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Птн 16 Янв 2009 18:52:29
hello my eastern bloc friends; americafag here.i just have a question and i was hoping you can help me out. i don't speak any russian and am also very bad with your character set; but i digress.what is the word used to represent "Neo-" in russian (as in the prefix)? thus far the best i can come up with is a transliteration: НЭЁ. help would be much appreciated! i realize i am a foreigner here so hopefully you will treat me kindly. it would be great if you could help me out!HERE IS THE CATCH!! READ HERE!!if you are able to help me (bonus for answering me in english) i will provide any sort of image you request! i just got my image dumper working and i have a very large collection of meticulously organized photos that i would gladly present to you! (OP is definitely ORIGINAL CONTENT for you guys)also, i will be running it through a couple webtranslators; so please don't give me incorrect answers.tl;dr amerifag needs translation of the prefix "Neo"; will give presents for correct answer

Птн 16 Янв 2009 18:53:19

Птн 16 Янв 2009 18:54:36

Птн 16 Янв 2009 18:55:18

Птн 16 Янв 2009 18:56:19

Птн 16 Янв 2009 18:56:26
Its means it's for kids.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 18:56:35

Птн 16 Янв 2009 18:57:17
It means "new".
We would like some loli.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 18:57:46
>>6039485It's "Нео-". But I still think you're a troll.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 18:58:15
+1 "нео" means "new".

Птн 16 Янв 2009 18:58:17
>НЭЁit's not a transliterationново-
младо- (iF the topic under discussion is people)

Птн 16 Янв 2009 18:58:33
>>6039600 i double that

Птн 16 Янв 2009 18:59:22

Птн 16 Янв 2009 18:59:35
Recently I started to like covering myself in stale feces and masturbating. Almost every morning I walk around my neighborhood with a large garbage bag and collect all the crap I see. It takes a whole day to get two bags full of shit. But it all pays off when I come home after a hard day, go to the bathroom, turn on the hot water and... pour all the crap into the bathtub. And then I masturbate, imagining that I'm being devoured by all the feces. All in all, I think, that poo has its own mind, each pile of shit has its own family, place, feelings, we shouldn't just flush them down the toilet, we should take care of them, talk to them, pet them... And you know what, I had a wonderful dream while lying in the bathtub yesterday, I dived into the sea and it turned into shit, fish, seaweed, jellyfish, everything turned into poo, even Allah himself.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:02:15
Intelegent troll from west!
1.2.3. Polizai? Ich liebe in Moscau)

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:02:25
"Neo-" in russian language uses right like in english. Means "new" and pronounces in same order. It wrigths like "нео-", for example: neonazi (неонацист).Gimme some CP :3

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:02:58

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:03:44
>>6039485He looks at you...

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:05:49
OP here. thank you guise! that was one of the possibilities i had written down! i love you!one day the hackers of your country, mine, eastern europe, and japan will join together. it will probably be post-apocalyptic, but i look forward to wearing your hats and uniting for a cause!since no requests were made, have some more american assalso: goddamnit your captcha codes are hard to read.also (again): depending on how many of you speak english, you fellows might think i'm very lame; and you'd be right. i can't describe how happy it makes me that this board is here, i have lurked many times. i sound like such a foreigner, but i have nothing but good intentions.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:06:32
>>6039661небо забыл

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:07:26
Neo- means "new"
Example: неоязычники (eng: new pagans)Да, я слоупок.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:09:16
>>6039805>also: goddamnit your captcha codes are hard to read.In Soviet Russia, captcha read YOU*!!*

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:11:52
fuck you

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:14:22

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:14:32
NO REQUESTS? I asked for some CP, you cuntfaced motherfucker!

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:15:13

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:17:05
OP. i am really not trolling, fellows (although i can STRONGLY see where you're coming from) but..
  1. this question had nothing to do with that stupid film.
  2. in my last post i mentioned hackers, (once again, this would lead you to think i am trolling, mentioning that film, etc.; but i am actually VERY [understatement] into computers and know of your country's technical prowess from both the net and word of mouth.)
  3. i have no cp. i am not attracted to children and it is not worth the risk (i have been observed by the authorities in the past, though for some computer shit unrelated to anything sexual haha).
  4. i do have jb, i will post if this thread stays bumped long enough for me to post it (this flooder isn't working for some reason and i hate having to reselect everytime i mess up your FUCKING CAPTCHA CODE)
here, moar OCalso, once again a very "naive foreigner" thing to say, but i would love to hear your thoughts on anything you think we might have in common. >>6039653
i am not fat, but i see there are shitty russian trolls just as there are on english boards.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:19:09
>>6039940MOAR BOXXY!

