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Сбт 31 Дек 2016 18:50:38
ENGLISH THREAD  New Year Edition

New Year Edition

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 18:52:29

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 18:52:56
huy sosi, bydlo

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 18:53:04

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 18:53:47

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 18:55:03
Oi mates, how ya doin this surprisingly warm (Eastern Yurop reporting in) New Year's eve? What did your parents/friends/gf (hue hue hue) get you? I got some new sweaters, some chocolate covered coffee beans and a cooking dish. They're nice. Too bad I have to work the next day like the peasant that I am, that's the only thing that gives me da blues. Otherwise - all is decent.

So how are my 2ch friends doing? Hope you're having a calm, nice winter.

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 18:58:09
Hi dude. What are you up to?
Let us know how you're celebrating the new year. I, for one, am staying at home, planning on drinking about 50 oz. of wine and going to sleep.

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 19:06:50
Pretty much the same, but I got vodka instead. I have to wait until my parents go to bed because they don't let me drink, not even on the fucking New Year night. Living with my parents is so abusive.

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 19:08:36
Why won't you move out? I, too, had to put up with it all for 23 years but then I moved out and now I'm so much better off.

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 19:09:15
Well, I'm celebrating with my parents. I never liked going anywhere to celebrate NY, too much people/noise/hassle. I much prefer such celebrations to be cozy and homely. Gonna eat some delicious home-cooked meals, then maybe visit a friend. Not gonna drink any alcohol, but will sure consume copious amounts of tea and sweets.

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 19:09:26
[email: sage]

go to /int/

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 19:19:17
I'm a second year student so I won't be able to earn money and rent an apartment at least for two more years. One day I told them that I wanted to leave the uni, find a job, and move out. They had a go at me saying that they would never let me do that and if I try they'll send me out to the army.

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 19:24:41
That's harsh man. Try getting a job during the summer vacation and tell them you'll only work in summers. Once you get your first salary, rent an apartment and say goodbye to those pricks forever. That's what I'd do if I were you. Sure thing you shouldn't let them know the actual job location or they'll go there to take you back home.

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 19:54:24

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 19:54:41

I'm tired of talking to myself.

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 19:55:30
Братишки, я вам покушать принёс!

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 19:57:32
Sweet bread?

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 19:57:46
Эй, англичане, прочитайте пожалуйста, что написано на вывеске на 16-19 секунде видео.
Она там смазана, но вам не составит труда, я уверен.

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 19:58:05

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 19:58:33
[email: sage]

go to hui

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 19:59:32
Hello I know English)))))))

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 20:02:51
It was the only plate, we eat from it! Do you realize that you've pooed in it?

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 20:04:42
Не разобрать.

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 20:05:39
Мазафака биииииич))))))

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 20:06:23
>>143384258 (OP)
Hi all! Let's speek English is this tred. Sankt-Peterburg kun here!

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 20:06:24
выебистые англопетухи, ну-ка, переведите вот этот кусок текста, который я ща выдумаю, если кто то из вас не справится, то уебывайте из треда в школу доучивать английский.

Туман опустился на город, ещё больше затруднив обзор людям , которые и без того блуждали в полутьме по грязным улицам, освященным старыми фонарями. Я брёл уткнувшись носом в землю, мимо меня скользили люди-овцы, которые были поглощены своими мещанскими делами и проблемами, на секунду я остановился, среди лиц мне померещилась одна моя старая знакомая, но это было бы невероятно, увидеть её здесь в такое время, наверное, это была другая девушка, я продолжил мой путь, "подайте пожалуйста" сказала противная цыганака , её лицо излучало фальшивую жалость, наверное, потратит деньги на наркотики, я отмахнулся от неё. Апатия снова поглотила меня если бы я только мог вернутся назад в мое детство и не приезжать в этот проклятый муравейник, где людей пожирает похоть, алчность и злоба, если бы мои родитеи были живы, но чудес не бывает , я вынужден продолжать эту рутинную жизнь, надеюсь, что смерть меня настигнет рано.

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 20:06:56
>>143384258 (OP)
Как выучить?

