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Втр 18 Фев 2014 06:43:08
ENGLISH TROLL THREAD Sup lowlifes, I'm making a thread devoted entirely to laughing at you for being piss-poor peasants with terrible education, living in a shitty, corrupt country where everyone uses Chinese toasters and wears Mongolian underwear. No need to suck up to me, because I'm not going to bring you to this land of opportunity. PS: If you write about how much you love president Putin, I will leave you alone.

That is all.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 06:45:54
I love president Putin very much.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 06:45:59
Bumping this awesome, awesome thread. A thread so good that all of your threads together can't be anything close to this. Probably because of your inferior education and the lack of opportunity.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 06:46:35
Right on, bro. I hope you and your family have a good day today!

Втр 18 Фев 2014 06:47:24
Thank you. Now, as you have promised, you must leave this thread.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 06:48:15
чё бля?)) по руски пиши долбаёб.. пиндосина бля тупая))

Втр 18 Фев 2014 06:48:36
if you think about it, Russians are basically white European niggers. You're all loud, stupid, and commit crimes. Also, everybody hates you but never says anything because they know you're fucking crazy and will probably kill everyone in a potato vodka-induced alcoholic rage.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 06:49:33
I specifically said "leave you alone". You meaning you, someone that is not I.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 06:50:48
I guess you're all too hungover to reply, huh? That's OK.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 06:51:24
So, all in the 4chan making fun about brits and you're bring your burned ass here?

Втр 18 Фев 2014 06:52:40
Oh shit, looks like I was banned. :3

Втр 18 Фев 2014 06:53:14
edit: nope, not banned. As expected, a Russian website isn't functioning like it's supposed to.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 06:55:26
Wow, I keep getting an error every time I try to reply. Nice Russian website you all have going here. I bet it's powered by 2 drunk circus bears on bicycles. But since they're Russian, they keep falling over. Even your animals are inferior.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 06:55:36

Втр 18 Фев 2014 06:56:02
Nope, I disagree with that. By creating a thread, you are bothering all of the people here, not someone specific. Therefore you can't be addressing a single person this way.
I mean, it's not like I (or anyone else) can't stop you from bothering me (or that other person), because I can just close this tab and/or simply ignore you. But me closing the tab won't make the thread go away.
Therefore the only reasonable interpretation of "you" in this case is plurar. Hence, fuck off.

Btw, I'm still waiting for thath high school diploma.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 06:56:22

Втр 18 Фев 2014 06:56:45

Втр 18 Фев 2014 06:58:16
>I bet it's powered by 2 drunk circus bears on bicycles.
It's powered by the single monkey from Dagestan. Suck it!

Втр 18 Фев 2014 06:58:19

You can wait until the cows come home, but I'm not doing jack shit for some guy whose only accomplishment in life was getting a certificate in immigrant English by some bumfuck university no one cares about. Seriously bro, in the land of opportunity and you STILL fucked up! You might as well have stayed in Russia.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 06:59:08
We have a little saying here, "Dagestan number one, Russiastan go fuck your mom"

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:02:47
>a certificate in immigrant English by some bumfuck university
nu ti lolka. ielts k univeru nikakogo otnosheniya ne imeet.

>in the land of opportunity and you STILL fucked up!
Ya v anglikashke, daun, a ne v tvoey obossannoy amerike.

What a pointless sentence.

Anyway, sosi huy. Not going to bother answering you if you can't even rub it in my face with a photo of your high school diploma, which, by the way, would've made you look far more credible than you are.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:02:50

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:03:26
>than you are.
than you are currently.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:04:36
Okay so I'm going to ignore you from now on. Cool? Cool. No hard feelings, it's just that you're subhuman and it would be a sin in my religion to even look at you.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:06:00
Ahahaha! This is hilarious!
Also why you didn't reply about 4chan? They pretty much hates brits and making fun about brits much more than us. Also as we saying here - britt womens like an earth.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:08:05
> britt womens like an earth.
Ты о чём?