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:19:16
In Soviet Russia new=neo.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:19:56

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:21:13
do you want us to see your pinus, nigra?

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:21:47
>>6040029про что он пиздит? переведите кто-нибудь

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:22:02
...как на говно.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:21:58
>>6040069you are NOT FROM HERE if you want more of that shit.also, haha my last captcha code was meme (but it took 4 tries to get it, i feel like a blind person or something)

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:22:23
Screw you with your useless jailbait! GTFO to 4chan.Also, only one JB is fine :3 Picrelated.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:23:04
Учи иностранные языки.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:24:14
>>6040139>but it took 4 tries to get itкриворукий еблан

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:24:29
>>6040029 oh why hello there. your english is pretty good to be a fat troll. but it doesnt matter, /r/ing moar pics from that set.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:25:41
You so FAT!!!

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:26:29
bump desu

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:27:10
ололо!!! никогда так не ржал, как на этом треде...
capcha not so bad, as your hands

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:27:29
>>6039485Do you suck cocks? Алсо, почему это еще никто не спросил?

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:27:46
>>6040139>i feel like a blind person or somethingyou'll get used to this captcha in 2-3 days. It has it's logic.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:28:31
>>6040029>i have been observed by the authorities in the pastTell some more about this.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:29:03
>>6040148jack black is a faggotalso, 4chan is retarded and hyper-fail. i thought i did enough typing to prove that i'm not just some random foreign faggot.i mean, i can just stop posting if i want; i already got the info i wanted... you can try and find the stuff i've posted so far on any imgboard and will fail; i am actually offering OC to FOREIGNERS BEFORE MY OWN! doesn't that mean ANYTHING to you??

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:30:15
>>6040241>It has it's logic.It's alive! ALIVE!

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:31:49
>>6040241>you'll get used to this captcha in 2-3 days. It has it's logic.Это касается только криворуких ебланов и слоупоков.It took me twenty minutes :3

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:33:54
>>6040266your OC doesn't interest most of our /b/turds. We're more into cp, guro and nigras in here =)But having some convo with foreigner is interesting. Some change from local school cancer.c: fun ^^

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:35:18
no >>6040241
yeah...this is my first time actually ever posting here and i don't really plan on it. i don't speak russian and barely even understand the sounds of the characters. >>6040185
that is the last of it. sorry, my friend only sent me so much of his gf's ass.also, you guys fucking suck at trolling. 0.5/10 (.5 because statistically maybe ONE of your posts in russian was funny)

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:35:32
>>6040266fat troll is fat

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:35:41
>>6040379>Some change from local school cancer.You mean yourself?

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:37:46
well if no one wants any porn besides cp, i guess i can dump some odd/gore as long as you converse in english...

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:39:45
>>6040402>you guys fucking suck at trollingonly you trolling here. others just response to troll. if you don't like it, get the fuck outta here.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:40:32
>>6040451got lesbi?

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:41:07
i could take pictures and prove you wrong, but then it would be ME who's being trolled. do you really think you're being trolled? does anything i've said look like copy pasta to you? gtfo.also, i don't know what is over-posted on this /b/, so /b/ear with me... (oh lawd)

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:43:21
>>6040402>also, you guys fucking suck at trollingour trolls haven't even woke up yet lol.
all you saw here is that 'school cancer' i was talking about.
they are fat, slow and have no idea about how to troll properly.disregard that there's no profit in trolling you

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:43:34
bump desugot lesbi?

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:44:28
>>6040519ok, fucker, post pic of your driver license or any other proof that tells us you're really foreigner

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:45:05
OP, you were given an answer
>>6039600(in fact there were many) but you hadn't post any loli, motherfucker!

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:45:15
>>6040597too correct language, i believe him

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:46:08
>>6040519nice pic!

