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Суб 08 Фев 2014 10:56:24
Приятные мелочи жизни
Приятные мелочи жизни Сап, анон. В этом ИТТ треде делимся мелочами, которые нас радуют и согревают. Будь это фап по утрам или ложка сгущенки в чай. У меня сейчас тепло на душе - у моей тян месячные. Вот уже полгода мы ебёмся без защиты, и каждый месяц я сцусь от страха из-за каждого дня задержки. Но сегодня можно расслабить булки. Радостей тред го.

Суб 08 Фев 2014 10:57:37
>У меня сейчас тепло на душе - у моей тян месячные.
И сразу нахуй. Съебал отсюда.

Призываю вайпер-куна итт.

Суб 08 Фев 2014 10:58:43
Я работаю в говне за копейки, девушки нет, друзей тоже, все бесит, депрессия на протяжении нескольких лет, планирую выпилиться в конце месяца Exit Bag'ом на квартире, снятой на ночь. Но сегодня с утра никого дома нет, потому я пою на вокару как ебанутый.

Суб 08 Фев 2014 10:59:01
Блядь, анон, да нахуй мне не нужно никого тралить. Уйми свой баритон.

Суб 08 Фев 2014 11:01:01
Демонам не верим.

Суб 08 Фев 2014 11:02:21
Пошел нахуй.

Суб 08 Фев 2014 11:02:42
Да и правильно, в пизду ракопидораса.

Суб 08 Фев 2014 11:03:38

Csaba Hegedus2 weeks ago

this song reminds me of a girl i used to love. she didn't even noticed me...
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TheKenjoje15 hours ago (edited)

still, the actual point is the one regrets the period in life that has gone by, rather than regreting about that person....the person is just a symbolic object of nostalgic emotion....
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Alba Trindade2 weeks ago

great song!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ilya Smerdov2 months ago

Great music!!!!
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art bell3 weeks ago

Heard this song trippin on LSD years ago. Never got over it. It's a great fuckin song!
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arturilli Mc2 months ago

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Sofie .Van Wijnsberge2 months ago

Tears in my eyes.. This song is so good, it's perfect..
Reply · 4

Mr0345702 months ago

perfect is just the right word for it...
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Sofie .Van Wijnsberge2 months ago

Yes it is..
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Ferari TDS1 month ago

Great song < 3
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Florin Dumitru3 months ago

Magic FM :>

skoupanos3 months agoin reply to Darius Spartacus

why ??

??????? ???????3 months ago


Adriana Banker via Google+6 months ago


Kitti Siripitakchai via Google+2 years ago

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massimo ziosi11 months ago


Indian .Sunset10 months agoin reply to IamJacksColon4

Thanx jacks colon, but I have to go with the idea that it is his way to remember his PIN for his credit card. LOL

John Tranecol1 year agoin reply to Indian .Sunset

He he he he....it's a silly text...with no real meaning to convey...perhaps one, but only to the writer of the song...and I'm not even sure. So, do not worry, it's just one of those songs which for some reason were successful at a certain pint, when our ears were vulnerable...and that's it. The music is not too bad though...a bit like heroic-epic...like it is about something important, something it has to be sang about... but in fact it is not. Just music could be better.

JohnTheRec[sup]laimer6 months agoin reply to Hermann Fegelein

:D :D :D[/sup]

Corrado Nico3 years agoin reply to chungchunlee

@chungchunlee I wish I knew, too.... Can anybody answer to this? Thanks

Jose Pacohuanca3 years ago

qe buena music

villarino099992 years ago

musica para mis oidos:) eso es lo que quiero, gracias!!!!!!!!

