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Чтв 01 Янв 2015 04:52:24
happy new year kurwa from poland. I'm drunk and playing stalker right now, so, cheeki breeki, happy new year russian bros.
fuck all the hate, get out of here stalker, happy new year

Чтв 01 Янв 2015 04:54:50
O kurwa. I've just installed clear sky.

Чтв 01 Янв 2015 04:57:00
I'm trying to play vanilla sotc on hardest difficulty. I'm eating bread and kielbasa and drinking, so at least that's ok. Your captcha is hard as fuck now.

Чтв 01 Янв 2015 05:01:05
Yandex captcha? Well it is a matter of habbit.
Well to be honest I've installed all stalkers a week ago and played only clear sky. Dunno but I like it the most. I like that fraction wars and moding of the items. But yeah it has some different atmosphere than SoC of CoP.

Чтв 01 Янв 2015 05:03:23
I remember seeing ЗиЛ trucks when I was young. They are in stalker. It tirggers memories of happier times.
>Yandex captcha?
Still not as bad as rapidshare cat/dog captcha, but still bad.

Чтв 01 Янв 2015 05:05:55
[email: sage]


Чтв 01 Янв 2015 05:08:26
[email: sage]

<a href="mailto:sup">sup</a>

Чтв 01 Янв 2015 05:08:33
> ЗиЛ trucks when I was young. They are in stalker. It tirggers memories of happier times.
This, slavbro. BUt russians/ukranians/belorussians have even stronger feel.
I remember when I was a kid I often visited my grand parents in village. Nearby there was an abandoned monotown. There was a lot of left vehicles and commie blocks. And that game makes that stronger feels of childhood to rise up again.

Чтв 01 Янв 2015 05:09:04

Чтв 01 Янв 2015 05:09:45
[email: sage]

this is your mom

Чтв 01 Янв 2015 05:11:44
Hmmm. Didn't know that my mom is that hot.

Чтв 01 Янв 2015 05:15:38
I also remember ROBUR straight from east germany. It wasn't that long ago, maybe 17 years ago. I was a lot happier back then.

Чтв 01 Янв 2015 05:23:52
Kurwa. I guess I'll just play cs:go.
Maybe a cool skin will drop, so I can sell it and buy games on sale.

Чтв 01 Янв 2015 05:25:48
Что происходит на картинке?

Чтв 01 Янв 2015 05:26:49

Чтв 01 Янв 2015 05:31:18
helou mai polish frend! aim from rasha! london - is e cepital of grit britain! ai laik drink votka end pley tu stalker! ai dont laik hohols bat ai laik chiki briki!

Чтв 01 Янв 2015 05:35:18
Szczęśliwego nowego roku mój daleki Polski bro

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