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:47:23
>>6040510here is some semi-lesbian jb.the worth is in that is fresh content, hasn't been on any of the chans yet. one of these girls committed suicide after the pictures were sent to her family/friends. true story.either way, they're both pretty hot.inb4 vagoo (none exists)

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:47:30
>>6040609second that

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:47:54
does op haz any moar questions? would like to answer.some missprints in my post.more pron pics.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:49:49
americafag here ?profpic or gtfo

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:50:46
>>6040663>one of these girls committed suicide after the pictures were sent to her family/friendseach hot girl is stupid. proven, lol.
also, i could heal her soul wounds if she wasn't so stupid.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:51:06
>>6040609неважно, пусть запоститOP, do ya hear me?

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:53:05
>>6040663mmm thanks. That oil is yours, grab it

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:54:15
>>6040751А не один ли хуй, откуда он? Видно, что не школота, не быдло, а если и тролль, то очень тонкий. И пока что не вижу смысла в троллинге с его стороны.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:56:26
sorry, i misunderstood. >>6040597
pic rel. that's all you get. >>6040597
because the first couple who answered didn't request anything.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:56:34
>>6040816Mr President believes you too, OP!

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:57:20
OP , proofpic or u old fat hairy trollcapcha : tale

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:58:07
>>6040848>because the first couple who answered didn't request anythingthe rule's stupid a bit, isn't it?

Птн 16 Янв 2009 19:59:20
>>6040663how about MOAR? Is that all?..

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:00:59
кто-нибудь объяснит мне как он догадался, что /b/ = /r/ ?
hey, OP, why you choose /b/ if there are /r/ thread ? why ??

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:00:59
actually, there isn't any bad spelling/grammar (except your faggish americanized internet lingo wink) >>6040795
i get it. best post in this thread (excluding the answers).how dumb are girls (on average) in russia? here in america they are dumb everywhere, but in different ways depending on the region.i ask this because the girls in this picture look hot but were fucking dumb as shit.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:03:28
>>6040923>>girls in this picture look hotORLY?!

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:05:55
>>6040923As anywhere imho. Less if closer to west of the country. To St. Petersburg.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:07:58
Most girls in Russia are fuckin' dumb too, but there is many of them, who not so stupid and somwhere more smart than all alpha-male ;)

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:08:05
блджад, обломно когда понимаешь почти все что пишут на английском, но не можешь ничего написать в ответ.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:08:13
i didn't know there was an /r/, much less that it would be named /r/. i also don't care. /b/ is the catch-all for any board. i would assume you should know that since you're using english. >>6040973
is this what poses as humor in russia? sorry for stating the obvious.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:08:24
i dont like girl at rirht. she has long nose and face. yyyak!

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:09:10
Непизди, скажи ещё что у вас все наповал умные, не пьют ягу, не смотрят Дом2 и не читают Космополитан

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:10:31
goddamn, fuck these captchas

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:10:41
cut your nails! it's fucking shame!don't tell me that you don't suck cocks with these pretty lips, emo bitch

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:11:45
this is what poses as fucking scary camwhores. I haven't see nothing hot on this pics
capthca "unkam"

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:11:48
>>6041080just statistics.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:12:45
>>6041102M o a r ! ! !

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:13:16
i wish i could read russian, even if they are just trolls...

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:13:44
Бля мужыки, это гомогей

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:14:04
imho, girls are similiar all the planet, and average percentage of stupid ones too. i try not to deal with them, so dont know how stupid they are. just trying to contact with more or less smartie, or it will be no communication, but torture and waste or time.also, proove that u r rly american. i doubt.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:14:21

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:16:21
А я скажу, что по статистике чем ближе к западу Скотоублюдии, тем меньше хуй у мужыков и чо?

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:16:49
I think shes cute. not a nigra though

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:17:13

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:17:59
OP, maybe i'm slow enough, but what is your impression about our board?

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:18:24
>>6041165>i try not to deal with themеще один гомогей... OP, that pussy >>6041165 is a faggot too, as you.
Go get married him

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:18:33
What do you think can onanist tell you about girls? ))
Don't be so naive.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:19:22
>>6041103haha OH NO I GOT CALLED GAY ON THE INTERNET!! its okay, i get plenty of pussy (without rape, slav) in the west. shit's SO cash.also, i usually keep my nails shorter. who's the faggot for noticing though?i digress...

