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Втр 13 Фев 2018 00:18:43
Anyone speak english here?
Anyone speak english here?
Anyone speak english here?

Втр 13 Фев 2018 00:19:12
Niet, sasi hui.

Втр 13 Фев 2018 00:19:36
London is the capital of Great Britain.

Втр 13 Фев 2018 00:19:47
>>170588554 (OP)
>>170588554 (OP)

Втр 13 Фев 2018 00:20:04
>>170588554 (OP)
What do you want Mikael?

Втр 13 Фев 2018 00:21:20
>>170588554 (OP)
Yes, we ken show you da way

Втр 13 Фев 2018 00:22:13
Yes of coursable

Втр 13 Фев 2018 00:27:45
Hello guys. I was wondering, how hard is it to get into foreign university? The problem is that i am getting kicked out of my university in Moscow (Russia). But don't get me wrong, it is not because I'm bad at learning things. I'm just fucking lazy and dumb. Thus I was doing literaly nothing all this half of year and just can't understand EVERYTHING in one week. Fuck. So. How exactly clever is one supposed to be to get into MIT, Stanford or something like this?

Втр 13 Фев 2018 00:29:57
Da poshel ti nahui, englishmen huev. Tebe nahui tboi inglizh ne vsralsa

Втр 13 Фев 2018 00:30:30
[email: sage]

Sage, faggot

Втр 13 Фев 2018 00:31:25
No u

Втр 13 Фев 2018 00:34:19
Abu thx u

Втр 13 Фев 2018 00:39:08
>>170588554 (OP)
Does anyone speak english here?

Втр 13 Фев 2018 00:40:50
Зря поправил. Из просмотра сериалов/фильмов в оригинале понял, что у них нормально так справшивать.

Втр 13 Фев 2018 00:51:16

Втр 13 Фев 2018 00:58:56

Втр 13 Фев 2018 01:02:37
>>170588554 (OP)

Втр 13 Фев 2018 01:04:39

Втр 13 Фев 2018 01:12:48
>can't understand EVERYTHING in one week
lolkek, untermench detected. You are not worthy enough of getting into any kind of university, piece of shit, go kill yourself.

Втр 13 Фев 2018 01:19:25
Three swiss witch-bitches, which wished to be switched swiss witch-bitches, watch three swiss Swatch watch switches. Which swiss witch-bitch, which wishes to be a switched swiss witch-bitch, wishes to watch which swiss Swatch watch switch?

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