ты говорят Мама не хотела, папа не старался) Вникай в моё послание тебе постарайся проанализировать и сделать выводы для себя )

А кто может нормально перевести это?

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:53:55
Опять говорю: иди на хуй.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:54:34
But I am latinos.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:54:38
I son-basket that's how my mom says.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:55:12
Snaked up XD

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:55:13
Don't be an asshole, anon. Vodka is good.
I can understand your text fine.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:55:23
How i do learn english?

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:55:32
Well, let's analyze piecemeal thee written) the impression that you really shell-shocked, offended life imbitsil) Can you in the eye and say, ready to go listen) All that garbage is a simple written thee pizdabolstvo paladin you room)) from what you lot wrote your life better not be) not complain tossing bags, a lot of you in the spring thawed) About like you say Mom did not want dad did not try) Take heed to my message you try to analyze and draw conclusions for themselves)

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:55:46
dafuq? Which part you didnt understood? I was pretty sure u know the lang, man. screw u

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:56:15
Было уже, школьник. Я нормальный перевод прошу.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:56:22
Whats it going to be then, eh?
There was me, that is Alex, and my three droogs, that is Pete, Georgie, and Dim. Dim being really dim, and we sat in the Korova Milkbar making up our rassoodocks and then three bricks on his chest I just arrived under fire cannon heart beat did not want the body could not move , the head paddle. Blurry picture - but I breathe all to spite me kicked , so that only I could not get up . What is there to breathe! I could not even groan . One son of a bitch has stuck in my foot awl, just so he nishtyak see blood on the knee. I crawled like a snake , considering the evil snout beast killed one dared to spit on me , clutching a wad of losing mental control, I flew out of the body by a bullet, watching him, memorizing the tone, structure , words. I last effort celestial back into itself, and only the loud laughter of those dirty goats in memory captures the outbreak of war without words.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:57:31
You're a son-basket?
That does not make any sense. Sorry.
Just practice! You are pretty good already.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:57:48
It`s cool, anon, really. My apologize, but I should roll out to other thread, see you later.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:58:00
Ну так иди нахуй тогда, если б не наезжал, возможно, перевёл бы.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:59:14
I sit on dvash and it is good

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:59:36
You're going to have to make another vocaroo, man. The accent was very thick.
A Clockwork Orange is one of my favorite films!

Суб 11 Янв 2014 16:59:40
And I love besmear oneself not fresh by shit and masturbate. Every day I go to the ground with a black trash bag and Soberano shit in it all that I see. Two full day out of the bag. But when, after a hard day I come home, go to the bathroom, turn on the hot water ... mmm and dump it in their treasure. And masturbate imagining that I swallowed a single organism shit. I do think that shit, know how to think, they have their own families, cities, feelings, do not flush them down the toilet, it is best to shelter themselves, talk to them, pat them .... And yesterday, in the bathroom, I unleavened wonderful dream, as if I dived into the sea, and it has developed into the shit, fish, seaweed, jellyfish, all of shit, even the sky, even Allah.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:00:46
>если б не наезжал, возможно, перевёл бы.
Отмазка уровня тупой пизды. Я должен ко всем людям, которые ведут себя как идиоты, относится нормально, потому что они могут потенциально мне в чем-то помочь? Может им просто не надо вести себя, как идиоты?

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:00:57

Get out of here, quilted jackets.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:01:08
Simple. You just need to learn it, fucktard.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:01:40
I have the same problem, i can understand english just fine, but i can't make worthy phrases on my own.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:01:56
fak you

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:02:16
Mom hurt cocoa in your mouth! You anal sadism, I'm your mom cocoa in your mouth. Why have you got dirty, son? Who is your mother? I'm your mom cocoa kakashkin you! Why have you got dirty son? This kefirchik! Let me give you poop! You anal mom I kefirchik your affectionate mother! And why from ass sticking robot arm? I guarantee your mother, affectionate mother, and I kakashkin, affectionate kakashkin, I doctor shaved pubic mustache mustache waving cocoa pisyulku hurt my mouth. You hurt cry, and my mother beat you strap on the ass and cocoa in your mouth! Once the robot keeps you from harm! He's strong and funny! You're a funny kakashkin! Even the doctor can help you, he will not help you eat shit you eat shit shit sing kakashkin, affectionate robot smazh smazh cream cream cream smazh. You have easier it worse easier for you you you Zhuzhe bile body Juju you zhkol body zhozhuzhu! Smear cream mom said smear cream. And it hurts mom cocoa and quilted strap robot I cried treated KAKASHKIN! FUNNY kakashkin. Kill me cocoa in my mouth Kalak my cocoa Macau no! NO!! KAKALDA in my mouth! KAKAKLA my mouth. MASCH CREAM!! Little bitch, let me kiss you.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:02:19
And how I guess Decl is one of your favorite artists?