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:19:56
OP YOU TROLL! gobefatsomewhereelse.jpg

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:20:54
It depends on what wanker it is.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:20:57
>>6041148You wouldn't believe. Everyone of them, lolAlso MOAR

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:22:52
proof of gtfo

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:23:06
"Neo" prefix sounds and is written in the same way in most languages, beacuse it came from Ancient Greek prefix

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:23:22
All of them?

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:24:42

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:24:51
thanks, but you're SO SLOW!

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:27:07
>>6041148They're just trolls. And retards who don't know ingrish. Also this should help youhttp://translate.google.com/:3

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:27:34
>>6041349Слоупок, ты? Все уже выяснили. Теперь выясняем, пидор ли ОП или нет.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:29:51
>>6041426кто УО? ты УО, ёпт!

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:30:23
You gay just because you know nothing about female beauty.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:30:52
Аноны, как правильно перевести i digress?
Я постоянно перевожу как "Я отклоняюсь", прозреваю, что что-то не так.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:31:13
переведите-же, быстраблядь

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:31:17
>>6040923>how dumb are girls (on average) in russia?As stupid and slutty as anywhere. Including Yukrein.UA-kun

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:32:24
>>6041517"мне похуй"
по крайней мере я так понял

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:33:49
"отклоняюсь" в смысле "от темы"; "отвлекаюсь".

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:34:12
>>6041247hmm...its okay.you steal/rip off our memes (its all love though), post more cp and (suprisingly) less gore. the trolls suck, but i bet the native speakers are better. keep in mind, i can't speak your language, but i have lurked here numerous times (and no, not because of cp threads posted on 4chan's /b/ LOLZ). you guys really think you're trolling by calling me gay? you DO realize i'm posting jb right?

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:37:43
okay, but i still don't know your characters well.
sorry, its the fucking captcha. i just figured out that it changes everytime you click on it. also i was trying to repost a picture on accident over and over and didn't realize because i couldn't understand the error. back to the posting.talk about computers to me. windows vs. linux over there?

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:39:10
no, just because most of us dont know language properly and havent pile 'o' funny pics on english to every sentence we wrote. neither for russian.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:39:56
Op here is the serious question: is that truth that gay on become impudent? Have you know some of them? may be some friend or (even) a relative?

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:39:58
Это она свои говнопикчи с двумя шмарами назвала jb???

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:42:04
я не силен в инглише, чо такое jb?

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:42:43
>>6041631Macfag reporting in. Win sux. *nix sux less, but do sux too. BSD rox, but need too much sex to start working properly. With Mac you just don't even need sex.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:43:51
>>6041719 Модератор ЛОРа конечно

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:44:51
jail bait e.g. CP with 15-16 yo girls

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:44:52
>>6041675now THIS IS REALLY JB

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:45:09
>>6041530>Including Yukrein.exactly

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:46:05
>>6041675rul 34?.....

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:47:07
>>6041685 Do you know that russian btards so much love BOXXY that take 6000000 get with her?
You should be proud of her.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:47:08

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:48:30
see, keep in mind; its just an image board. i don't give a fuck at all! >>6041674
i think i understand your question. i have a handful of gay/les friends, but only a few of them are "impudent" as you put it. the lesbians i know mostly act like normal girls (but they are also kind of mellow, indie girls; so take that for what you will) but like 1/2 of the gay guys are know are FLAMING. they act really gay, dress gay, say gay things (less than a week ago an aquaintance was telling me about how he "puked on a bro's dick" las weekend. uhhhhhh...), have gay body language, etc. etc.i dunno, you should ask gay people about gays in america, i guess i'm kind of biased. i could go more into, but its a pretty gay subject... :)

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:51:11

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:51:19
>>6041830 OH! I understand!!! One of this girl, u'r sister?!

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:53:08

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:53:09
Life is life, OP.
We're not steal your memes, but just adopt some and create our own.
About guro: You're lucky, that's not the time for guro or gurofags now offline.
Once here was a wave of guro wipes, now it's not.
/b/rothers didn't troll you for real now.
Yes, native trollers better, but as we said here "Our fucking Dvach in fucking shit", you know what i'm saying?