Louis Vast-Prouv?e7 months ago

To me it's a great song but it isn't very popular

Суб 08 Фев 2014 11:04:56

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Top comments

Electra Flame via Google+1 day ago

The Police - Every Breath You Take
Reply · 2

Trend101Warrior3 weeks ago

It's weird that I was listening to P. Diddy's version before going to this video. Both versions are very good imo.
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Toucan SonofSam1 week ago

Thank you go fuck your mother
Reply · 2

Chelsea Akins3 days ago

P Diddy sampled this song to honor a friend who died. Sting, the singer for the Police, sang with with him in concert once. :)
Reply · 2

Fredrik Lembke2 weeks ago

wich is the original artist? anyone? sting?
Reply · 4

MADD JACK2 weeks ago

Sting of course. Diddy was just a kid when this song came out.
Reply · 16

Franky Fourfingers3 weeks ago

NSA theme song
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>NAVYSEAL_777PSN1 week ago

+streetrage ME TOO
Reply · 3

YouLostTheGame971 week ago

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Elizabeth Shiflet1 month ago

As in bird watching?
Reply ·

warriorofpokes9 hours ago

As in people watching... O_O
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blessedboydragon2 days ago

Yandere XD
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Raquel Hannah Theuma6 days ago

Amazing this music never gets old
Reply · 1

T-Jay Harrison Harriosn6 days ago

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Bill Nill6 days ago

This song is about someone's wife cheating on them and now he is watching every breathe she takes every vow she breaks since the night she went away! Duhh doesn't anybody get that!!! He is not stalking someone only watching every move his wife makes now. Genius and great song by the way!!!
Reply · 3

danielle kosa1 week ago

good song creep, kinda reminds me a of a stalker but a good song either way

Reply · 1

NAVYSEAL_777PSN1 week ago

Reply · 5

andika lesmana tauhid via Google+1 week ago

the police..
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Jessica Ross1 week ago

Love this song!
Reply · 1

fromdreamtodream1 week ago

this song's lyrics are really scary... It's even more so because it makes stalking sound somehow not so bad... (shivers) Very intelligent easygoing music for such twisted lyrics!
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gareth white1 week ago

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Faith Hollinrake1 week ago

oh can't you seeeee
I am creeeepy
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plowboyes3 weeks ago

..almost 22 million views. Great music never dies.
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plowboyes3 weeks ago

+totallyamazing36..yep, a great song Dear Marilyn. Welcome to the weekend..:)) ENJOY.! Thx:)
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plowboyes3 weeks ago

+bettyd1954 Hey thare Betty.:) Worky,worky for you.? I'm on lunchbreak..soup & sandwich.:) Colder here,but sunny.! Hope your friday is going good country girl. Need I say be good.? (don't even think about it right.?.!.:)..lol. love ya, welcome to the weekend, ta ta.:)
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Nini Tvaradze via Google+1 week ago

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Allie S.2 weeks ago

This song is either terrifying or hilarious and I love it
Reply · 2

Ellie Saye1 week ago

Lol am I the only one who love this song because the lyrics are so creepy? This is like the stalker national anthem lol
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Суб 08 Фев 2014 11:06:07

Ibelieve Onlyinlove via Google+1 week ago

Reply · 11

TheFilipinoBoxer1 week ago

helps me get through the middle of February effectively. dont judge me. lol
Reply · 9

TheMidnitekid2 months ago

One of the best songs of all time
Reply · 72

Rob Fraser1 week ago

So many songs have fantastic lyrics and shit music, or the other way round, occasionally you get a song where it just seems like the sound and the words were destined to be together. This song is one of those.
Reply · 25

Claudia Novo9 hours ago

Totally agree with you,,
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Enki35Productions via Google+2 weeks ago

My favorite. Beautiful!!! The music says it all. The sound. :)
Reply · 7

Enki35Productions2 weeks ago

Love this song!!!
Reply · 3

KnucklePunch3112 weeks ago (edited)

i can't describe how much this song fits my life right now. my GF and i had some problems the last weeks and month. it just didn't work out so well anymore. and at some point she gave herself away to another guy.
it destroyed me inside.
i can't let her go because i love her so much. but neither i can stay with her because i can't get over what she did to me. i don't know what to do.
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KnucklePunch3111 week ago