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:02:57
>не надо вести себя, как идиоты
>перевод прошу

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:03:09
You made a mistake even in this simple phrase.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:03:19

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:03:24
Хули тебе ясно?

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:03:33
That was a worthy phrase, anon. I completely understood it.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:04:15
Всё ясно.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:04:54

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:04:54
Thanks, bro. I'm flattered.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:05:14
Try harder.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:05:19
and you too fak
ёбана гыгыгыгыгыггыгыгы

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:05:45
Suck my dick.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:06:26
Well, let's analyze piecemeal thee written)) It seems that you really shell-shocked, offended life imbitsil)) Can you in the eye and say, ready to come to listen?) All that garbage is a simple written thee pizdabolstvo, Rambo you room)) on you wrote a lot, your life becomes better not)) do not complain tossing bags, a lot of you in the spring thawed)) About like you say, Mom did not want dad did not try) Take heed to my message to you &amp;lt;try to analyze and draw conclusions for yourself)

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:06:41
Well, let's analyze piece by piece, what you've written ) You make impression of really contused , offended by life imbecile ) I can say to you face to face, ready to come and listen) All that nonsense written by you is bullshit , you indoor paladin)) your life won't get better, because you wrote a lot) telling shit isn't moving bags, a lot of people such as you thawed by the spring ) They say about such as you mother didn't want, father didn't even try) Listen my message to you hard try to analyze and make conclusions for yourself)

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:06:52
Get 616161

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:07:12
SPURDO SPARDO! X--------:Ddddddddd EBIN!! please post some ebin pics, losing every time I see them

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:07:21
i need give vodka to my bear.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:07:25
Woah! Why are you so mad?
You're welcome, friend.
Your English is excellent!
Why are you concerned about it?

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:07:27

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:09:09
nobody cares

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:09:21

Anyways, it has been nice chatting with you, 2ch. I am going to log off now. See you later.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:09:24
>Rambo you room


Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:09:24

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:09:56
Are you kidding me, you sick son of a bitch?

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:10:22
Well, maybe because i speak english not very often.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:11:54
I see, then Doha ilitka going? Well, I can also talk to your anglitskom. Suck.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:12:24
Hello you all, motherfuckers
So, did anybody of you travel to usa, england, or canada?
I mean how often do you speak with foreigners?

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:13:04
i fucked your mama lol xd)))))

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:13:28
I can only speak to my own, before sleeping.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:15:59
What's going on on this itt thread, motherfuckers?

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:16:08
I've never been to any of foreign countries, I talk to foreigners only in chat rooms. Works for me.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:16:32

I've graduated from an American uni. Returned to my homecountry. Haven't really talked to any language bearers since.

Sad frog that turns into a pohui frog

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:17:44

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:17:45

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:18:51
Hi, my name is Anton. I,m from Pidorashka. I have a cat. I like poo ice-cream. It's a table!

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:18:55
hi guys. I also want English pobazarit. I have a fairly good knowledge of English, but I want to improve it. help me?

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:19:03
Let's analyze what you wrote)) you are making an impression that you are really shell-shocked, injured by life imbecile)) I can say it eye by eye do you ready to listen) all That shit wrote by you is fucking lie, room paladin)) by the fact that you wrote so much, your life isn't will be better)) that bullshit isn't hard work)) many of you thawed in the spring)) People say about you that you mom didn't want and your dad didn't try) Analyze my message and try to don't make your fail in the future))

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:19:05
Hellou evrivan, mai neim is Sasha. I nou inglish veri gut.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:19:26
> I,m

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:20:04
Ya washu mamu ebal, uebekke

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:21:16
I've returned from trip to India recently. Indian accent is simply pain in the arse. It's like jamaican, but much worse.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:23:16
Баньте долбоёбов

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:24:14
ban ur mum faget ))

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:25:07

It's nothing like jamaican, you dickface. It's extremely easy to understand what Indians are saying, while I still don't understand what Jamaican are talking about most of the time. Also, fucking jamaicans use a lot of their language, whilst speaking english, dimebag fuckhead bastards.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:25:15
Never been outside my city, but forced to speak in english at work every day

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:26:14
Why do you want yourself banned? Can't quit 2ch on your own?

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:27:01
I'm from UK, why do you guys keep saying our nice teen girls are sluts? They are nowhere near as slutty as they appear to be, just young teen babes that they are. I believe the Russian name for this is "mokroshielki"

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:27:30

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:28:01
No, programmer

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:32:06
There was a cab driver that was speaking just like Jamaican. But he wasn't.
Also, Jamaicans are rather easy to understand, while most Indians sounds like they are speaking through their asses. Word "accident" sounded like "aidiend".