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:54:23
Oh and one more important question - school/colledge?

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:54:48
also, in relevance to my response @
>>6041830i failed to mention that there is a ton of lesbian posturing in the states. its pretty acceptable (at least tolerated) for girls to makeout when they're drunk and whatnot (despite the fact that they are "straight"). fuck, i'm not complaining though.pic related, though!

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:55:14
>>6041941 stop licking his ass, bEach.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:55:18
>>6041894c: fup

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:55:47
>>6041808You lie.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:56:31
forgot to add "going"
"Our fucking Dvach is going fucking shit"

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:57:20
in /b/ it only calls "imageboard", but really its consist of bullshit and trolling.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:58:32
>>6041979 and im cock! HIII!

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:58:33
ohh, make me unsee it.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:58:36
>>6042003 I sad STOP FUCKING lick his ass!!!

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:58:37
>>6041941>Our fucking Dvach in fucking shitehhh... "2ch is not a cake anymore"... much better...

Птн 16 Янв 2009 20:59:14

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:01:03
Probably, but keep in mind national colourite.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:01:17
usa is country of tolerasts.
our girls can be pretty lesbi when drunk, yeah. and, as said in song of Jane Air band (емнип), "girl with boy is not in fashion".

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:01:43

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:02:29
i basically bullshit through computer classes at a local community college because i've never given a shit about school, despite being in a "gifted program" (not sure if you know what i mean) and having a tested iq of 157 (as the median, its supposed to be able to sway 10 points either way in your life time) and am poor. i am basically an intelligent, attractive, nerdy loser who can act cool but really isn't. i'm being totally real with you here (very rare for me to do on the internet) so believe what you want. i am very atypical, remember that!either way, back to the jb! >>6041941
also, what is (a) "dvach"?

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:02:45
>>6042085>>dang, colour,flavoursfx

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:03:07
At least i can understand u and u can understand my monkey english.But u can't ... so

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:04:40
>>6042111dvach == dva+ch (2ch). 'dva' is 'two' in english

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:05:00
Dvach is anal sex

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:06:00
>>6041989 >>6042053 prooflink ge

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:06:37
>>6042111 iq - 157? Quick! Learn russian language!

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:06:58
>>6042111>also, what is (a) "dvach"?you are here... dvach (in russian) is 2сh

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:07:22
ahh, i think i understand.
do you have something against americans? or do you think i'm being an attention whore or something? i'm not trying to be...

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:08:16
>>6042194 OMG! It's Iq=157! Quick get in the car!

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:08:34

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:08:51
brilliant, man, you've divided on zero.>>At least i can understand u and u can understand my monkey english
>>But u can't
>>But u can't
>>But u can't
>>But u can't
russian derivative of the site name 2ch.ru

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:09:11
>>6042214disregard >>6042036but, honestly, irc is a better way to chat

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:10:25
it's not a VL85!
You should get into the VL85

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:11:35
i've contemplated it before to be honest. i know a little french and a tiny bit of german and i think the more languages the learn the broader your perspective becomes and the easier it is for you to understand language principles by having multiple points of reference. currently i am teaching myself japanese with a copy of rosetta stone i dl'd, but it is very, very hard (mainly because of syntax and characters). one day, Птн; one day...

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:11:46
iq - 158?
you've almost reached MENSA border!
MAN! You're near Einstein?
proof of your IQ test or gtfo.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:12:18
>>6042214 i'm not racist. I just hate when people licking ass like №6041941

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:13:17
>>6042214Cmon, US is just a country. Some of russians do hate it, but most of us doesn't i think. I don't believe there will be a WW3.Thanks for being honest.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:14:01
what in your meaning "licking ass"?

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:14:09
>>one day, Птн; one day...
>>one day, Птн;

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:14:33
forgot to add is*

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:15:21
>>6042255do you have a channel in mind? honestly AIM would be easier because i am stealing a near-by school's internet and it blocks IRC traffic and i am high and don't feel like tunneling or trying to find an ssh server... :(

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:16:29
>>6042302>one day, Птн; one day...

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:17:19
well, AIM isn't wide spread in Russia and CIS.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:17:56
>>6042302 Птн - пятница = Friday

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:18:27

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:19:11
Linux ftw.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:20:08

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:20:19
это че правда камвхора чтоли?