+Nikos Moskofidis thanks man. really appreciate all the words from you and from all of you. not all girls are like that. but sometimes in life you just bite in a rotten apple. even though i never had an apple before that has been so wonderful from the outside, but then gave me the worst taste i could ever imagine on this world.
Reply ·

Joe Carne2 days ago

I know what you're going through, Knuckle my man. I'd like to say it gets easier, but regrettably, it doesn't. But if you love her that much, for her to do that, she probably didn't deserve you, dude :)
Reply · 1

Tesalonika Tambunan via Google+4 weeks ago

see the stone set in your eye.....i wait for you....
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BramPwnager2 weeks ago

It's more like Love U2 2
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Tesalonika Tambunan1 week ago

+BramPwnager Hahahahah
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Jennifer Watkins via Google+1 month ago

1987 U2, With or without you.
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Jennifer Watkins1 month ago

+Tim O'Donnell. Hello thanks for sharing.
Reply · 2

Prince Delirium4 weeks ago

+Tim O'Donnell There is no shame in tears, no shame in fears... The only shame we obtain are those we steer clear... We are creatures with abundance of feelings, there is no shame in embracing that which make's us who we are!
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alexandra greubel via Google+1 month ago

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alexandra greubel1 month ago

Yeah, but I don't really use it. I think it's kinda nonsense. It's right here. TYPE O NEGATIVE. haha my Blood Type. ;) https://twitter.com/alexand26529981
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Justin Fernandes1 month ago

I hate modern "pop music" Just gimme u2 or Journey and I'm good!
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DerRobMann (R.T. West)3 weeks ago

+Anna Nicole Don't know who or wha
t you're agreeing on, but anyone with a name like Anna Nicole deserves a "Hello". How just plain pretty and there for you a name!
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Hope Collins3 weeks ago

+DerRobMann (R.T. West) Thanks.
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Juliane Schramm via Google+2 months ago

Great song!
Reply · 15

McDoodleFart3 months ago

when you see a profile pic 3 or more times in the same comment section you just know it is some kind of firefight in de comment section :p

Pablo Federico Fidel Am?ndola3 months ago

Que gran tema de U2. Un cl?sico a esta altura.

emerald7643 months agoin reply to shykeas1

It's waste, not waist :)

shykeas13 months agoin reply to emerald764

Thanks! :]

ComputaSezNo3 months agoin reply to shykeas1

shhhh, you dont get what i was trying to do, i have had enough and you are wasting my time.

shykeas13 months agoin reply to ComputaSezNo

This is my final reply because you obviously don't get it. Hopefully you unde
rstand by this last one. It's on you to decide: I wasn't waisting ANY of your time before I said ANYTHING about waisting ANY of ANYONE'S time. I hope you understand and have the bestest of all days. Don't reply, because I won't read any of your shitty comments anyway. Have a good life waisting your time. Because you obviously like it when I waist mine.

shykeas13 months agoin reply to ComputaSezNo

Jeez, you are one ungreatful backstabber. I "PERSONALLY" told you I was waisting my own time to help you out. And you ask why I'm waisting my time? You are no different from everyone else. Yet again, I waist my time to help you. Other people who read these comments,
unlike you, will get the point I'm making. You obviously don't. G
ood day.

ComputaSezNo3 months agoin reply to shykeas1

why are you answering me then? You are telling me to ignore people on the internet because their opinion doesn't matter, but jeez... Just "Walk away" from me!

Ucha Nekome3 months agoin reply to shykeas1

Logic this guy has it...Let's all stop bickering and listen to the nostalgic awesomeness. I personally think people shouldn't talk about dead loved ones on the internet. But that's an opinion, take it or leave it.

