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Срд 04 Фев 2015 00:18:55
A thread about games (English only).

Hey, b. I am here for practicing my English. I've decided to start thread about games, just because the topic is important for, I guess, all of us.

So. What games are you waiting for? What you think about such upcoming releases as Witcher 3 and Bloodborne (I am fucking waiting for both of them, but I will play these games on YouTube, just because I have no money, lol).

Срд 04 Фев 2015 00:21:50
Here we go.

Срд 04 Фев 2015 00:23:27


Срд 04 Фев 2015 00:25:36
Проиграл с опа, он такой хуй.

Срд 04 Фев 2015 00:26:09

I forgot her last name. Could someone help?

Срд 04 Фев 2015 00:31:17
London is the capital of great Britain.

Срд 04 Фев 2015 00:31:48
just because the topic is important for, I guess, all of us.

ай гес в конце ставь, не любят они(англоязычные) подобные вещи в середине

Срд 04 Фев 2015 00:34:58
stupid fag, go 2 4chan.

Срд 04 Фев 2015 00:37:07

Срд 04 Фев 2015 00:38:40
It's not a good place to use ur ultimate english skillz, go 4chan.

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