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:20:19
>>6042372also, there are at least two different persons you're talking to. i have no channels in mind, just noticed that the conversation is almost live. usually if I wish to talk to English speaking people I pick some random channel and simply jump in, whatever topic is there

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:21:04
OP, is that >Птн means that you're fucked up? or what?

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:21:04
I still think you're a troll, OP

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:21:05
i've only had it taken once and that was for entry into the gifted program i mentioned. if you don't believe me, then nevermind i said anything. 160 is genius so i am close, but i have terrible add so its hard for me to actually utilize it unless i am forced to (you should see my grades). >>6042356
yeah, i think i definitely used that incorrectly...apologies.anyways, the set is over. i guess i will post others in hopes that people will continue to chat with me...

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:21:44
Спасибо, К.О.! Только вот какого же хуя ОП на обосранном вдруг писать начал?
капча faig как бы подсказывает... >>6042426

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:22:36
>>6042494we will, get back

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:23:10
You may use CGI::IRC (i.e. http://chat.baikal.net/ to connect to RusNet). The #linux channels are usually popular enough.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:26:27

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:26:32
well, thank you, but show me your grades, if you would be so kind.
And also, you have at least one /b/ro online, so keep yorself comfortable.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:27:10
>>6042350 Hard to explain with my badly english

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:27:23

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:28:56
ну тогда держи язык за зубами. тупое школие, коль не умеешь обьяснить, что в твоем понимании флюдорос.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:29:03
In Soviet America you have to steal Internets?

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:31:27
OP, don't ignore questions!
Explain us wtf is "Птн" means!

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:31:53
gimme a minute, but ok. >>6042447
this. >>6042492
i'm not going to lie, i was trying to be clever. i thought it was the default "anon" name. after i posted, i realized it was next to my posts with names as well. fuck off.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:34:31
>>6042700 Да я старше тебя , подлиза. Или же ты просто хочешь похвастаться своим знанием английского, видимо это все что у тебя есть.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:34:43

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:35:14

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:35:59
>>6042775looks good.Also default Anon name in russian is "Анон".And why you needed to know about Neo-...?.. Don't answer if smthng

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:36:37
>>6042775anon -> анон

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:37:35

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:43:02
i mean, i don't have to i guess. why not, though?the internet should be free! RIGHT?!?! >>6042766
google says Fri(day) >>6042614
hahahaha. i was mainly talking about my highschool grades. college is easy and i get a's and b's with a "NEVER DO HOMEWORK AT HOME" policy STRICTLY enforced. also, no.I JUST SET UP AN IRC CHANNEL IF ANY OF YOU COMRADES ARE INTERESTED#2chru-lol @ irc.ablenet.org

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:47:57
and so is
<---------once again, I JUST SET UP AN IRC CHANNEL IF ANY OF YOU COMRADES ARE INTERESTED#2chru-lol @ irc.ablenet.org

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:48:08

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:49:59
>>6043060>the internet should be free! RIGHT?!?!Yeah, you are right.>irc.ablenet.orgWTF? I'm to lazy to search for proxies or smth. Do not want to get deanoned over irc :X Give us web gate ftw

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:52:13
is it clear? i don't undestand...its UP.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:55:20
>>6043236that means kinda NOBODY CARESfat trolls are fat

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:55:25
literarry translation: nobody fuken cares.
and mooar)

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:55:35
>>6043191they barely block any proxies...http://www.aliveproxy.com/irc-proxy-list/just use one of those.lazy russians...(is that a stereotype?)******** 2chru-lol @ irc.ablenet.org ********

Птн 16 Янв 2009 21:55:51
Do you have more >>6042775 ?

Птн 16 Янв 2009 22:02:54
oh. that's fine; i'm suprised this thread got more than 5 replies in the first place...so is anyone gonna show up in this channel?if not, i need to go buy cigs. >>6043310
see pic.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 22:06:04
>>6043489SMOKE KILLS!go eat "Rabby" flakes instead

Птн 16 Янв 2009 22:07:58

Птн 16 Янв 2009 22:09:24
>>6043596It's a most delicious cornflakes in the world! Go get them!

