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Чтв 13 Фев 2014 21:26:18
Ask anything to a Brazilianfag who travels between chans.

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 21:27:06
why so butthurt?

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 21:34:27
But...I'm not even mad!

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 21:44:21
Proof, that you are not another trolling kiddo or GTFO.

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 21:45:37
have you ever do a barrel?

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 21:48:22
You suck dick ?

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 21:54:08
I hate the HUE population, they are the cancer that kills my beautiful country. What can I do to prove?

A barrel roll? I don't get it.

No, but its comon brazilian anons do betwen them.

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 21:57:05
Take a photo of the view from the window for example.

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 21:58:25
Are you gay? We russians hate gays!

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 21:59:01
Hue hue hua?

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 22:00:35
For proof you must deliver original br-chans content.

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 22:04:31

Ola! We like your kind here, please sit and drink some vodka.

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 22:07:26

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 22:09:30

I hate gays too, but the feminazi here is strong. We have to "accept" the gays in the society.

You just said "i suck dicks" in hue lenguage.

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 22:12:02
опять пиндосы гоняют чертей на своей борде.

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 22:14:41
Looks like you are living in "bad" neighborhood, aren`t you? I heard that Brazilian economy is growing very fast. Is it true? Is it a problem to find a job in Brazil?

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 22:15:28

did you suck cocks ?

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 22:17:36
Hey, brazibro. What do you think about Winter Olympic Games in Sochi?

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 22:18:13
My favorite br-chan is the 1500chan, year when the europeans get here.

Cool! Here in Brazil we have a drink named "dinamite", its just 500ml of vodka that you have to drink in one time.


Well, i don't realy know. But it's true, tou can find cheap traps in the squares at night.

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 22:25:03

I live in a cheap part of a medium city, my familly uses money to travel and buy technology. It's easy to find jobs here, but its hard to get study, its always expensive and low quality.

Looks so cool, see ice and people doing amazing things wile sit in my bad and melt with 40c?.

No, i'm white.

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 22:28:22
Have you ever visit 4chan? If yes, do you like it?

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 22:29:34
>that you have to drink in one time.
it is one shot, shkolinik ty spalilsya idi spat

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 22:29:51
Уебывай учить язык, неудачник

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 22:32:44
еще фэйл

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 22:33:56

My fist chan was the 4chan, i like some threads about politics, philosophy and idiot things that anins do (sex with horses, stealing panties from cousins for exemple). But americans are too dumb, and in every thread 1 our 2 guys keep saiyng bull shit to disturb the discussion.

Same thing is happening in the most of BR-chans, fucking cancer.

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 22:35:36
>of the view from the window
>of the view
>from the window
The end of the end

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 22:37:18

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 22:38:52

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 22:44:24
Ну расскажи мне, как по мнению такого эксперта как ты, следует переводить на английский фразу: Сфотографируй вид из окна.

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 22:45:54

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 22:47:23
Come on guys, the points is communicate, if me and you understand what each others writes, whats the matter?

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 22:49:33
What about capiroska, do you only make it from cashasa, or vodka's good too?

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 22:50:17
>fucking cancer

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 22:50:27
Yeah, this board is full of cancer as well. But it`s very very nice that guys from other chans coming here time to time. I remember a thread about Slovenia not so far ago. Have you played in the the latest part of Call of Duty? How do you like the idea of a coalition of South American states which takes over the world?

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 22:53:34
we love your Brazilian TV show.

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 22:54:09
Post some lulzable pics from your chans. And we'll give you ours.

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 22:54:53

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 22:56:04
Yeah, yobas international!

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 22:56:32

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 23:00:19
poke your eye with lance or fuck one time in ass?

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 23:02:21
>Yeah, this board is full of cancer as well.
Huy sasi guboy triasy ssanii oldfag!

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 23:04:11

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 23:06:36
No u!

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