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Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:29:44
Persian rugs
German here.Why do so many russians have persian rugs hanging on the walls? It looks...well...kinda shitty and poor. Does it server any other purpose beyond looking kinda shitty and poor? Is it for warmth and isolation?

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:30:58
Толстовато, но оригинально.

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:31:00
Because many of russians are stupid dummues

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:31:34

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:33:17
Fat troll is fat.
P.S. U fail and suck cocks

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:33:49
>>5167262English or German, you faggots. My Russian is extremely basic, a few words and the alphabet.

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:34:17
My mama told me that carpets are good for my health and they add elegant view to mah room.
poor and shitty russian

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:34:50
>>5167305I'm not trolling, I REALLY wanna know. Is it a cultural thing or really just for keeping the cold out?

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:36:15
>Does it server
>Does it server
>Does it server
>Does it server
>Does it server
>Does it server
>Does it server
>Does it server
>Does it server
>Does it server
>Does it server
>Does it server
>Does it server
>Does it server
>Does it server

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:36:31
>>5167326The thing is: ONE rug/carpet may look good and posh, but many of them with different patterns, that's not very aesthetic.

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:36:38
No, it's just a stupid poor dorks' choice, nothing more.
Btw, do you still keep carpets with swastika or something?

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:37:09
It's sovok, friend.

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:38:04
Suddenly, ACHTUNG!

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:38:06
/r/ MOAR ковров для сладкого фапа.

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:38:18
It s not cultural, it s more stupid tradition of some generations.Rugs = spray and microbesRussian traditions are tea, furniture from wood.

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:38:52
>>5167371Unfortunately not. Swastikas are forbidden, as is ANYTHING that can be mistaken for nazi symbolism. I love my free country.

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:39:08
CARPETS Collect the DUST, so they clean your breathing air, and increase your HEALTH POINTS !RUSSIANS ARE THE BEST!

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:39:45
you're right, my dear Fritz, it's a fucking dust collector
but in times of USSR it was a symbol of welthiness
as well as big wooden shelves packed with glass tablewareб which is never usedзиг-зиг!

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:40:18
In old poor apartments in the middle of 20th century were too weak sound isolation, so clever people used rugs to fix it. After years it has become a tradition. And yes, it's looking shitty.sry for bad eng

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:40:23
it halpes with sound isolation.. walls in our poooor homes so thin... when this shit is hanging on our walls we can fap safely.. and we can clean our hands with it after fapping

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:40:25
Мы убрали все ковры со стен ещё лет как 10 назад, но у моей бабушки висят ковры на стенах, я спросил нахуя они ей и она сказала "чтобы холод от стен не шёл".

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:40:42
>>5167412Tea and wood sounds grand. But whenever I see Russian camwhores or amateur pr0n the background is crammed with shitty rugs. So basically camwhores are stupid poor idiots.

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:40:44
It is just a matter of taste, for example I have 3 carpets on walls and 4 on the flore.. It's like european people prefer painting on their wall we like carpets, and they also aren't useless!!!
Poor and shitty russian

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:40:57
Да, во всех совковых коврах наноотопители

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:41:42
No shit, it wasn't the symbol of richness, it was the symbol of a shitty wallpapers.

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:42:25
I am russian and i think that 1/3 of russian girls are camwhores, 1/3 are whores and 1/3 are ugly and cant be whores or camwhores.

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:42:51
it's more against noise than cold. You know, in soviet russia, apartment buildings' walls are really thin.

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:43:13
Sound isolation, /b/rother.You know, in early 80's there were built too many cheap houses. Shitty but cheap, for young families or something, don't relly know.So their walls were REALLY thin. And you were able to hear any neighbour farts. That reslts in kind and soft people went CRAZY and placed any shit on their walls, no matter what exactly.

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:43:24
Weil du zu viel kipo guckst.

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:44:00

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:44:14
In Soviet Russia, carpet hangs you!

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:44:57
>>5167314 don't fuck with us, mate!
you don't really want to die young, right?
keep your fucking german mouth shut!
and start learning the great yet powerful Russian!

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:45:57
Of course it's cultural
because russia is asia and most of asian people like to use put carpets everywhere

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:46:00
ололо http://otvet.mail.ru/question/19847910/

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:46:12
>>5167566>great yet powerful "великий, но могучий" ОЛОЛОЛОЛ

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:46:43
btw, if you are from Krautchan, can you deliver full pack of your internets banknotes? In return, we can share some Russian internets with you.

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:46:50
russians use persian carpets because they are taking drugs and like psychodaelic pictures

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:47:13
>>5167523Okay, that's an explanation I can live with. Sounds reasonable.In return, a German (Bavarian) room.

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:47:47

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:48:12
>>5167523>in early 80's there were built too many cheap housesyou forgot about Khrushchyovkas!

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:48:55
>>5167601I'm hardly on Krautchan. It's a bit...weird reading German posts for some reason. So I'm on 7chan all day long.

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:49:14
I wanna live in this room :(

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:49:32
Sieht aus wie ein Scheissmuseum!