Птн 16 Янв 2009 22:11:15
>>6043596Ask for them in shops, supermarkets or where do you buying food.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 22:12:26
Hi, OP. I've been wondering, what timezone are you in. In Moscow it's about ten pm, here in Ukraine it's nine. So if you're somwhere in America it's somwhere between 11 am fnd 2 pm I think. What are you doing on friday afternoon?

Птн 16 Янв 2009 22:16:07
Пожалуйста, умрите все нахуй.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 22:20:41
>>6043596 its a forced mem. A pic of ppl doing something, and then comes a rabbit and says "Stop it, guys! U better eat Raby corn flakes!"

Птн 16 Янв 2009 22:21:38
>>6043706central my good sir. it is currently 1:23 pm. i don't have a job!

Птн 16 Янв 2009 22:25:44
>>6043918крыса! >>6043943>i don't have a job!
>IQ = 157
i have bad news for you...

Птн 16 Янв 2009 22:31:23
So fukken wut.
He's got free internets, what else does one need, lol

Птн 16 Янв 2009 22:33:58

Птн 16 Янв 2009 22:35:25
>>6044155Я не тебя спрашивал. Захлопни варежку.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 22:37:57
Упырьте мел!
Вы не модератор and so on...

Птн 16 Янв 2009 22:39:32
What do you do for living if i may ask?

Птн 16 Янв 2009 22:40:31
>>6044321why so on?

Птн 16 Янв 2009 22:42:07
>>6044361Сосет хуйцы. Очевидно же. Смотри >>6041103

Птн 16 Янв 2009 22:51:24
currently taking any question anyone has at#2chru-lol @ irc.ablenet.org

Птн 16 Янв 2009 22:54:44
Hm.. I just wonder. Why any of guys haven't asked any proof for this pics?

Птн 16 Янв 2009 22:59:41
me too
where's "proof, or GTFO!!!"

Птн 16 Янв 2009 23:01:56
>>6044798read thread, blind idiots

Птн 16 Янв 2009 23:01:57
>>6044698, >>6044798
Have you spotted carpets on last pic, lol

Птн 16 Янв 2009 23:04:27
22:54:44 №6044698
22:59:41 №6044798 бляя... за 5 минут 100 постов...

Птн 16 Янв 2009 23:06:53
I meant fisrt pics fucking retard.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 23:37:31
>>6044969They're not pictures of OP and he never claimed them to be.The English in this thread is positively dreadful.Love, Grammar-Nazi.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 23:38:38
why IRC, lol? we, Russian /b/tards prefer ICQ or vkontakte.ru here.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 23:41:29
>>6045635Hi. I just wanted to ask you, how do they teach foreign languages in the US? I've only got my information from movies, you seem to be taking optional Spanish/French in the last years of highschool and that's it. The Brits I know think it's "embarrasing" to speak a foreign language for some reason.In Russia we mostly learn English from first year of primary school to the end, and some people still don't seem to learn anything. Some schools in certain regions teach Korean/Chinese/German/French though.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 23:42:11
>>6045709>we, Russian /b/tards prefer ICQ or vkontakte.ru here.you're Russian /b/ydlo

Птн 16 Янв 2009 23:44:12
>>6045635Vkontakte is a rip-off of Facebook.
ICQ is an ancient messenger from hell. A large portion of Russians have an LJ, or a diary on liveinternet, diary.ru or beon (the latter three mostly used by idiot teenagers of the MySpace variety).The West sometimes gives us cancerous things like emo/scene, you see.

Птн 16 Янв 2009 23:55:18
well, most public schools (unless high-god tier) ONLY offer german, french, and spanish and you can only take up to 5th or 6th year in most school districts. the thing is is that its optional. you don't have to take ANY foreign languages (WALLOW IN YOUR IGNORANCE), but it is KIND OF encouraged because it looks good for college.how we learn it? well, usually we get a text book and a work book. we make flashcards, write stories from pictures, watch movies with subtitles; pretty standard stuff.learning a language is all about dedication. NO LANGUAGE JUST COMES TO YOU UNLESS YOU ARE LIVING WITH SPEAKERS OF THAT LANGUAGE. immersion is a great way to learn, but its really hard from what i've heard.the irc channel is still open, btw.

Сбт 17 Янв 2009 00:00:52
>>6046120I don't use IRC

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