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:32:54
> But he wasn't Jamaican.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:34:19

British girls are usually really sweet in life and fairly easy to have sex with, because they are open about their sexuality. At the same time, girls in Russia behave like total dimebag hobo sluts, but are NEVER going to sleep with you, unless you provide something valuable in return (lots of drinks, jewelery, car ride, you name it). So, yeah, your girls are great, ours are shit. That's that. Or, in other words, takie dela.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:36:28

Idk, maybe we're just different in terms of speech comprehension. Or, probably, we have been earfucked. That's possible.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:40:28
Hillow mai diar ingrish friends. I'd lice tu spik with you on foreign languadge. I'm not weri well in eng., bat maybi you can tich mi sum?

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:41:33
British girls are usually sweet when observed from a distance, once a conversation starts you will be astounded by shortcomings of local education system, lack of solid family values and overall female dignity. Russian girls are just spoiled by get rich fast mobsters and expect favours in return for sex. A huli delat'.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:41:34

I can teach your mom to cum. Oh, wait, I've already done that, nevermind.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:43:59
Bat then, yo wake up at lection with pants ful of shit. Haw abaut tu giv me a blowjob?

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:45:27
Yeah, I guess that's the reason.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:46:37
What's wrong with their education system?

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:46:38

Your mom is my lecturer. She just wanted me to take a shit on her, so I did. Btw, it's abot time to start calling me daddy now.


Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:47:19
Тред полон пидорашек.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:48:56

>shortcomings of local education system, lack of solid family values and overall female dignity

Right, like it's bad or something or like it's any different from Russian vagspois, please

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:49:46

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:50:22
Onli in yor wet fantasy could bi that. Bat in fact we hav hir a scool boy, ho fuck his ass up wen the parents went off

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:51:36

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:52:41
Well, should you be from Russia your education system will soon be no different.
Main problem here is that everyone is expected to pass, no matter how inept or plain dumb a person is. This is called tolerance to those less capable. Bad class behaviour is also tolerated to extream, resulting in noisy and disorderly teaching environment.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:53:05
Bueno, vamos a analizar ti poco a poco escrito) la impresiЈn de que usted realmente traumatizado, ofendido imbitsil vida) oSe puede a los ojos y decir, listo para ir a escuchar) Toda esa basura es un simple te escrito pizdabolstvo usted paladќn habitaciЈn)) a partir de lo que muchos escribiЈ su vida mejor no ser) no se quejan bolsas lanzando, que muchos de ustedes en la primavera descongelado) Acerca de como usted dice mam‘ no querќa que pap‘ no lo probamos) Mirad a mi mensaje intenta analizar y sacar conclusiones por sќ mismos)

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:54:26

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:54:56
Ну, мы будем смотреть на вас мало-помалу письменной форме) впечатление, что вы действительно травмированы и обижаться имбицил жизни) Может глаза и сказать, готовы пойти слушать) Все, что дерьмо это простой воля написано pizdabolstvo вас паладина комнате )) от того, что многие писали свою жизнь лучше не быть) не бросали мешки жалуются, что многие из вас в весенней оттепели) О, как ты говоришь мама не хотела папа не пробовал) Вот моя попытка проанализировать сообщение и сделать выводы для себя)

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:57:26

Суб 11 Янв 2014 17:57:30

На уровне грунта.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 18:01:32
Not bad at all, it creates a veggy like biorobot that the economy/government need.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 18:04:03
О чём тред? Я понял, что ОП хочет показать, что он немного владеет иностранным языком, но это понятно из шапки. Дальше что

Суб 11 Янв 2014 18:07:14
It is trid abaut OP, who can in ingrish. Yo mast tu write onli on inglish

Суб 11 Янв 2014 18:08:15

I disagree, but I ain't gona argue 'bout that. I'm just gona say that traditional family, being the epithome of private property-oriented society, is the reason this world is so fucked up. Hippies were terribly wrong about lots of things. But they were absolutely right about the destructive nature of the traditional male-female relations.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 18:08:43


Суб 11 Янв 2014 18:11:00

Суб 11 Янв 2014 18:13:27
Nuclear family concept will all of its sociology gayness is seen as foundation of all societies, even the most primitive ones. but lets not argue too much this god given saturday. hippies with their attitude to work and procreation are themselves destructive to the limits.

Суб 11 Янв 2014 18:17:52
> a scool boy, ho fuck his ass up wen the parents went off
And what's wrong with that?

Суб 11 Янв 2014 18:18:21

It's the traditional view, and I don't think traditional views are applicable today, when the ways we, the humans, communicate and coexist shift tremendously. And, as I said, I don't think hippies any constructive too. Neverthless, you are right, let's not argue today. Have a good one. Cheers

Суб 11 Янв 2014 18:19:07
Че это тут?))))))))))))))

Суб 11 Янв 2014 18:25:14
>>60620413 >>60620153
I wonder is because of english language, that this conversation went so smooth?
You rarely see something like this here.

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