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Вск 13 Янв 2013 19:51:53
Дайте инвайт на мамбу.
Надо на одну шлюху глянуть.
Регаться лень.
С меня как обычно!

Вск 13 Янв 2013 20:05:50
Cherry - 19 - .
Black cherry,which is fowad generally in most parts of
the United States,is not abundant eaongja to be a common furai-
ture wood,even though it is a very desirable wood for that pur-
pose.Ths heartnood i3 a reddish brown in color,while i-he sap-
ffood aa white.Cherry reSemblee unfinished mshogeny.Jt is a very
0 .-<k
durable wood,does not dent easily,and worpa very little.There
are aany heirlooms of genuine cberry,indicating that it was
more common many years ago.Cherry darkens with age,It is best
finished with shellac or lacquer and because of this bee s
natural suitability to modern as well as period furniture.
3ed cypress nhich comes from Louisiana sm8mps,is softer
grained,derlcer colored,snd more durable than the upland or
yellok cypress.Por boets,lakn fT.irniture,and outdoor ase,it
has always beea dureble and popular.The grain is rather herd,
making the wood splinter easily.
Qaswood is a native of tbe deltas ffif the rivers tbayoug-
bout the soirtb.Because of its tendency to warp in aeasoaiflg,
guamood was not comnonly used for many years as a diBtisc-tive
comnerciai wood.Ocly recently has it become popular. RreviouB-
ly,when it wes used at all,it was fijnished to imitate some
other type of wood.At the present time,it is recognized as a
wood of great beauty and a wide raage of usefulness.Tbe heart-
wood,nhich Is celled red gun,ranges from a light to a deep
reddish brown.The aspnood is light colored and i3 referred
to as a sap guffi...rhile gunnood is coraidered by ita producers
a hardrood.it really is a .lediuB hard7iood.not 30 hard as.aaple
cd herder thss sisny ?i"es.

Вск 13 Янв 2013 20:06:18
>Дайте инвайт на мамбу
Ты идиот? Ты знаешь, что такое инвайт, школьник?

Вск 13 Янв 2013 20:08:40
PiQe furaittire and trim are made from gunwood.It is one of
our most decorative woods.One of its QDusual featurely^et no
tro long boards produce the same figure is the wood.The wood
is close graiced ajad has a very ftrre terture. Guawood is either
pis.-;-sawed,quartersswed,or veneered. Selected gumwood finishes
well in the na-tural color,but oest results are produced when i-t
is given a light brovs. stain. &amp;#39;Where light streaks appear next
to the dark,it is good practice to give the llgfat wood a thtn
prepars-tory coat,wipe it off ,and fchec give the ejstire surface
a separate cost.
Water stains siaonld always be cfaosec for guBrwodd, tbough
these have a teiidency to raise the graic.This means that a light
sanding is re( uired before the succeeding fuiisAing can be done.
The beauty o-f gnmwood is better preserved by a dull treatment
thsxi by a gloss or polished fini-sh.Dull lacquer,dull varniab,
or hend-rubbed varaiflfa produces the best effect on ei&amp;#39;tbor iate-
&amp;#39; rior trui or euraiture. Because cf its coarse grain, gum^ood
makes an axcellent foucdatina for an eBameled Ti^sb.
&amp;#39;^ny,.hicb is a eoft.opengrai.ed ,ood,is conamre. one
, ^7ue.t fk^ke .ok<k " h&amp;#39;v-" 1&amp;#39; `ftMF"t""a b"
kk..&amp;#39;0f k. ,1."^ k^.."- a"&amp;#39;"^`&amp;#39;""Ebt.3:".^
for-Modern pieces.

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