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:09:35
I don't give a shit about 4chan. They're all fucked in the head over there. Go read the politics board: the entire population of 4chan references some guy's blog that one time may have read a book written by Marx but he wasn't sure about what he read so he started making up his own version. I mean really though, you guys are fucking stupid because your government doesn't let you learn, but 4chan is fucking stupid because they willingly choose ignorance and expect something out of it. The /b/ board isn't fun anymore, either. All they do is defend and support transsexuals, gays, and bronies, and they genuinely do it; without irony, I mean.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:11:40
I knew long ago that you knew, you knew what I knew. You day and night, you know? I do not know why, but it's not a horse, what the weather is cold, when the wind I go babbling fool, and I will not say that it's the people he hates you, but the film, his Having said that I did not hear anything when you make a move, then why fool you all as I walked the horse.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:13:46
Jesus fucking Christ, reading that made my brain bleed a little. But that's all right, Dmitry, one day you will throw off your shackles of Russian oppression and get a lucrative job shredding documents in the united states of awesome!

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:14:44
what do you think about reddit?

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:16:16

In fact, we just do not have democracy. We love the United States, for us it is the last hope. Ask your president about humanitarian intervention in Russia, to save us from the horrors of totalitarianism!


PS: picrelated PUTIN

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:19:35
Just another network of sheltered children, who after playing video games for their entire life feel entitled to everything; the worst are the ones who have a degree in something stupid like "gender studies" or "sociology" and go around acting like everything in the world is an issue of gender equality and homophobia. Also, for some reason everyone wears fedoras over there and is somehow a closeted pedophile.

Fuck reddit.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:20:14
Ну, блять, они правда как земля. Даже те же слагсы. После 25-30 они реально никакие, как хачевки, или гречанки.
>Go read the politics board
Do you realy think what the random guys from the politic board know more about the Russia and russian life than us? Also we pretty much hate bronies and the other scum.
So, buy some vodka to wipe the oven. We still will have 0 butthurt. You can't mad anyone here realy. Because any russian allow to write here bad things about Russia. And this things will be in 10 times more worse than you can to generate. We all hates Russia before you even knew about this country.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:22:17
We CAN'T! I mean realistically speaking, Russia has nothing the US would want, that Russia wouldn't give up without a fight. Sorry about that. We know you all got oil, precious metals and natural gas, but we also know that you're not a bunch of rag-tag turban wearing degenerates with dated weapons, but actually have sophisticated technology and nuclear weapons and would totally fuck shit up if we ever crossed you. But hey, on the bright side, it's more easier than ever to immigrate! Plus, you can always vote against Putin in the next election. But odds are, he'll just be another Putin so I guess it's either that or some kind of political prisoners' camp.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:23:31
>Ну, блять, они правда как земля.
Я вот этого просто не понял, так как ты are пропустил, я думал, что like может глаглом оказаться. И типо они землю=говно любят и всё такое.

Впрочем, я до сих не понимаю, что значит "как земля", но это уже мелочи.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:23:34
The politics board isn't strictly about Russia, I mean in general. I don't really hate Russia as much as I like laughing at it, and come on, you know I'm right. Shit.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:24:43
The only low thing ITT is your English level.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:24:48
Maybe they're brown and love being rubbed with fertilizer? I'm confused by that remark as well. How the fuck is someone "like earth"? Do they have vegetables growing out of them and are a rich source of nitrogen?

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:25:39

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:27:02
>Впрочем, я до сих не понимаю, что значит "как земля"
Зеленого слоника неверни и больше так не говори, а то махровая олдфажина раскукарекается, завидев ньюфага.
Green Elephant
>and come on, you know I'm right.
As i said - we know much more about why Russia is sucks. All what you tell is like 2+2=4 to us.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:28:04

Earth contains salmonella, tapeworm eggs and shit like that btw.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:28:07

Yes, I actually understand it. So either Maidan like in Ukraine, or emigration. I guess I'll choose the former.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:29:10

I'll just leave it here.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:29:51
> All what you tell is like 2+2=4 to us.
Хуйню каку-то пишешь. Он(а) только стереотипчики и шутки про медведей пишет же.

>Зеленого слоника неверни и больше так не говори
Хех, а я же очень близок был, с говном-то.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:30:05

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:33:20
Eh. If i'll walk outside i will see about 2-3 of this right now. Nothing surprises

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:33:53
You've made a silly mistake, finally. Go away. And this is my second post ITT.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:34:37
Is it true that in Russia, all electricity is generated from the static electricity, from rubbing of prisoners' cheap synthetic sweatsuits together during butt rape?

