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Срд 22 Янв 2014 18:02:57
Monarch Mind Control
Monarch Mind Control Monarch Mind Control is a form of mind control which creates a mind control slave by utilizing the human brain's trauma response of dissociation to create a form of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) wherein various triggers can cause the slave personality to surface and respond to commands given by the master ("Handler" in Monarch parlance).

Срд 22 Янв 2014 18:04:24
Да иди ты

Срд 22 Янв 2014 18:05:17
The Monarch Mind Control designation was originally applied by the US Department of Defense to a sub-program under the CIA's MK-Ultra Program. However, the techniques employed in the Monarch programming system extend back further under various names, such as the Nazi marionette programming.

Even further back, the techniques used in Monarch programming can be traced to various generational Satanist families among European royalty. The MPD state created by the Monarch programming techniques were used to isolate the personality involved in Satanic rituals from a public face. Without this alternate personality, the nobles practicing Satanism inevitably went insane, so it's practice spread rapidly through the occult community.

Срд 22 Янв 2014 18:09:41
It is unclear who first started practicing the MPD techniques as a way of creating mind control slaves rather than as a defense mechanism, but it is clear that the Nazis were using Electro-shock and binding to create slaves in the 1940s. After World War II, some German and Italian psychologists who were working on Marionette programming were brought to the United States to continue working on their research.

After the original development of the Monarch program inside of MK-Ultra, it has been adopted by other groups such as the Illuminati and the American entertainment industry. Very notably, since the 1970's the Disney corporation has been involved heavily in Monarch programming, and several of their films (especially Alice in Wonderland) are used as a base for Monarch programming.

Срд 22 Янв 2014 18:12:22
Сажи быдлу

Срд 22 Янв 2014 18:13:55
Over 1 million Americans have had Monarch programming applied to them.

Срд 22 Янв 2014 18:18:03
Monarch programming is achieved through repeated abuse and torture, until the victim dissociates from reality into a fantasy world in their head. When that happens somehow an alternate personality is created, and the handler (abuser) can trigger this personality at any time.

Срд 22 Янв 2014 18:34:12

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