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Срд 01 Окт 2014 03:49:33
Sup 4chong. Today I tell you how correct to insult russians in the internets.
moscull or catsap - mild insults. initially translated as military from Russia but then just as russian man.
rhuzkey - distorted of the rooskie(russian) by caucasians. because it is believed that caucasians fuck russian wives. in the original there a little bit difference benween the rooskie and rhuzkey.
roosnja - сaucasian disrespectful treatment to russian.
biydlo - comes from the polish word cattle and means stupid man, fool and weak-willed person.
vatneck - wool jacket. means overpatriot person like North Korea people.
sawock - garbage scoop. reduced from Soviet [Union]
rushka - Russia. (properly Russia in Russian sounds like rosseeah so feel a difference)
al'kash - poor alcoholic. nuff said.
petooh - a gay man in the prison.
pidarr - fucking gay. rr is mean russian bearish r, yknow.
pido'raha - pidarr+russy man.
and at the end of a couple of things that Russian hate most. It is America, EUnion, Israel, Georgia, Ukraine, Caucasian people, Caucasian people in Russia, nazi, fascism, blasphemy, atheism, reptiloids(srsly). Also pedophilia and homosexualism.

Срд 01 Окт 2014 03:55:26
Ты забыл раку-раку

Срд 01 Окт 2014 03:59:28
чёрножопый, залогиньтесь

Срд 01 Окт 2014 04:04:32
hohol - ukrainian
saloed - salo eater
ukrashka - ukraine
vyshyvatneck - wool jacket with vyshyvka. means overpatriot person like North Korea people.
maidaun - unfrozen man from maidan

Срд 01 Окт 2014 04:06:13
То-то я смотрю чеченцы с английским не дружат

Срд 01 Окт 2014 04:07:16
[email: sage]

взлольнул. а опу сажи.

Срд 01 Окт 2014 04:09:03

Срд 01 Окт 2014 04:12:33
ну че ты приебался?

Срд 01 Окт 2014 04:15:17

Срд 01 Окт 2014 04:15:56
[email: sage]

сажу забыл

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