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:35:33
>If I'll
Грамотность во все поля, чистокровный британец в треде.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:35:38
What are you, retarded? The apostrophe signifies possessive. Dumbass.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:36:10

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:36:18
Yep. We are the greenest country on Earth.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:37:19
If you were literate, you would use adjective there.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:38:03
Let's talk about something else. How are girls in your country? You have a original pack of 4choung?
Посоны, как попросить эту чурку доставить фапабельного контента?

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:38:59
Что за хуйня тут происходит посоны? Кто все эти люди?

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:40:15
Мамку твою ебем. На этот раз по-английски.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:40:17

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:41:18
I can only wonder how much this ass could burn until it travelled here on 2ch.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:42:17
What fucking ADJECTIVE, you fucking degenerate prick? Stop trying to shit up my thread with your elementary school knowledge of antiquated grammar that hasn't been applicable since the last time you had a fair election (which is never)

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:43:03

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:43:36
He's kind of right, actually. Except it should be other way around: we should destroy you guys, pave your country over and turn it into a big Wal-Mart.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:43:48
Ты здесь нидавно, да?

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:44:46
What the fuck does that even mean? Can one of you native imbeciles translate this into your own language or something? I mean, write in Russian, I don't care; just don't try to make a mockery of English (which you don't understand) to send a point across that only makes sense in your country.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:45:13

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:46:23
Я в школу посоны, до вечера.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:46:46

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:46:55
Hey guys, how do I dress more Russian? What kind of pants/shirt/hat do I need to wear? I don't mean in the winter only, I mean like during the spring season or maybe summer. Do you like Hawaiian shirts in Russia? I know sandals and socks is the best Russian outfit ever, but besides that?

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:50:13
I guess it's a known fact that if I ever came over to visit you chumps in Russia, I would automatically be better than all of you and have the best opportunity to fuck your mothers, sisters, wives, and girlfriends, but that doesn't mean you should stop treating me like a king just because I came over to your forum and be automatically better than all of you/

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:52:23
Lol, you didn't even take the elementary course of grammar. Stop being offensive, such type of behaviour shows us, that you're poor bitard wishing to assure your grandeur. Everybody knows, stop cheating on yourself.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:54:28

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:55:26
Анус твой лоулайв.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 07:59:09

No but it's true though, all I have to do is show my passport and I can probably fuck your girlfriend in all the holes, even the ones she wouldn't let you into. I can't even say the things your mother would do for me.


Втр 18 Фев 2014 08:01:01
>I can probably fuck your girlfriend

Втр 18 Фев 2014 08:02:52
Плиз репит ай донт адерстенд?

Втр 18 Фев 2014 08:03:42
Keep calm. We already know your English is much better than ours. You're a native speaker. No one comares to you here. Quite an achivement for you, eh?

Втр 18 Фев 2014 08:03:47
Паста с форчонга, расходимся
Sup подонков, я делаю нить, целиком посвященный смеется над вами за то, что моча бедных крестьян со страшной образования, проживающих в дерьмовой, коррумпированной стране, где каждый использует китайские тостеры и

Втр 18 Фев 2014 08:04:12
What I meant is that you're all so poor and drunk all the time that you're willing to drink your own pee after a night of consuming alcoholic beverage, hoping that a small percentage of your urine still contains some of the alcohol you've consumed before.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 08:06:59
Not really. A first place in Russia is like the 1000th place anywhere else. But yeah, I DO feel better than the rest of you, solely due to the fact that I'm not you.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 08:08:13
Пшш... пшш... неслышно ничего плиз репит эгейн.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 08:10:40
Dear OP!

Please go fuck yourself.

Sincerely yours,

Втр 18 Фев 2014 08:10:58
..You weren't supposed to hear anything. You were supposed to read it. Or do you have some sort of soviet military text-to-speech program for internet forums? In which case, I would understand why it's malfunctioning right now.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 08:11:34

Втр 18 Фев 2014 09:05:54
How little you need to be happy.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 09:48:15
Переведи на наш

Втр 18 Фев 2014 09:52:27
>Sup lowlifes, I'm making a thread devoted entirely to laughing at you for being piss-poor peasants with terrible education, living in a shitty, corrupt country where everyone uses Chinese toasters and wears Mongolian underwear. No need to suck up to me, because I'm not going to bring you to this land of opportunity. PS: If you write about how much you love president Putin, I will leave you alone.
>corrupt country
Обосрался с твоего инглиша, пиздуй обратно в школу, ретард.

Втр 18 Фев 2014 10:27:19
Все правильно же

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