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 20:07:36
>освещенным старыми

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 20:08:39

Жаль. Спасибо за попытку.

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 20:10:14
Просто берешь и выучиваешь.
Каждый день учить грамматику, учить слова каждый день, кажется всё. Ну и нужно минимум год потратить, но это зависит от тебя.

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 20:11:34
Fog descended on the city, making it difficult to further review of the people who already wandered in the darkness the dirty streets, sanctified old lanterns. I wandered his nose buried in the ground by me slid people-the sheep, which were absorbed in their petty-bourgeois affairs and problems, for a second I stopped among those I imagined one of my old friend, but it would be incredible to see her here at this time, perhaps it was the other girl, I went my way, "please post" nasty tsyganaka said, her face radiated a false pity, probably will spend money on drugs, I waved it. Apathy again engulfed me, if only I could go back to my childhood and not to come to this damn ant hill, where people devouring lust, greed and anger, if my Parental were alive, but miracles do not happen, I have to continue this routine life, I hope that death will overtake me early.

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 20:12:16
The fog covered the city making it even harder to see things for people who were already wandering around in the semi-darkness along the dirty streets lighted by antique lanterns.

Дальше переводить не буду, с таким отношением иди нахуй.

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 20:17:10
Let's talk about something, i need more practice in this and i know, my skill in english very bad, but if i want improve it i should try again and again

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 20:19:21
Learn to write by trying to write? That's not a good idea tbh. Your mistakes only solidify and you continue to make them again and again. In fact, you teach yourself bad English.

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 20:29:33
>learning to write by trying to write?

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 20:29:55
Hello (sorry for bad English)

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 20:30:27
You've made no mistakes yet. Way to go!

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 20:33:32
bump cyka

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 20:36:30
Where i did mistake in my previous post? Yes, of course, if i can write something in english from time to time and it is all, briefly, this is are wrong way to good learning, but, more complex approach to this, i thought, made a deal. I need write more, without looking for my own bad things, and after that i try to learn more grammar/vocab etc, and step by step, every day - it's maybe fructify to me.
Sorry about so many mistakes on that, its only practice, u know.

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 20:37:24

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 20:40:34
You need at least refreshen your theory a bit, cause
>Where i did mistake in my previous post?
Actually it's a question, so it should be "did i".
Also a lot of small things, but i won't focus on this. Good luck!

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 20:47:04
>Where i did mistake in my previous post?
There's one actually:
>my skill in english IS very bad
if we neglect the fact that "I" is always capitalized.

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 20:50:25
Very thank you! So much, no matter what, english is so interesting. And now i go to 4ch and write shit posts all day, why not

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 20:56:26

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 20:56:43
lost "IS"
Fuk, this is a so stupid.

Guys, were i can find english native speaker in my shit small town for everyday conversation?

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 20:57:13
>>143384258 (OP)
Happy New Year and shit

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 21:00:50
Why do you think they'd be willing to talk to someone who speaks like a four year old kid with Down syndrome?

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 21:04:18
Why not?It's very funny to another foreigner - hear how stupid russians talking and trying say something.

(only practice here)

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 21:05:25
Где грамматику учить?

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 21:06:49
>>143384258 (OP)
Hello my friends! How we vstretite this is New Year?

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 21:09:55
>>143384258 (OP)
I love your mother-father is my hard english.
Happy New Year

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 21:11:44
В тырнете.

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 21:13:30
Like earth))))

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 21:14:06
Fucking retards, why can't you learn proper English? They won't let you in 2017 if you're not fluent.

On top of that, when I read your "how stadi inglish i very want talk on it good" bullshit, I unintentionally learn bad English.

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 21:18:59
Или на курсы ходить, сам так делал, советую самый дешевый выбрать, между дорогим и дешевым отличии не видел.
Why de heck do you care how other people speak english, retard? Dis isnt an english speaking country, theres no real purpose for learning it but for yourself.

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 21:24:03
You guys' English is hideous to look at. I stumble on every mistake in a sentence, every missing article or weird word choice, and reading such messages becomes pretty frustrating.

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 21:31:56

Сбт 31 Дек 2016 21:38:19

We're do not worry about this shit.

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