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Чтв 07 Фев 2013 01:18:36
Burning bear
Bear goes through the woods, sees - the machine is on. Got into it and burned.

Чтв 07 Фев 2013 01:20:34
Bear walking through the forest, he sees - the machine is on. She just wanted to sit down, and there's another bear off.

Чтв 07 Фев 2013 01:22:26
When did he changed his gender?

Чтв 07 Фев 2013 01:26:38
There was a bear, beauty brown bear
He lived in forest where he born
He was so big so don't know who to fear
He was so lonely, watching bear porn
And once a time been sitting in the chair
And masturbating on the bear tits
He heared a noise, and find that this is damn unfair
That now he should stand up and find what was that shit
And when he come what do you think he found?
You'll never guess, it's to understand
A burning car with nobody around
No owner, no one to pretend
And suddenly our bear lost his mind
All thoughts are twisted don't know where to turn
And in the moment bear find
That he is in the car and just about to burn
And bear understand that he was all alone
And when he die, that noone gonna cry
And he calm down, close his eyes and gone
Another bear find out how to fly

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