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Вск 02 Мар 2014 10:53:14
Listen you pig fucks,

This world doesn't need another god damn war.

Ukraine doesn't want President Putins dick.

You can go ahead and commit mass genocide against homosexuals for all we care,

Just leave Ukraine the fuck alone.



PS: You might as well kill yourselves because the whole world thinks you're fags

Вск 02 Мар 2014 10:54:36
Bring back the flags, mr. Abu.

Вск 02 Мар 2014 10:55:35
Ну, в отличие от долбоеба на ночном, пост этого товарища выглядит грамотным.

Вск 02 Мар 2014 10:56:18
too fat.

Вск 02 Мар 2014 10:58:08
Это вы оставьте нашу шлюху в покое, иначе пиздюлей получите.

Вск 02 Мар 2014 10:58:15
OR WHAT? You will suck Putin's dick? Please do.

Вск 02 Мар 2014 10:59:23
> Ukraine doesn't want President Putins dick.

Вск 02 Мар 2014 11:00:50
You see, the problem isn't in sucking someone's dick.
Ukraine people (most of them) do not want war at all. And they do not want new government. Because new government brings awful nationalistic ideals with them, and Ukraine, like Belarus, slavyan country, and people don't give a fuck, what language they speak, or how they cook borsch. They all one nation.
But in every society there is some percent of scumbags, who want to destabilize society, break it apart. This is what happening on Ukraine right now. If war starts - at least half of soldiers from both sides refuses to shoot each other.

Вск 02 Мар 2014 11:01:05
Look at his eyes.

Вск 02 Мар 2014 11:02:00
Everybody loves Putin.

Вск 02 Мар 2014 11:02:30

Вск 02 Мар 2014 11:02:49

Вск 02 Мар 2014 11:04:24
Hohol uhodi

Вск 02 Мар 2014 11:04:31


Вск 02 Мар 2014 11:06:26
Паста с апачана, расходимся.

Слушайте свинья трахает,

Этот мир не нужен еще один черт войну.

Украина не хочет президент Путина член.

Вы можете пойти дальше и совершить массовое геноцид против гомосексуалистов для всех мы заботимся,

Просто оставьте Украине уже о нахрен.

С уважением,

/ б /

PS: Вы могли бы также убить себя, потому что весь мир думает, что ты педики

Вск 02 Мар 2014 11:07:29

Вск 02 Мар 2014 11:09:06
American here, so how does it work in Russia? Do they force you to join the military or face the firing squad?

Вск 02 Мар 2014 11:12:22
azazazaza zatrolled omg

Вск 02 Мар 2014 11:12:35
No, they just says: Come join comrades, there are a lot of khokhlushka girls and lard, Ukraine je Russia, HURAAAAAAY!

Вск 02 Мар 2014 11:13:47
Пока флажки не вернут, ты идешь нахуй, Сёма.

Вск 02 Мар 2014 11:15:19

our contract army will beat shit out of Ukraine if Ukraine will interfere referendum in Krym about being a part of Russia. Bingo. Kakly (ukrainians) are insane now. They even tried to ask Doku Umarov for help. Doku Umarov is a famous terrorist lying in his grave, lol.

Вск 02 Мар 2014 11:16:07
In America we have a saying: sasai lilka

Вск 02 Мар 2014 11:18:51

Вск 02 Мар 2014 11:21:04
> Krym about being a part of Russia
How about all west Ukraine?

Вск 02 Мар 2014 11:24:29
Хорошая попытка, но целое предложение сфейлил. Надо было лучше стараться, но теперь поздно, из оккупации вряд ли много напишешь, оптоволокно (надеюсь, что вы до него доросли) перережут вместе с телефоном и телеграфом.

Вск 02 Мар 2014 11:26:06
Well whatever happens over there good luck brothers. The age of killing an enemy blown up to be demons by propaganda is over. I like Russians, and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is one of my favorite games.

Stay safe and well, -Some Random American Anon-

Вск 02 Мар 2014 11:44:16

>Just leave Ukraine the fuck alone.

You are stupid american/europian. You don't know the trueth about situation in the Ukraine, you don't know, that the most population of southern-eastern Ukraine is russian. And new government are NAZI, people wrom western Ukraine always put on deutch nazzi uniform and symbols, they hate people from South-East despite of South-East feed them.

So YOU fuck off.

PS: We, the crimeans, hate you! God bless Russia!

Вск 02 Мар 2014 11:50:04

Вск 02 Мар 2014 11:57:58
>>63501781 Sry man, we just cant control him.

Вск 02 Мар 2014 12:05:03
>>63502275 Do the north korea force their citizen? Its almost the same here. Hardcore cold war propaganda since the mr putin third term.

Вск 02 Мар 2014 13:08:19
Shut the fuck up, and listen here, suka.
This world doesn't need your fuckin' screams. They are useless.
We do whatever we want, and you can't do nothing with it, that is why war will not be
From Russia with fuckin' love, comrade

Вск 02 Мар 2014 13:13:53
У него "выхлоп" на пике?

Вск 02 Мар 2014 13:15:57
Нет, обычный ВСС

Вск 02 Мар 2014 13:31:20
Shut up, nigger

Вск 02 Мар 2014 13:33:39
Who cares about what you saying. We'll take anything we want from ukraine, it's our land, after all.

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