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Птн 10 Окт 2008 21:05:05
Prepare for invasion.

Птн 10 Окт 2008 21:07:48
We will rape ALL of you

Птн 10 Окт 2008 21:08:49
where are you? i am waiting for you!!!

Птн 10 Окт 2008 21:12:29
>>4175619Be ready beatch.

Птн 10 Окт 2008 21:14:38
I'm ready to lead my troops into glorious battle against Putin's evil forces.Russia, meet your new Mother!

Птн 10 Окт 2008 21:16:15
ололо говорящие мудаки

Птн 10 Окт 2008 21:16:41

Птн 10 Окт 2008 21:18:22
>>4175825Yeahh!! I wanna be your motherfucker!!!

Птн 10 Окт 2008 21:20:25
GTFO americafag. Your country is the worstest thing happened to planet Earth ololo

Птн 10 Окт 2008 21:21:12
I eat with my men. I drink with my men. I sleep with my men. They are ready to fight and die for me. Putin's cowards have no chance against this glorious pussy.

Птн 10 Окт 2008 21:34:23
I have already consulted with my ally, Yulia Tymoshenko, and she promises to send some reinforcements to help crush Putin's evil regime.

Птн 10 Окт 2008 21:45:32
Even the Siberians have turned against their Master and will now march with me to Moscow!

Птн 10 Окт 2008 21:48:12
We attack from Alaska NOW!

Птн 10 Окт 2008 21:51:24

Птн 10 Окт 2008 21:51:59
Yes, we can indeed see you all from my house.

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