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:50:01
>>5167612I live in a standard apartment building constructed in 1980. Walls are like 30 cm thick.It's not drywall America, you know.

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:49:53
Идиоты.Тут холодно.Босыми блядь ногами по ламинату ходить - хуй вам.

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:50:15
We took them off Germans in 1945 and still keep those rugs as a nice keepsakes.

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:50:26
CARPETS are there, so that you can VACUUM CLEAN it ! :p

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:50:48
Real Russian room looks like this.

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:50:51
>>5167593 олбанскей учи!
великий, да еще к тому же и могучий, мать его!

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:51:20
Придурок, мы о настенных коврах, ты по стенам ходить собрался?

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:52:02
>>5167671Gut m"oglich -- war halt das einzig passende was der Gockel ausgespuckt hat.

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:52:19
>>5167237 what is @kinda@? плиз, ай нид ту реал транслэйт пруфф

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:52:34
In fact, we needs rugs for watching Mithgol

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:52:57
>>5167691Then it's a good thing that you only took our carpets, not our huge piles of Nazi gold.

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:53:28
>>5167702yet означает "тем не менее", "но все-таки", "но несмотря на это", но никак не "к тому же".

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:53:43
>>5167729"kinda"...short for "kind of", sort of.

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:54:32
yet you suck cocks...

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:55:00
This culture brought Hitler to the world. >>5167699
This culture brought Putin.Putin is better than Hitler.

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:55:01
the texture of a persian carpet is what a russian alcoholic is seeing if he drinks too much. they are used to see that kind of picture so they hang those carpets on their walls and enjoying it as if they were drunk.

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:55:31
Rugs are invariable backdrops for homemade porn shots and indeed most photos taken at home in Russia. You can tell it's taken in Russia if there's a carpet hanging on the wall.

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:55:42
>>5167729kinda это "типа, какбе"

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:55:59
>>5167237 итс фо лулз, бэйб, фоор лулз... уайт изнт со стронг фор мафеметик куэсченс,соу итз уайт

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:56:33
>>5167792Indeed, Stalin was from Georgia.

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:56:48
>>5167761 http://lingvo.yandex.ru/en?text=yet&lang=en&search_type=lingvo&st_translate=onсмотри 1.2.а и соси хуйца, причмокивая, ага?

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:56:48
>>5167804or Ukrain or Belorussia or Moldova or Kazakhstan or... you got it?

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:57:07
>>5167792No way -- Putin will be forgotten in a few years, yet Hitler will still be worshipped and feared in 100 years.

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:57:35
>>5167761 thank's? i'm unstude

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:58:05
burzhuini oxueli!
ya lider progressiv trance electro whatever and i imeu rug on my stena. That's why you, whiny little suki shoot up
ponyal? biatch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:58:19
>>5167759 http://lingvo.yandex.ru/en?text=yet&lang=en&search_type=lingvo&st_translate=onсмотри 1.2.а и соси хуйца, причмокивая, ага?

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:58:48
А знаете, что я подумал... Ну, пусть этот товарищ дествительно из Германии... Похуй, что он тролль. Дак вот.Presian rugs on the walls, eh? They do not look poor. They look soviet.
This is a soviet custom to hang a persian rug on the wall. So fuck yourself. It's not 'poor'. It's old scool and urban.

Чтв 04 Дек 2008 23:59:59
hardcore old-school. like this

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:00:22
>>5167879http://lingvo.yandex.ru/en?text=yet&lang=en&search_type=lingvo&st_translate=onсмотри 1.2.а и соси хуйца, причмокивая, ага?

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:00:24
>>5167879Там же структура предложения совершенно другая. В таком употреблении такого значения этот предлог иметь не может, уймись уже.

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:00:30

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:01:25
>>5167926http://lingvo.yandex.ru/en?text=yet&lang=en&search_type=lingvo&st_translate=onсмотри 1.2.а и соси хуйца, причмокивая, ага?

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:01:33

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:02:31
It's not old school, it's just OLD, feggo!

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:02:49
These rugs are used to protect wallpaper near the bed. Poor russians are poor, and they can't change wallpaper frequently.

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:03:16
Also, thanks a lot for wasting and giving back East Germany.Now those suckers don't have any jobs so the proud West has to support them with OUR taxes. You should have kept those people.

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:03:28
>>516779 ea? it's real! for russian alchogolic! persian &&& тряпочки it is real MANTRA for as? it's unexeptable?i'm crying? & I 've die? for food мы типа дрочем молча на нее

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:03:49
В особо зажиточных семьях ковры на всех четырёх стенах, на полу, а также на диванах и креслах, благодаря чему квартира напоминает жилище степных кочевников.

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:05:39
>>5168002 бля, счас читаю - такой лох...Я..лох...реально...

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:05:58
Нихера не зажиточная семья:
1) на столе дешевый мобильник
2) две лампочки перегорели
3) дешевая старая совковая табуретка слева от стола

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:05:59
>>5167949 ЧМОкаем, сосём хуйцы, и смотрим на 1.2.аhttp://lingvo.yandex.ru/en?text=yet&lang=en&search_type=lingvo&st_translate=on

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:07:14
at least our Tsar is not Jewish.

