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Чтв 13 Фев 2014 17:49:15
Subject Entrance Test
Subject Entrance Test Есть ли аноны сдавшие данный экзамен по физике м математике?

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 17:50:33
Да, 12 лет назад, а что?

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 17:52:12
Подводные камни. Как готовится? Можно ли списать? Какие нужны скилзы?

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Чтв 13 Фев 2014 17:59:52
Что за тест

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 18:01:41
What are the Subject Entrance Tests (SETs)?All applicants for the UPC course must take entrance tests in science subjects (Biology / Chemistry / Mathematics / Physcis) or in Mathematics and Critical Thinking as part of the selection process. These tests have been designed to help the course team decide whether you have an adequate level of knowledge and / or understanding in the two subject areas you wish to study on the UPC course. The science tests are given in multiple-choice format (30 questions in total). The Critical Thinking test requires short answers but it does not require detailed subject knowledge, but rather tests a student's critical approach to the understanding and analysis of a text. Each test lasts for one hour.A student's performance in the science and Critical Thinking tests will be an important deciding factor in whether or not UCL offer the applicant a place on the course. High school results and English language level are also considered before a final decision on an application is made. Why try the sample tests?The sample tests give an approximate idea of the style and level of question an applicant might be asked in the actual Subject Entrance Tests.UPC applicants (or those students thinking of applying to the UPC course) are strongly encouraged to try the sample tests in the subjects they are likely to select to study on the UPC course and to take the sample tests under exam conditions.Most UPC entrance tests comprise of 30 multiple-choice questions and the sample tests can be taken as a whole (30 questions) or 5 questions at a time. Feedback on answers is given.The score a student receives for the sample test will be based only on the first attempt at answering the questions. Answering at least 50% of the questions correctly is a good indication that a student may be ready to take the UPC Subject Entrance Tests and, therefore, should think about submitting an application for the course. How will I take the actual entrance tests? Once a completed application form has been received by the NU, the NU Admissions Team will contact the applicant about the dates of SETs in the relevant city / region.

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 18:03:22
Тест по предметам физика/мат , химия/био , мат/крит мышление для поступления в универы с англ языком обучения.

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Чтв 13 Фев 2014 18:09:54
Сам я сдаю этот экзамен для поступления в Назарбаевский Университет в Астане. Мб найдется тут студентота из НУ и поделится советами.

Чтв 13 Фев 2014 18:11:08

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Чтв 13 Фев 2014 18:19:39

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