Суб 08 Фев 2014 11:07:09

sameer gokhale11 hours ago

so depressing
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SuperPokeGuitar136 days ago

hai guys i wes ]broguhteed heree kcause pewdpie ais soocoool k kthanks bi
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PopulationControl1013 days ago

pewdpie iz best pie
Reply · 1

SuperPokeGuitar133 days ago
It was a clearly a joke. But i dont have anything against pewdiepie. Hes alright. The fans piss me off though
Repl[sup]y · 4

CP3LobCity1 week ago

Found this song from my Geography class
Reply · 4[/sup]

jamie whelan1 week ago

only just hearing this now wow u gunna have missed few gd 1s lol
Reply · 3

Alexandra Nussey2 weeks ago

Who else is here because of Felix? :) (pewdiepie)
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heichuu (????)4 days ago

also muted :)

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Johannes Andexer3 days ago

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Hunni Bee3 weeks ago

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Brooke Thomas2 weeks ago

+JamiePackmule1 6 days ago
Reply · 1

Randy2 weeks ago

+Brooke Thomas
20 days ago

Reply · 1

Theinsanesailor1 month ago

"There are many things that I would like to say to you but I don't know how" Sums up how I feel....felt.......still feel about this girl. Now I know what to say, but too far gone.....
Reply · 25

RustedShards3 weeks ago

that fucking sucks :/
Reply · 5

Will Ferrous3 weeks ago

its ironic how the song is actually not a love song, and is about an imaginary friend saving one from oneself, possibly in the context of suicide.
Reply · 3

Lexi Barrow1 month ago

((XD Me and my mom changed it to "you're my butterball"))
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Bubby Luna1 week ago

+starcatfri Or they are having a serious conversation...
Reply ·

LittlestPetShopSophia1 week ago

+Lexi Barrow Hetalia?
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Cylie Strzyzykowski1 month ago

Am I the only person that came here because of Felix's adorble video to marzia a while ago??
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Aldo Padr?n1 week ago

+brooklyn morris hahahahaha sorry, I didn?t know :)
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brooklyn morris1 week ago

+Aldo Padr?n its alright;)
Reply · 1

RustedShards1 month ago

Charlie Pace
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RustedShards3 weeks ago

+Aldo Padr?n Lost is probably one of the best things i've ever seen, i love it so much xD
Reply · 1

Aldo Padr?n3 weeks ago

I know, it was the first show (I?m Mexican I don?t know if it?s called a show) I watched entirely, my family and I watched it all 2 times xD but we got really sad with the last scene
Reply ·

chris26843 months agoin reply to MultiMeg1

Wub wub ?

Cameron Shewan3 months agoin reply to st

Skrillex is a dubstep artist who uses computer tech to make "music". So yes, he is terrible (hence me puttting speech marks around "music".)

Carlos Serra3 months agoin reply to Pat Watson

go asshole. the fagot you are. this is music. oh by the way Wipe your fucking face

Ian Black3 months agoin reply to Carlos Serra


Cameron Shewan3 months agoin reply to Jorgen297

The number of thumbs up is astonishing. There must be LOADS of people who agree with you! Lol you fail.

conrad hill3 months agoin reply to Jorgen297

lol look at all those likes...

Mike Somers3 months agoin reply to stupidfunnyguy62

Skrillex is a computer taking a
shit into your speakers. Complete garbage. Don't try to find it, save yourself from it's atrocities.

stupidfunnyguy623 months ago

who or what the fuck is skrillex because im pretty sure by the name its terrible but idk someone explain what or who skrillex is.

Deepak Pandey3 months agoin reply to Pat Watson

GokU everywhere

Period.3 months ago

I really love the lyrics and tempo of this song, but I can't say I'm crazy about the delivery.

ryan odonnell3 months agoin reply to Pat W

haha i agree with you a hundred percent

Суб 08 Фев 2014 11:08:38

Lord Nadner7 hours ago

I miss coldplay.. they havent done anything in so long
Reply ·

Matt Monster1 day ago

This video got more views than vevo
Reply · 3

For1tDaFuq5 days ago

I'm crying :'( . I'm in love with a beautiful girl, the problem is ... I do not know how to express what I feel for her. But I will fight for it, and will comment in response when I get to have his love.
Reply · 35
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Lord Nadner7 hours ago

+Hamoudeish1 I am out going but when it comes to girls that I have a crush on can't talk...
Reply ·