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:07:25
>>5167876 ятебя не понял, но походу ФГМ шкалит???

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:07:52
>>5168065http://lingvo.yandex.ru/en?text=yet&lang=en&search_type=lingvo&st_translate=onсмотри 1.2.а и соси хуйца, причмокивая, ага?

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:08:24
А в пиздец зажиточных, еще и в ванну, раковину, на потолок, на окна, на двери, на столы, клали на все кровати, на шкафы, на телевизор. Ели ковры, говорили с коврами, наливали полную ванну ковров...

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:08:53

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:09:03
блджад ТА САМАЯ картинка была в стиле >>5167897

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:10:41
>>5167876 ты же понимаешь, мальчик, что теперь, тебе, ... - прибалтийцу. - пизда.... не надо было срать в 2чане, лох дешевый, ... вообщем жди, и удаляй свои контакты и страницы в соцмальных сетях

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:10:44
Мне вообще кажется, что ковры, умеют думать, у них есть свои семьи, города, чувства, не снимай их со стен, лучше приюти у себя, говори с ними, ласкай их.... А вчера в ванной, мне преснился чудный сон, как будто я нырнул в море, и оно прератилось в ковры, рыбы, водоросли, медузы, все из ковров, даже небо, даже Аллах.

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:10:50
>>5168110ага, причмокивая, ага?

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:12:47

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:12:51
>>5168064Блядь, цинизм же! Ёпта.

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:13:01
>>5168173http://lingvo.yandex.ru/en?text=yet&lang=en&search_type=lingvo&st_translate=onсмотри 1.2.а и соси хуйца, причмокивая, ага?

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:13:36
>>5168172 Мне вообще кажется, что ковры, умеют причмокивая, ага? >>5168110

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:14:18
>>5168241http://lingvo.yandex.ru/en?text=yet&lang=en&search_type=lingvo&st_translate=onсмотри 1.2.а и соси хуйца, причмокивая, ага?

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:14:41

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:14:44
>>5168172 cextyjr? f [eq dnsrfnm vyt d lshjxre jn rjdhf&&&

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:18:45

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:19:00
сученок? а хуй втыкать мне в дырочку от ковра&&&

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:19:26
Great, this turned into a Russian thread. This is so exciting!

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:20:36
pointless and ruthless

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:22:25
OP proof or GTFO!
also it soviet heritage known as "you banny sovok"

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:22:59
we can post something in Chinese, if you want.

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:23:35

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:24:36
тёплый клетчатый плед итт

Птн 05 Дек 2008 00:27:31
>>5168367http://lingvo.yandex.ru/en?text=yet&lang=en&search_type=lingvo&st_translate=onyou read 1.2.a and do a good suck for a juicy Russian dicky making smacking sound with your lips, right?

Птн 05 Дек 2008 01:00:33
Hi, deutscherWas hast du im sommer gemacht?
Ich habe gespielt und gelacht,
Ich hat meine Oma besucht
Und Beeren in Walde gesucht.A couple of questions:1) Are u really all Nazis out there?
2) is that true that german chicks are the ugliest ones of all Europe?
3) Do you keep CP at ur pc?

Птн 05 Дек 2008 01:06:20
rugs came from the history of russian nation
  1. A few centuries russia was under Mongolian and Turkish yoke
  2. because of it we got the mix of the cultures
  3. rugs were very popular as a cheap way of house desing ( i guess becasue of N2)

Птн 05 Дек 2008 01:39:34
Most people here hate carpets as tasteless thing. We even have a meme - when you see a carpet on a photo, you must express ur hate in SCREAM so you are sure ur /b/rothers would notice how tasteless a person in question are.Decades ago (probably even in pre-Soviet Russia) carpets were expensive and thus prestigious. Some people still live by these standards

Птн 05 Дек 2008 01:41:12
But how did you know that so old/poor Russians still have carpets on their walls?Post something European with "sup 2ch.ru" so we know u r not a troll pretending to be German.

Птн 05 Дек 2008 01:45:08
Leck mein Arcsh, du faggot.

Птн 05 Дек 2008 02:06:54
Also, you tell "thanks a lot for wasting and giving back East Germany." like it was Russian /b/tards who allowed Germany to re-join. And all of you wanted this back then!

Птн 05 Дек 2008 02:07:17
handmade carpets were very expensive.also it became a dirty rag with time
and carpets become a mass popular in soviet time
dude,i dont speak german even

Птн 05 Дек 2008 02:12:05
the eastern germany actually never been russian
it was a commy but not russian
the theme with carpets is confined mr. troll

Птн 05 Дек 2008 02:16:12
I'm a Russian living in the states (yes, go ahead, countrymen - I guess I deserve to hear all about it thanks to my parents' choice) and I tend to agree about the rugs - shitty and poor.What you don't understand, however, is how those patterns fucking dance after a proper party.

Птн 05 Дек 2008 03:36:16
>>5169092Back.1: We sure are!
2: Not at all, look at the UK
3: Not one bit

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