Hamoudeish14 hours ago

+Lord Nadner Me neither man it's so hard, even if I know that my crush likes me it's still hard, well as they say "It's better to try than to be sad after" :D
Reply ·

Catherine Barr5 days ago

This song means a lot to me because my dad died a few years ago and we're approaching his death anniversary (16th Feb). I just want to turn back the clock so I can say my final goodbye to him. I didn't get to say my proper final goodbye because he died when he went on business. 'Nobody said it was easy… Or take me back to the start…' And now I'm like full on crying. I miss you, Daddy… I wish you were here </3
Reply · 27
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Yonna Wilkerson3 days ago

I can't say I know how you feel because each person feels things differently. But I can relate to you. My father's birthday and death date are the same. It is always a difficult day.
Reply · 2

kidkill863 days ago

My lil homie just died a few days ago, he was like my little brother, i figure its gonna hurt for a for a long time, he had a lot of plans and dreams he never got to see, he was only 15, but he touched alot of peoples hearts and he will be sorely missed. I know alot of people can relate and i know it will get better and my heart goes out to his real family and everyone else that has lost someone so close....
Reply ·

Goddess Within5 days ago

Magic..pure and utter magic.
Reply ·

Christina Oviedo1 day ago

Reply ·

valerie whisnant6 days ago

Reply · 8

Jacqui Crawford1 week ago

Cool song....nice voice....lyrics make you think too....if I told....then they would no longer be secrets!.....hehe
Reply · 6

Nutsa Chubinidze1 week ago

I'm crying like an idiot,my little brother entered my room and laughed at me :D :S but I'm still crying
Reply · 21
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Zoe Prince1 week ago

Girl me to!
Reply · 3

Paula Zamora6 days ago

everything is going to be ok! Don?t cry!
Reply · 1

StarGroup1231 week ago

The song is really beautiful and touching, so many memories in one song. <3
Reply · 33

Juliana Graceffa1 week ago

Joey Graceffa new video at the end <3

Reply ·

SparksEpic30021 week ago (edited)

+Juliana Graceffa
I clicked on a link right before I saw the name 'Graceffa' and came back to investigate....and yes :D
Reply ·

Saps1271 week ago

Reply 1997 (:
Reply · 12
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Saps1271 week ago

+Said Yettou It's hilarious too
Reply ·

Said Yettou1 week ago

H??h?h? Thanks bro I'm Going to start watching today :) + do i have to watch Reply 1994 Too are they related ?? + Nice Snk Profile Pic xD i F*cking Love That anime / manga :D
Reply · 1

War God2 weeks ago

Don't cry viewer
Reply · 58
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EpsonKik1 week ago

your main comment made my day
Reply · 2

hans peter2 days ago

Sure Naruto-sama,
Reply ·

Mando Perez2 weeks ago

Reply · 1

Akhil Sahni2 weeks ago

luv dis song 2!
Reply · 2

mayamoo41 day ago

I miss Ray..
Reply ·

saritsiri Sirilert2 months ago

So sad, a creation of all values would be devaluation matter how long progress does? Death is beautiful as if we come from da start and see da tail

Zicu-973 months ago

Hi everyone! I would be very pleased if U guys could check out my Coldplay- The Scientist piano cover. You can find it here: /watch?v=8mdbj-D2e8E Thanks a lot!

TheLeader1713 months agoin reply to Yana DeSocio

being judged? by who? how does it matter? you think I give a shit about some online people you are a troll seeing how you just admitted your doing it for your amusement. If your replying just to grammar check and you keep doing it because you think I'm angry about it proves you are a troll. You are low since you don't have a better argument. I'm blocking yo dumb ass so don't even bother replying. Some stupid ass girl got nothing better to do

vergil hellsing3 months ago

Still love this song

Pershia Norouzian3 months agoin reply to sienna scott

darn! can I still like in 2010??

BrbAtTheGym3 months agoin reply to Destiny Cline

It's okay if you stayed because of Coldplay.

Суб 08 Фев 2014 11:20:57
Навалил какаху на пустую головушку опа.

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